Tuesday, July 27, 2010

oceanside huh whose all there. and that sucks about all the rocks what happend? and yeah 116 degree weather doesnt sound too fun its actually pretty toasty here for utah. and keep me updated on grandma i want to know what happens and how she is doing?
yes i got your message throught the stotts it was good to see all of them. yes i ate with them again it was pretty entertaing because every sunday we get ice cream and casy loaded his bowl up with every topping possible and just drip every where it was funny it reminded me of chris. the tagalog is coming alright its a little frustrating because one of my teachers just talks in that language and you have to understand what he saying it drives me nuts why cant he just answer me in english and then help how to understand it then to just like show off the whole time it kinda bugs me but whatever im trying to get it all down.
 oh i cut my hair today i shaved it and i was wondering if you could get some clippers like the ones we have but some new ones and the clippers have go all the way up to size 7 plastic comb thing that you put on the clippers. i went to the temple to day we get to go every monday for pday in the morning the provo temple is pretty cool.
and cool luke you are getting close to the back roll but just you wait when i get back i will make you look like a tard. 
i was wondering if you could send me grandpa bobbys address and grandma dawsons and how shanes mike p and shauns address's coming along? let me know how student council is and tell dana to give everyone my love there and she better say something. katie and aaron you better take good care of my black beauty, the beast, yup thats right baja take care of her and give her my love. has baja been to the lake with the fam yet? what else have you heard from Madison have you guys seen her since the the filipino resturante? 
me and my comp are really retarded togethere but we have a great time. we took our own photo album at the temple yesterday on our 3 hour temple walk that was fun i will have to send some of the pics.
my district is really fun we all get along great we quote movies sing retarded songs and pull pranks on each other the best one so far was the other room of elders hid a alarm clock in our room and set it for 3:30 in the morning all my elders in my room woke up and took showers at 3:30  and then realized that it was that early but not me i slept right through the alarm. suckers i was laughing very hard when they told me what happened when i woke up but thats pretty much my week i could right more but we have this stupid 30 minute time on the computers but whatevs
Elder JMH

Monday, July 19, 2010

Remember the no punctuation or capitalization from Parker's MTC letters; well here we go again...it's that time limit on the MTC computers!

the flight was good i slept the whole time the first day was long but yeah; my companion is elder Andersen from rexburg idaho he is just like me but 6 foot and 145 lbs of pure sweetness.  We have a great time together.   everyone else in my district are alright we have 2 companionships that are prettty normal but the sisters are kinda crazy. we have one that is crazy like Steph H. and then we have this sweet new zealander that has an awesome accent and then we have another companionship that we room with that one is a little fruit basket and the other is a rapist that looks at us like he will kill us in our sleep but other then that it was good. I met grandpa stott and he freakin made me district leader wow thanks alot. tell luke he can have whatever just dont touch the things in the boxes.

but yeah the stootts told me about tuscon.  did you go get chris some shoes from madison's store? i run into brett crowe alot and the dagracie kid and i see marie and i say hi but i dont really talk to her because she is busy but its good here the food is alright and it was rough the first day.
also i need shanes mike parks and shauns addesses. and tell madison about dear elder but tell her to email too i just discovered that mail makes my day the best day in the world its weird that has such a impact on me because before i could of cared less.

Just took the shuttle to provo and no we were scattered all around the plane. nothing that i forgot though everything is good the days are long but when they are over it seems like it went fast i dont know its wack.
Elder Heywood