Wednesday, December 14, 2011


(To our dear blog readers....Jared's dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer a couple of weeks ago; we feel like the cancer is contained in the kidney which is a good thing...they just take out the whole kidney and life is good again.  We felt like we had to tell Jared so we could have his prayers also, honestly how could we not tell him?  We were lucky enough to be online the same time as him this last Sunday night and got to write back and forth.  His initial letter may sound a bit frantic; but after our conversation he feels better about everything as we do.  Dec. 28th; we get the yucky old kidney out and hopefully we never have to think about it again!)

Hey family,
Gosh I have been worried to the max this entire week and I'm trying not to but that is natural.  Really this week killed me; of course I focused on work don't worry about that; but when we go home I cant stop thinking; this cant happen to Dad like it just cant. I pray constantly everyday really but I'm scared to hear what the outcome is.  Sometimes I think of the worse and then I think of it as just oh just a quick little slice and no problem. I'm scared I'm so far away and I can't call, I can't do anything except hear the weekly post...let me know exactly what happens next week please .

As for birthdays Dana happy birthday and happy birthday Luke.  I cant believe Dana is 16 and luke puki will be 18 dang !!!!  Well, that's way cool that Dana won a contest.  What was it like a hip hop thing or other dance?  Was it just her or was it someone else too?  That's cool that they gave her Sherlock Holmes Premiere tickets. Luke will probably love that one and tell Dana to keep up the dancing and tell Lke to keep having fun go and do something fun for the birthday instead just the same old, same old.

Nice that they are close to the break now, I always loved Christmas break it always a fun break. We just watched the Christmas devotional yesterday it was good but kinda the same old thing. I thought there was going to be a lot more music.
Cool you got to take the girls to White Christmas.  I'm excited for Christmas but to tell you the truth it doesn't feel like Christmas one bit.  I don't even hear Christmas music maybe every once in awhile.  I love the people and I love the philis but I'm excited to have Christmas next year with the family and to be cold for a change.  
As for the ward they are awesome we will have a Christmas party this Saturday.  I'm excited for that and just hanging out with the ward and bringing the investigators also.

As for our investigators they are good but here in the city there are much more temptations so they struggle a lot more then the investigators in the Bookid.  We have 3 kids they are friends: Spencer, Zerision, and Lester.  They are good kids except the smoking; the problem is its hard for them to stop and the bad part is they are 14, 15, and 14.   We have Sister Canto, she is smart and has great questions but the problem there is she is busy.  Then we have Sister Tata, she is 18 and her parents both died so she just lives with her brother that is 21.  They have it rough because they have no support but they are fun.   We also have  2 families; the Tacugie family and Guban family.  They are great but we have to get the Tacugie family married before baptism and we have to get the Brother to church.  The Guban family is good they are fun also and smart but they are looking for a big answer about the church.  If its right or not but they will realize soon.  We also have Sister Infante she is sweet and she is strong but her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church.  She is an awesome lady, but her husband is a dirtbag. We have a brand new lady also we haven't taught her yet but she already came to church and went to the Christmas devo.  I have a feeling she will be elect but we have many more though they are kinda scared to move forward in the church.

Love you guys and Dad feel better.
love you all,
elder heywood

(then a few minutes later)

I'm glad you have such a good attitude about the whole scare but really pops...this past week I have been scared out of my mind.  I have still been hardworking and it is no big deal when I work but when im studying and then when im in bed my mind goes pretty crazy.  I am trying to just think about the positive things but sometimes the negative gets the best of me.  Lets just say Pops, you cant get worse, you just cant I wont let it happen so if you get worse. sorry you can't.  Dad, I'm praying for you like no other and I hope everything goes to plan.

I can't believe I'm on the downhill.  I'm excited but I'm also going to be very sad when its done.  The mission is great.  Thank you Dad for encouraging me to go on the mission it has changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for this mission and these people.  I love them so much.  I cant wait to call you guys and hear about how the Christmas was.  You guys feeding the homeless again?  Dad, love you and get better.

(then a few minutes after that)

Dad, thank you for sending me your thoughts about your blessing that gives me such comfort.  I have been thinking about it a lot and I remember my blessing from President Bluth on the setting apart of my mission and he said no harm will come unto my family while I was gone.  I still keep faith in that blessing.  Not to say I wasn't scared out of my mind but thank you Dad.  Your email brings me a lot of comfort and I'm so grateful for my family and for all the examples that are in our family.  Gosh, we are so blessed. Dad, I love you!

elder heywood

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


first off the week was great the days are flying bye bye i cant believe it is December my tooth is the same still reppin the hick look we are teaching some awesome people and we are enjoying seeing their progression but yeah i will explain who were teaching when i call

so sounds like everyone is ready for the Christmas break and hope you guys enjoy but happy birthday lukie pukie and happy birthday Dana wana watch out Dana maybe someone will want to take you on a date halong ka da damo mga lalaki ido sila

oh and sorry the period doesn't work on my keyboard 

brain thomas he was a way nice guy we ran into him like 5 months ago he was the first missionary in the la carlota area so it was cool to talk to him, I am glad he called you

sounds like the concert was pretty cool kun agi ka hahahha  (EVMCO Concert)

dad you need to get better this better be just like an appendix thing get it out so it doesn't come back but yes of course i will pray you are my family and he is my dad without you guys without dad without you without family I'm nothing i would not be here i would not be happy i miss you guys but i love these people well dad you get better and let me know what happens i love you all

elder heywoood

Monday, November 28, 2011


Sounds like everything is good there and like you had a great thanksgiving,  Yes, I missed the football and the turkey and the stuffing and pie and pretty much everything but we had an ok thanksgiving also.  We made premade stuffing and mash potatoes, of course it wasn't the same but it was still good.  I forgot to take pictures of the apartment sorry next week na lang.  That's great that grandma was there.  You guys watched youtube videos? what? what about the dog show? Macy Day parade?  The riding sounds good also. 

Dang ASU, I thought they were going to have a good season. Awesome news about DV kicking the trash out of Hamilton, they were probably getting pretty prideful.That is way sad about the plane and of the family gosh that would be a terrible thanksgiving.  I couldn't deal with that if that was my life, dang

Well I don't have too much to say but we just had a zone activity and it was so stupid; we played jeopardy and then we played Murder in the Dark.  Gosh, it was stupid we didn't even get to change into normal clothes.  The thing is... there are the falls that I went to in my first area like 20 minutes away on a bus ride but nope all we did was play jeopardy.   Some people are no fun. We did play basketball but most of the elders left and didn't play, really what is wrong with the world.

The work is good, we just has stake conference and one of the ward missionaries that works with us is deaf. It's  kinda a challenge but we usually just have him say the prayer.  Anyway, in conference he spoke and it was awesome.  Of course he had a translator but it was an awesome talk.  We had 5 investigators at church, which is very good. but that is it for the week.

elder heywood

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey momma bear and family,

Everything is good, my area is great and the comp is great also.  We do pull some pranks on each other for example; fireworks while showering ,scaring them when they get home,  zapping each other with the mosquito swatter. and so on and so forth; but it keeps things fun. I will send you some pictures of the new house.
We have a couple investigators who are fun. the people here are awesome.

That is sad about the lady getting murdered, its nice to see everyone get together and serve each other; we need more of that in the world.
ASU is stupid.

love you all and I'm grateful for all of you, happy thanksgiving!!

elder heywood

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hey there family,

So the story is I was chomping on some sugarcane and it was a tough piece.  My tooth just crumbled, (just the old cap from before) but now I fit in with the people here so its no big deal.  I don't know about fixing it, I kinda want to but I don't know.  I don't want them to put something on it that will be hard to remove or fix when I get home.  I don't know.
I got transferred to Handumanan;  its close to the city kinda on the south side.  I  really miss being back in my last area and the baptisms we had for this week.  But I gotta say it is awesome here.  We actually have a ward of about 130 people who come to church.  It feels more like an american ward; it is fun to have everyone is so helpful.  We have two wards, we have one and then we live with 2 other elders who have the other.  Elder Simmons from Maryland and Elder Ombega who is filipino cover the other ward.   My comp is awesome he is Elder Tannagan and he is filipino.  He is new in the mission.  They are all awesome and the wards is awesome too so it was easy to adapt.  We have had a lot of fun already.

I am good and excited to have Christmas here.
Sounds like all is good back home, tell everyone hello for me.
Congrats on football Chris, tell Connor no one wants to be a hawk...only a tiger!!
Dana, awesome week with dance...keep on going.

Thein congrats!  I am so glad that Katie and Aaron had a good trip. 
Don't worry about me family, Elder Heywood is doing good

peace love love love
elder heywood

Elder Heywood and the "new" guys

We are wondering if that Christmas tree is up all year?

Monday, November 7, 2011


Sounds like a good week though...dang ASU.  Hopefully they will catch a break finally, who is the quarterback? 

The caves, you took the scouts to the caves?  Good old Peppersacue caves, I miss the outings with the scouts.  All those experiences have helped a lot.  I will never forget them.  Scouts was just one of the many helping blocks for the mission; there are a ton more blocks.

Good to hear about the ward missionaries, Nathan is the man,  He is probably having a blast with those people; other then the Philippines that would probably be my 2nd  choice of where to go.

I love these people and I love the work it is a amazing work and a amazing feeling when you see it change some one.

I sent a few pictures from everyday life in the mission here in my area.

If you look past the grime, notice...

Cutest kids ever

You guys coming?

I might be in a different area next week.  I will let you know it will be very hard to leave these people very hard.  I don't want to leave them; but that is not my choice.  I will let you know.  Tell everyone hi for me.

elder heywood

Monday, October 31, 2011


Best Waterfalls!
hey fam fam,

Life is good, the branch is good, yes the waterfalls in my area are awesome and no, no tourists know about them.  Usually it is other filipino people from other areas that visit the falls.  I'm eating just fine, rice and rice.  On pday we do whatever... just have fun, email, groceries and yeah we hang out with other elders.  Actually this morning we went to the falls again with some other elders.  It's fun everytime we go but yeah there you go...all your answers.

I am glad you and dad had some fun for your big anniversary.  No Halloween but tomorrow they have all saints day where people go and visit the cemetary's and celebrate death but yeah thats it.

Chris guess this... "why do we fall bruce so we can get back up again"

Sounds like Parker is having fun but yudiii halong ka ha? indi kamo maglaplap hahaha.
I'm good everything is good.  We had 6 investigators at church they are awesome they have a lot of problems to overcome but they are awesome.  They just need to realize that this church is the answer to all their problems.  Thats why I'm here to help them.Well, I love it here and transfer annoucments are next week.
love love love
elder heywood

Luke did you find out the quote?  haha pathetic palagpat ka luke


Hey family and parents,

Our week was good.  We didn't work yesterday, Elder Garcia had a fever.  This morning we went to some falls in our area. Gosh mom it was so beautiful like the movies.  Imagine Havasupi but in Lost country and nobody around except us.  It was awesome and I got your package this week.  Thank you so much for everything.  This week we have had a good time with all our investigatiors and with the less actives.  They are just so fun here.  We have a couple baptisms scheduled for nov 13 and that is the week after transfer week,  I am hoping I will stay another transfer but we will see.  If I do it will be 7 and 1/2 months on the mountain but I could care less the people are great we only get 40 at church but I love these people.  I love the area and I love the comp; he is the man very hard working but also very fun.

Well family thank you so much, you all have a good one.

elder heywood

Luke this is for you, bet you cant guess "spider snakes and lizard heads, if i tattle tell i will die til im dead'

Monday, October 17, 2011


First off... my last comp; Elder Peterson that is assigned in Fabrica in one of Taylor Lines old areas.  He has a convert that Taylor baptized and was wondering if Taylor could write a letter to him for some motivation.  He is off and on less active member and they are trying to help him get the priesthood.  His name is John Andalina but just send the letter to me if you can get it.   Thanks.

About your question:  my comp is Elder Garcia and the other Elder Peterson from my batch is with his first cousin, the other Elder Garcia and they are in my first area; do you follow that?

It sounds like everyone is doing good and had a good break and had some fun.   You think your 4th year girl's camp location was sketchy; I can show you sketchy... so don't talk to me about the girls camp, tell those girls that is nothing, trust me. 

Miss you guys and I love these people and this mission.  We found some new families they are fun and we had 7 investigators at church it was a good Sunday.  I love you all.

Ok, you keep asking so here goes:

Dear Santa,

What I want is for my family to come visit in July.  That would be my wish but of course it depends on them.  They have to meet these people they are awesome.

elder heywood

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey there fam,

Everything was good this week we have found a new family, there are so nice and it is cool to have a new family.  I was excited to stay here also and I got a sweet comp.  My comp is a native, he is from Tarlac its up close to Manila.  He is the man, we speak illongo to each other but he is good at English so its like 50 50.

Yes i love my hammock it is made out of bamboo its crazy what they can make here with bamboo.  

I will be sad when I leave this area and my comp.  I actually don't mind serving the rest of my mission here.  I love the people, I don't even want to think about going home either,  I know I still have a while but some of the other elders are like dang you don't have too long and when i think about that it really brings tears to my eyes.  I love these people in a way that nobody could love them.  I don't know what I'm going to do with my life without the filipino people.  Gosh you have to meet these people; they are amazing and they have changed my life for the better.  I am forever grateful for them and will be in their debt forever.  They have formed me into a person that I love and they will always be a part of me.

The Manggapsang branch is good we still struggle with people getting to church because it is so far from them but line upon line.

Wow, Chris in Newport; that kid is so spoiled.  Great that he had a good game. keep on going Chris keep on getting better; dont flat line on your skills.

My favorite talk was Elder Hales but dang, what happened to him but i loved his talk .  I loved Holland and Waddell in the priesthood session and I of course loved all of Pres. Monsons' talks.

Mom, its never "he does the same old same old" its different everyday, everyday is an adventure if you want it to be don't fall into routine switch it up every once in awhile- dr. heywood

Well, love you fam and I love this place and people.

elder heywood



Next week on the 8th and 9th we get to watch conference, I don't know what they do exactly to watch here but I think it works just like watching conference at the stake center back home so yeah but I'm excited,  Dana said there were a lot of good talks.

I got a new comp and stayed in the area and its fine with me but this is my first 6 month area.  I like Elder Garcia who is my new comp; he is way awesome...he is the man.  We had fun this past week; I don't know its just nice have the same desires as your comp. Our desire is for these people here to progress and come to church and to find more and more people and yeah we will have a great time this transfer I can feel it.  Elder Garcia, he is Filipino but his mom works in New York in Queens Hospital she is a nurse so he is pretty Americanized also he is just the man. So I'm way excited for this week because of conference.

We have had a couple hurricanes hitting the philis.  My island is well protected but dang we had some rain and wind but no floods at all. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good and Chris have fun with those braces; my advice... don't kiss any girls with braces also.

I saw one picture that Dad sent of Ted and Parker; way cool.

Katie hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhappppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyy b day

Well love you and I love this work and the people!

 so lov lov lov

palanga taka
elder heywood

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey There Momma Bear,

I'm still here in Manggapsang this week, but the end of the week is transfers so next week I will let you know where I am and who my comp is.  I do the chores but I don't mind because he cooks really well so it evens everything out.  We eat a lot of fish bangros or milkfish.

We just had a baptism just yesterday it was great.  Mark Jay Lumongdang Deles was baptized, he is 12 years old and it was awesome.  We had 40 at church instead of the normal 25 to 29 so that was way good.  All the less actives we have been working with are really all that close to coming back so I'm way excited but also I think I'm leaving so I'm kinda sad.  I mean whatever happens will be good. I just love all the people here they are  awesome even if they are drunk.  There really aren't any mean drunks here, because they are so loving and especially here on the mountain.  Man I love these people, you have to meet these people, Mom you will be amazed with what they have and how happy they are.

Sounds like all you guys are busy and all that jazz but sounds like you guys are having a blast with your lives.  I am glad you got to the funeral.   Enjoy life if you are getting frustrated at times, sit back and relax for a couple minutes and think about relaxing and that you don't really have to worry that much.  Dang I miss you guys and I hope you are all doing good.

I'm  excited for general conference; we get to watch on the 8th and 9th.  I hope you guys enjoy it also.  I'm doing good no need to worry about me and no I haven't received the package yet probably next week at transfers.  Thank you again mom.

I will see you guys later and I love you all, tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


For the quotes, the first one

that thing you do
batman dark knight
amazing grace
secondhand lions

Come on Luke, give me hard ones!
Wow, Uncle Jim died what happened?  All from his fall?

That's pretty cool about Luke's experience with chilies, just don't eat 3, I am talking lava haha

I cant believe Shane is already back, dang quick one and this mission here is way quick too.  Dang, dang, dang!  Well not this week, but next week is transfers.  I think I'm going and I'm ready to leave the area but not ready to leave the branch.  Everything is good, we have a baptism this Saturday.  Mark Jay Deles we baptized his brother last transfer so that will be exciting.

I have been thinking a lot and I kinda want you guys to come and pick me up or something, of course it depends on your budget and everything but I want to show you these people they are amazing.

I'm way excited for conference I really can't wait.  Its kinda weird saying that but I'm excited.
Thank you for the package Mom, you guys are the best. 
love you and I love these people.
elder heywood

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So everything is good here in the Philis.  I am kinda stressed because I'm trying to organize about 8 fhe's in our area and just trying to make them the best possible for the less actives and investigators.  Then I got even more stressed because when you have fhe's you always want to take a big group picture but my camera just broke yesterday.  I don't know what happened, I  turned it on and the zoom is broken so i don't know.  Mom, I'm kinda freaking out because this might be my last transfer here in this area and my camera can't take pictures.
Our family is doing good, the brother is still trying to stop smoking he smokes probably 8 sticks a day but its better then the 25 normally.  Sister is strong and the kids are great the oldest is 14 and he told his parents he wanted to go to church but was shy because his parents haven't gone yet.  They haven't gone because brother wants to get rid of his smoking before they go to church and sister stands by her husband.  It's so nice to see she keeps on pushing she wants this so bad but her and her husband are a team.  She wont move forward until brother moves.  Of course she is solid and she know she wants this but i don't know its hard to explain; though its just so nice to see because they are a team they respect each other, they help one another.  I do like seeing that. They live out in the middle of nowhere but they are just so smart about their choosing and the children and are so ready but of course brother just needs to stop smoking.

elder heywood

Monday, September 5, 2011


August 29

Well thats nice that grandma will be back in Mesa.  If you see Taylor Lines tell him he owes the Joame family new hair clippers, haha i guess he burnt them up but yeah.

Tell Chris happy birthday for me!

It will get colder over here soon, we just passed up a pretty good storm and a lot of rain.

As for my comp he is good, I just dont think he has worked a day in his life.  Its hard in this area because the church is so far away from the people.  If they walk its 2 hours or 2 and a half and if they ride its kinda expensive for them.  I wish the church was right next to them but this is a test of their faith.  It's so tough because we don't see much progression except this one family... the Pedro family.  They are very smart people, they live far away on this farm but they are amazing.  Brother Pedro is having a hard time stopping smoking but I know he can do it,  The thing is just doing it but yeah they are strong.  They havent come to church yet but we vistit with them every Sunday.
Thats it hope you guys have a good week and wish you guys luck tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood

September 5

My comp is good, I think he is love sick.  Other then that it is ok.  The work is slow but we have a baptism scheduled for the 24 of the this month.  His name is Mark J. he is 12 and he is the little brother of the kid we baptized last last month.

In the box, besides camera supplies could you send me some money so I can buy some shoes here maybe like 50 dollars.
Tell Grandma hello for me and tell her to make the best of it.  You gotta just give everything a chance before you start to judge. I think i have had to do that in every area I have been in.  It is always, dang I dont want to move and then I want to go back but you stick with it and love the new place.

Tell Chris to not get addicted to his phone and dont just text people,call people too.

Way good that Gilbert beat highland thats alway nice to hear.
Just last month the rebels in Mindinao, the new people army caught 7 marines and beheaded them then sent it out to the internet and sent to every cell phone in the philis and one of the marines lived here in La Carlota so I saw the video, it was pretty sad.

I love this mission.  I love these people.  Here on the mountain is wonderful even though the its not progressing as well as I would like.  I love these people with all my heart.
Tell everyone hello.

elder heywood

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



That is crazy about Uncle Jim but I don't know; that guy hikes mountains so maybe he will bounce back.  It is good to hear about grandma coming back.

Peterson got transferred out, I'm glad I stayed but sad he left.  I got a filipino comp now, I'm ready to start this transfer and get thing going again here on the mountain.  

I will try to think of some more to throw Luke a curveball. (Luke got the movie quote from last week in about 4 minutes...Amazing Grace for any readers out there).

Other then the lazy comp the area is good.  I love the people here and we found a good great new family.  The Santiago family; they are way fun and it is nice to talk about the gospel.  Hopefully we can get them to church.  That is the problem here cause everything is so far away. Sounds like a good week for everyone and I wish I could be going on all these lake trips haha but the mission is great.  I love the people more and more each day.  I love my mission.  Love you all.

Did you see a polar bear?

Last picture with Elder Peterson
elder heywood

Monday, August 15, 2011


Jared in his mountain home away from home!

So here is the in the Philippines nothing works correctly at all.  So I was writing you an email last week and right when I was about to send it I was loading pictures for you guys the weekly good ole brown out hits (so the electric goes out for about 4 hours and nothing works).  I'm sorry I didn't get to send my last weeks letter, blame the brown out. they are a thorn in my side I know.

So this week was not so good, we tried to push and push to get a bunch of people to come to the La Carlota district conference but everything just fell apart.  This week is transfers already dang its flying I cant believe it.  We think Elder Peterson might be going but we will see you never know til you know.  We had some great lessons with some less actives but the week was other then that not to good and there is nothing really to report on.  We had a good conference and the area authority was here Elder Noblaza and his wife and he gave a great talk during the parents session on Saturday.  La Carlota used to be a stake but like 3 years ago it was dropped down to be a branch again.  He told them that with what happened you guys have no one to blame but yourselves so what do you want to do sit back and still be a bunch of branches or a stake?  It sounds kinda harsh but he did with so much love and so it was good but then bad because they really got reamed out. 

Swell, Tennessee time huh that sounds fun.  Sounds like everyone is doing great and having a good time with the new school year. How many classes does Luke have? Tell Dana to enjoy but slow it down maybe and just enjoy if she enjoys good on her but just trust me sometimes it got too crazy and for me because I like cruising.  Tell Chris to beware of the Jr high fools.

Tell all those young men good on them and keep on continuing in mission prep, Bro Wright knows exactly what he is doing.

Let me know how ASU looks, do they have anyone good who is their qb? Hope they still have all the good wide receivers.

Tell Katie she will do fine, just love the kids and they will love you back and tell her to remember always put yourself in their shoes and you will get a better understanding of them and why they do the things they do.  Dang the mission teaches me so much, everything that happens in the mission you can learn something and just turn it around and then now you know how to deal with some things.

Also tell Taylor about the Jomae family in Massville its pronounced womie though.  This week one of the girls from their family is going on a mission, she will do awesome.

Just loving it here and love you all,

Oh and I got a quote

"SILENCE, you sound like a chorus of bloody tom cats!" who can get it?

elder heywood

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Philis is good though we have had a hurricane warnings for the past week.  The rain is crazy sometimes its completely fine then next minute you are swimming.
We get out the door around 7 to start doing a service project.   Usually we have lunch with a family but it just depends.  We have been working doing a lot of reactivation but every family we are trying to reactivate is a part member family.  So that is our investigators also.  We are trying to find more investigatiors but we will see.  The few we have are mostly from the part member families.  Its way fun seeing the spirit glow in the people eyes here when they feel the spirit again;  really its a miracle but that is why I'm on a misson to see that.  That is the best part and I love it.   Sorry I  have a bunch of stories but I dont know to start they are too big for me to type and I wouldn't do them justice.  One more year then I will share the stories in person, sorry.
Sounds like all you are doing well and good.  Thank you for everything you do and tell everyone I love them.
Until next week...

elder heywood

Monday, July 25, 2011


I got my package, thank you so much for the watch, CTC, wedding announcments,  and thanks for the plan of salvation cards also.  I have used those so much and the stories also.  Thank you for the movies they are awesome. 

As for here, we have had some good csp's.  We have been building a school, then we helped this guy build his house out of bamboo.  Elder Peterson and I are getting the bamboo thing down its way fun.  The week has been good, thanks for the support.   

He knows that I like him in the picture!

Wow, an AZ sunset in the Phillis

love elder heywood

Monday, July 18, 2011


So everything is good.  Elder Peterson and I stayed together this transfer, I was so happy.  We are staying and are having a blast.  I just know this is where I'm supposed to be right now and with Elder Peterson.  We have great times, spiritual times, good times, hard times but this is what I'm doing and I love it here.  The people are amazing. Mom, don't worry about not writing last week, I understand.  I am also sorry I didn't write; we didn't have too much time last week so sorry.

We had a decent week; we found this one lady named Roselyn Niena and she is awesome.  She came to church this week and we just found her this week.  She has a huge family and she seems so excited.  Every time we teach them she calls all her family in.  They are just very sincere but I wish you could meet these people.  The church is so far but they still come to church anyway,  its just amazing. 

I'm building my testimony and I'm growing and hopefully getting more mature, I don't know that's kinda a strech ha. It is so sweet out here though.  Sounds like you guys had a good time out there in Montana.  I wish I could be there but like I said I wouldn't change what I'm doing for all the world right now.  It's amazing out here.

love elder heywood

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey there family and momma bear,

The mountain village is good except we're out of work for 7 days.  Something happened to me maybe I will send a picture next week. But know that everything is ok. I have one more week with this transfer, I hope I go one more with Peterson we are getting some amazing stuff done.  We had 30 people last week at church and this week we had 79 we were amazed but everyone was excited to see the people that haven't been to church in like 3 to 4 years.  It's truly remarkable how much they have to sacrifice to go to church but they are so strong honestly i feel bad just taking a car to church every week back home.  I feel stupid and ungrateful, please pray for the Manggapsang members they need it so much.  I hope we can keep that number up at 79 next week but we wont be able to work for a couple days because of me.  I feel so terrible but i just cant work with my foot.
Tell Parker that he needs to be careful gosh if he keeps on going at his rate he might be dead before I get back, gosh dang dumb guy.   Tell Chris, way to go on the diving tell him to not stop.  Keep on going, gosh he will probably blow us out of the water when he is our age with all the sports though don't tell him that; it might go to his head. Have Dana keep on working hard and learn that trait.  Tell Luke to keep up the work, I'm so glad you taught me how to work it is honestly a great trait because I look at some of the other missionaries out here it really is pathetic sometimes. 

I'm glad grandma is doing better, tell her to get walking and i would like to read her history.  I bet it is very interesting.  About the movie 17 Miracles,  did the church put that out as like a new movie? I agree what the pioneers did is something we cant comprehend its truly amazing how much faith they had and how much God helped them.  Honestly if they didn't have faith in god I don't think they could of done it. 
Love you guys, I hope you have a great time and tell everyone hello for me.
elder heywood

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sounds like a good week for the family.

I'm glad you guys are having a good time.   Yes, I love the comp and the area.  I hope we get to stay another one together.  Sorry this is going to be a quick one, its a busy day today .  The baptism was way good this past Saturday and we had an ok week.  Peterson and I both got a little sick with the one day sicknesses stuff but we're good now, no worries.

Peterson and I are enjoying and working hard and having the time of lives right now and trying to have no regrets.  Thanks for the happy birthday and everything, I was wondering if you guys could send one more thing.  I need an 8 gb or 16gb usb so i can back up stuff.  The usb's here are weird they dont always work,  so if you could send that like in a letter or something that would be nice.
That girl that died, she was on the swim team but I didn't know her well. 

Thank you for the package so much, mom love you and love you family.

elder heywood

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The week was good, we got our old branch president to come back to church after 5 years or something.  He got kicked out because he was stealing tithing money but we are in the philis so no one really get ecommed.  He came back and everyone was excited he totally has a change of heart we can see it in his eyes.  It's something amazing going on our area.  Elder Peterson and I are tearing it up here, no problems just working hard and we can see our hard work come around.  It is  awesome to see we are getting a lot of people to come back to Church.  A lot of less active people.  We are trying to find everyone in the mountains; of course its not me and Peterson doing the work its actually the spirit but we can see everyone changing and its so nice because we are the instruments for the spirit.  It's awesome, I hope me and Peterson will last a long time here in Manggapsang.  Did you ever find some pictures of the place I'm at?

Be happy for everything you have in your life that's all my advice to you.  I love being here, I love this place, Ii hope you guys can come and see it first hand for yourself.

Did you tell grandpa hi for me?  If you did thank you.

Congrats Dana on the ole permit, just don't do anything stupid if you think in your mind this is kinda stupid well don't do it; that's the spirit right there.
Tell everyone I love them and I'm doing great, having the time of my life and miss you all but loving it right now.
elder heywood

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am now outside of Manggapsang and we live in Cubi.  You should ask Taylor Lines how he liked Masville. It's awesome out here, some people remember Elder Lines, its crazy they remember like every elder.  The mountain area is awesome though I miss the functioning ward.  Its a nice little branch out here. I speak the same language; the only languages I speak on this island that I'm on is Cebuano or Illongo.  Up here in the mountains is a little deeper illongo though.  On pdays we go to la Carlota its a big city next to us so you can try looking that up but then go towards the big volcano on this island montain canla-on but yeah that's it.

We have some investigators not as much because we are just work in little villages on the mountain but we do a lot of reactivation.  We had some great lessons with the branch 1st counselor and 2nd counselor because they are less active they just had some difficulties and have some issues with the word of wisdom but I think we are getting to them and will get them back to church.

Love, Elder Heywood

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Well I am in Manggapsang branch close to Masville.  Our branch and Masville branch meet at the same church and I met some people that knew Taylor Lines because Masville was one of his area's.  They love him here, oh man  the people who knew him and I clicked just like that.  It was way fun to talk to them and meet them. My area looks like I am in livin' the life of Jack on the show Lost.  I'm in the mountains and I teach the "others" that live on top of huge mountains. My first thought was there could be nobody that lives up there but sure enough there are 4 houses up there. Dang I love it, I hike 40 minutes up to our investigators houses we have like 4 neighborhoods that we teach in but they are all like around 30 to 60 minutes away from each other. Oh and we have to stop work at the max at 7:30 pm and start heading home, cause if we go past that time we won't be able to find a ride home and then we will have to walk home (honestly) for 2 hours.  So its important that we find a ride. The first night we didn't get a ride home, dang that was a long walk.  The house is nice for 2 of us, we have a nice hammock outside that I like swinging on in the morning and if we are home on time; I like swinging on it at night. The only bad thing is that the shower is ice cold freezing dang dang dang! Dude you would die honestly! My comp is Elder Peterson from Layton, Utah.  He is not the same Peterson from the MTC  whose parents you talk to though.  We have a good time together its way fun. My old comp stayed in my last area, he is now training. and then I transferred on Wednesday. The branch is good we have 25 people that come to Church. It is all good and some strong people out here.  It's an awesome area.  I enjoy it so much; though yes i was mad to leave and I still miss the people in my old area but this area that I am in is awesome.
Sounds like everything is good back home and if i send pictures you have to, too.  Take a lot of pictures of Lake Powell and send them please.  Have fun at home while I have fun here. Be safe I'm excited to hear the girl camp story of the week. Sad about Houston Elementary, I cant believe we're done all of us. You should go back and work as the librarian or something ha. Welp. tell everyone i love them and love you fam!

elder heywood

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just got this quick note today...

Hello fam,

I'm transferring and I'm sad, I wish I could stay here but I will let you know more of what is happening next week.

Here are some pics from Hinigaran:

love elder heywood
Everything is good here, I just hope I don't get transferred.  I want to stay here one more.  It is so nice and we are about to break through with these 3 families:  Billermo, Maestracampo, Jong.  I want to stay and see them progress.  Everything else is good.

I heard about the wedding, cool.  Anything else going on down in the USA.  Congrats to KT and Aaron.

Thank you family just for everything, without you guys I'm noting and I don't know where I would be without you.  So thank you.

Go for the Nixon if it is nice and sturdy and can last me the mission.  Either that or the freestyle; whichever is the most waterproof; go for it.  Get the cheaper one.  Thank you very much!

I will let you know what happens for transfers.

elder heywood

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sounds like a good week for you guys.  Dang I'm trying to send some pictures but I'm having a rough time.  I will still keep trying. I heard a lot of the news from everyone today, everyone sounds great!

We had a great week here,  we went to the jubilee so that was fun and I want to send some of those pictures to you but I'm having troubles.  After the phone call last week, we went to a wedding and the husband is not a member but we taught him this week and it was a great lesson the spirit was strong.  We didn't even have to teach him really, he understood everything.  We finally got this one girl to come to church with some members her name is Carlamae.  She is way fun, she is pregnant and 21 and her boyfriend is a fool he gets all jealous of us when we teach and we ask him to sit with us and he just gets all mad so we end up leaving.  Her friends that are members say they fight all the time and she always cries but then we see her she is always happy and singing even though her life is falling apart.  It's very sad but inspiring to me. We will just try and help her feel good and overcome her trials and that answer is the gospel.

How is Shaun?  Parker sent me a couple pictures, to me he looks strong and happy.  
Yeah, I heard about Lindsey, what the heck haha...winning on the Price is Right would be sweet. 

Love you and thank you,

elder heywood

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry it was so late last night, I would of had you call earlier but the Elder that's good on the computer talked foreverto his family, like 4 hours no joke and I didn't want to push him off.  Thank you for inviting Jake and Madison; I loved my call I'm still on top of the world and I think I just broke my toe playing basketball but I don't care I got to hear from my family so it doesn't matter.  Thank you mom; you're the best and our family is the best and I love you guys.  I wouldn't be anywhere in my life if I didn't have you guys.  Really you are amazing family and tell the distant family I say hello.   It was good to hear you all and hear you laugh; sorry it was a bad connection.  Next time I will try to find a land line or something.  Well, Mom I got to go thank you so much again.

love elder heywood

Monday, May 2, 2011

I am calling on Sunday night around 9, hope that's OK with you.
That made me miss the family movies that Chris would always bust out on Sundays. Yeah, I hated my voice back then gosh. But I am now serving in the Philis now and I cant believe it, I wake up some times and I'm this far away.

Sounds like you guys had a good week, but you guys missed a good baptism and all that jazz!  Sis Roselyn Dulce was baptized then we had the Philis Jubilee on Sunday that we watched.  It is the 50th year the church has been in the Philis so yeah that was cool to watch at the stake center.  It was the celebration kick off in Manilla that we watched from the satellite.

I got your package, thank you so much for all the ties the ward will love it.  All the men and boys will love it actually. Tell the ward thank you so much! 
Also we had a huge fiesta in Hinigaran this week it was way fun a lot of partying. I have some good pictures and we had a great karaoke night with our neighbors Saturday night.  Haha the Filipino people love karaoke and there are karaoke bars everywhere.  They always rent karaoke machines for parties so our neighbors had one it was way fun to screw around with that.
I will answer all your questions on Sunday night if that's OK so write them down. 8:30 or 9 o'clock pm for you guys and Monday morning for me. I hope everything works out and if not I will probably get to try again the next week if it doesn't work.  Sorry there is no official time but I'm in the Philis so yeah that's all i can say about that. Love you all and talk to you this Sunday.
love elder heywod

Monday, April 25, 2011

This Weeks letter & last weeks...

April 18th:

Hey family,

Answers:  The weather is good though its hot season not too hot because I'm an AZ boy but the humidity is pretty ridiculous.  I eat a lot at the peoples houses that is if they are not poor and can afford it because everyone will give us food but there are only some that can actually afford it you know?  We also get a lot of snacks and the fish is ok but you know I have never been a big fish guy.  They eat a lot of eel here and its not too bad and the squid is good.

Dang it makes me miss home just knowing that all of the gang is coming back now but its way fun out here. Tell big boy jake to email me that would be fun to hear from him.

Sounds like the dance thing was a hit mom way to go! Way to go Garcia family on the talks, how is the new ward and everything?  Tell grandma B hello for me.
As for here my comp got transferred and a sad week; we didn't get anyone to church out of our investigators so that was sad and one of our less active families that we just got back to church and one of their sons friend that we were teaching died this past week in a motorcycle accident so its a sad week.  We have the funeral for the member this next Sunday.  My testimony is growing!

elder heywood

April 25th:

My new comp is awesome and yes he only has one ear but he is the nicest kid ever; he is awesome and a Filipino.  We have a lot of fun together and get a lot of work done.

So how was Easter?  Dang I miss the Easter pageant.  I miss the lake with a passion!  But my life is way fun out here though it's getting pretty warm and humid.  We have beach in our area its pretty nice but there is still some garbage on the beach.

So for the mission last week; all was good we attended the funeral for the less active 22 year old that died and we did this death walk thing where we walk behind the coffin for a mile all the way to the cemetery.  That was a cool experience and this past week was holy week and there is this big party here in this city and all that jazz.  This last Friday some guy got crucified and nailed to a cross and there were a bunch of guys that were whipping themselves so that was kinda cool but creepy.  We have this huge city square in this town and that's where the Crucifixion was and the party and there were people everywhere and you wont believe it but yes the guy that kissed me on the cheek last transfer found me again and kissed me on the hand gosh dang I hate that guy, holy crap.

We have a baptism this week Sister Roselin Dulce she is awesome she is the best and has such a great desire. She has a brand new baby. and her husband was a less active but he is coming back to church with her.  They are a great family.

That's it for the week a lot of stuff going on out here and its way fun. We have the jubilee out here for the church 50 years the church has been in the philis and we have stake conference coming soon too.

elder heywood

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sounds like a successful dance thing and whats up with the princess of Uganda? Why was she at the dance thing?  I'm glad the big show went pretty well and all for you I bet your way happy now that's its done.

Conference was amazing, I loved it all.

Congrats Dana on the stuco position.

How was the lake how cold was it?  Does Gilbert have competition in the game right now?  Tell Grover if you see him I say hello and tell him I miss volleyball and thank you for everything.

Chris keep on the last few months of elementary school.
Parker, big boy how is it going?  How is the singles ward? How was conference?  I'm jealous, what sessions did you get into? Have you talked to sam and jon?  While I was watching conference I thought I saw them I might be mistaken but I don't know. Dont get married till I get back.  You still got one year my boy. Who is all back now?  When does Jacob get back and tyson andes and who do you hangout with?  How is the sprinklers again?

So we have transfers this week but we don't know the announcements yet, next week.

So quick little story we have this one girl we are teaching and her husband went to jail about 4 weeks ago and then we went to their house and he was back and he told us he broke out of jail so that was kinda cool.  He was way  spooked when we he saw us he thought we were someone else.   We are trying to teach these 2 girls; Jane 13 and Caceil 11 how to read so they can read the book of Mormon so its been a great week.  My comp during personal study does dot to dot puzzles so that's good.

I will let you know what happens during transfers this week.

elder heywood

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hey there fam,

I'm jealous of Parker that he got to go to conference.  This weekend we have conference. I'm excited and all, I hope a lot of our investigators come.

We just had a great baptism this past week.  Geraldine Billardo was baptised and her husband is coming back to church.  He is the man, just has some addiction problems.  We asked him if he could baptize but he doesn't have the aaronic priesthood.  You know the blind guy i was telling you about.  He is geraldine's father in law so he baptized her.  He can do anything even though he is blind. He amazes me, he is the high priest leader he never misses church, never misses a meeting.  I heard a story that they were have a ward fireside and someone forgot to pick him up for the meeting and he couldn't find any money for a ride so he walked the entire way the walk is probably 20 min on foot from his house.  He is the man, so he made his own blind stick.  He needs it so he can just be careful because if your blind here that is rough if you try to walk by yourself because the traffic and the way people drive here are ridiculous. I'm so glad i got to meet bro billardo.

I also met a old old old old man the other day he is the relative of one of our investigators.  He is 110 years old.  Ii didn't believe him at first but then he pulled out this little certificate thing.  I'm like oh my this guy really is 110 gosh!  He is way hard to understand because the way he talks.   He tries to exercise everyday so he tries to walk 30 feet then 30 feet back to his house and then watch tv.   haha some of the people amaze me here its so crazy.

and yes a man kissed me.

Sounds like everyone is doing good.  I'm doing good, I love it here.  I love the elders in our house right now and we have a zone conference tomorrow so I'm excited about that too because its always nice to talk to other missionaries and kids from my batch and all that jazz.  That was my week we had an awesome baptism, we had a lot of great teachings this week, my language is getting better, I can't wait for conf and then after that I cant wait to talk to you guys on mothers day so a lot to look forward to.  Then after the phone call home i will get close to my 1 year mark, gosh its been pretty quick its way fun out here!  I love you guys and miss you all.

Monday, March 28, 2011

We are teaching some really good people right now.  We have this girl we are teaching she is the high priest group leader's daughter in law.  Her name is Geraldine B. and we teach her husband too because he is less active.  We got him to come back to church and his wife is great, she knows everything its just a matter of time before she gets baptized.  We are hoping this Saturday.  Then we are teaching this 20 year old girl that has a brand new baby and we started teaching her and then we found out that her husband was a member but he is way less active but then we taught him with her and we had a great lesson and when church came around, the husband came to church and the ward just helped him out so much.  Dang our ward is the bomb over in Hinigaran and so that family is doing good.  We also have this one lady, her son that was 18 just got baptized and she knows its true to but she needs to get married to her husband.  They are married but then they are not.  It's weird here they don't care about marriage because if something goes wrong they can just leave but if they are married they are stuck because there is no divorce.  Also marriages cost a lot but in our church its free so a lot of people get excited about that.

So story for you guys:  its pday today and before we were going to go eat we were watching this little town basketball tournament they are having here and it was 6 of us watching, me, my comp, elder seve, elder furgeson, elder kawili (filipino just in the next area) then elder kaufusi, he is a tongan from California.  So we are just watching this game because we have a zone activity today; we're going to play volleyball on the beach.  Anyway, we're watching this game under this like big shade thing and then this old guy comes up to me trying to talking to me in broken english and I'm like "brother just illongo...lang maghumbal ka sa illongo" because i think i kind of understanded him but it was way loud because there is people around a basketball game is going on and i look at elder kaufusi and then back at the guy and I'm like did i hear what i thought i heard and then i look back at the guy and then kaufusi again and then he kisses me like right on the cheek.  I'm like wwooooooahhh big boy, but i didn't do anything I mean what could I have done?  After we left I thought what just happened I'm completely confused and we were all just laughing saying what happened?  That's my story i just got kissed by a 60 year old man 2 hours ago, huh?

That's just still way weird the big boy is home already. Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will buy you something and bring it home, I just don't try the mail system here.  If there is something expensive in the package it just doesn't make it. Thats awesome that Parker is good at the piano, I wish i could be better but yeah i can like sound out a couple songs but that's it. Sounds fun back home though, tell Parker to serve another mission and request the philis it is amazing here. The best.

Whats wrong with grandpa? Tell him to get better!

love love love
elder heywood

Monday, March 14, 2011

The area is awesome.  We are in a threesome right now because the Samoan , Elder Seve found that he has a hernia so he had to go get surgery in manila but he will be back this week. The other elder, Elder Fergeson is awesome. We get along pretty good.

Alright so story, we go to church this last Sunday and we got there early and there is this 90 year old man that jogs on the outside basketball court every Sunday morning he is the man.  He is like Yoda when he is jogging he does pretty well but then then he picks his cane back up to come into sacrament meeting and he looks like he is about to break.  I don't get it but he is awesome. elder Ferguson told me he does that every Sunday. haha

No effects here in Negros from japan but the tide is way high and its stormy.  Good thing nothing happened here because this town would be done.  Though i kinda want something to happen like a bad storm so we can get out of these clothes for a little bit and build a house or something, but guess I shouldn't say anything.  Anyway, the area is great the people are too.  Have no worries about a thing,

Thank you for sending the package.  I cant wait, you're the best mom and tell Parker to email me next week ok? ok salamat. Tell Ben hello for me too gosh I cant believe all of them are coming back soon.  Tyson and Eric Udall and the the beast Jacob you have to tell me how he is?  Tell Luke congrats on the blessing read it every Sunday you will learn something new from it every time. Tell Parker to eat my burrito for me OK? Thats it for the week send me some pics through email from Parker's homecoming.

Elder J heywood

Monday, March 7, 2011


So the new area is way good I love it already but I was still mad that I got transfered.  My new area is Hinigaran its way sweet just this little town, try looking up some pictures.  Hinigaran is a fishing community and the beaches are actual beaches. and the people are super nice.

My living conditions are good we actually have a shower head this time but no warm water; that is unheard of here but our house is good and its me, my comp Elder Laivedes (pinoy), Elder Furgeson from Utah then Elder Seve from New Zealand. Elder Furegeson and Elder Seve are way awesome, they are fun and we already have a fun time with each other.

My new comp is Elder Laivdes, he is just a nice guy and he has helped with the language a lot and we were having a good time with the work, its way fun to actually work again because last transfer my comp Ned Schneebly he was ready to go home he was trunky out of his mind.  Ned actually went to my first area for his last transfer. But yeah we didnt work that hard like I wanted to.  I dont know he was a way fun guy sometimes but he was kinda like Parker's 2nd comp.  My comp is way cool now its fun. The ward os nice the people are different from the city people. they are a lot more humble. my ward has alot of members but only 80 came to church but the good thing is we actually have a normal bishop that actually acts like a bishop and he actually does his job so that's sweet.

CONGRATS Riiiiiiley, brazil that will be an awesome mission just watch out for those brazilian women I hear they are pretty guapa.

Sounds like a crazy week but a fun week for Katie and Aaron. So who else is back home from the mish? When does Parker get done, isnt it like next week? Tell Scott hello. Nice of you to do the shower thing and its nice for Julie to help.

Well the new area is good except my comp snores louder the Grandpa Bobby and there are 5 roosters outside my window by our bunk bed so yeah that is no fun, like no joke right outside my window. There is a new couple missionary coming in this week and their names are Bevens from alberta canada (really ask the Bevans about them) and then we had some canadians in my last area that run a call center here. They were the beatty's family from alberta also.

Gotta run, halong kamo.

palanga taka,
elder heywood

Monday, February 28, 2011

OK, neither of our boys seem to like change....

The week was seriously terrible and guess what I'm transferring again.  What the heck, the thing is dumb because me and my comp are both leaving so all the work we have been doing went nowhere because the new missionaries don't know who we have been teaching and yeah I'm just way mad.  I don't know what to think because we just had 3 baptisms.   I would of been fine to just leave and have my comp stay but we're both leaving so i don't know so i feel like I'm just leaving all my investigators in the dust, and i feel that like all them will just go less active because they are just left there and nobody will help them out.  Anyway I'm just way freaking out because of all our investigators.

My comp is good but he is mad too, this is his last transfer.

By the way, in the Philippines we can take naps like from 1 to 2 because that's siesta time and if we went out to work at that time nobody will let us in because they are sleeping or they are eating so don't worry about that.
Sorry, I am upset but I love the people here and then yesterday we just planned for this mission fireside thing and it was going to be great.  Talk to you next week.
love you elder heywood

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Momma Bear and Family,

Let me know what mission it is, (Pres. Peterson's) my guess is it is the Angeles mission in Luzon close to Manila, tell him I said hello.

So funny story we have this kid that lives in our 5 apartment complex with us, he lives next door and he is 4,  His name is Alex, The Spawn of Satan really like the Omen...oh my gosh .  So me and my comp are taking a nap and we hear something in the bathroom,  I wake up to go see who it is and its ALEX clogging our toilet with toilet paper and I'm like what the heck still kinda waking up and then he yells at me and runs to me, punches me in the manhood. and then runs out of the apartment.

That's it for today, folks...

love elder

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


love you fam

I'm not going to lie, I did miss waking up to chocolate but whatever. Gosh I'm having the best time out here.  Having a good comp is so so so so so nice.  Everyday is not just a day its another day to try our best to bring people closer to our Savior and if we at least talk to one person we are accomplishing our goal.

ok answers to questions:

I say my prayers in Illongo its actually pretty weird but whatever its going to be tough to speak english when I get back.  Actually there is a lot of English in this country but still i can speak English fine but when I do my mind goes blank sometimes and I cant think of a word to save my life haha.

I have the coast in my area just like my last area where I got the sunset pictures; I will take more pictures.

It's sad to see kids here in the Philis; there are these homeless kids that walk around with these different size pieces of PVC pipe all bunched together it looks like a blue man group instrument and they are freaking talented but so sad because that is their living to just play for people and if they make money that day they get food and if they don't they don't.  So tell Chris to don't ever whine, seriously. Sounds like a great week kinda crazy with all the travel you did but sounds good. We had our mission tour this week so one of the 70's came to our mission to tour it and then we went to a conference that was great. This mission is the best ever and these people are the best ever. How is grandma doing? Tell Luke to email me I have some questions? who is Luke's dance partner? is she cute? Tell Dana to use her talents to help others so everyone can learn from the dancing thing.

We had a baptism this last week, it was way sweet!  This girl has 2 kids and her husband was already a member, oh my her baby is 6 months she is the cutest baby ever.  Don't tell anyone I said that.

That is it for this week.  Sorry the good stories will have to wait till we talk in person.

love you all
elder heywood

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Questions & Answers:

Describe your new living conditions?

So our living conditions are good, just me and Elder Fordham. We have a half size refrigerator and running water but we have a filter hooked up to our faucet. We have only two electric fans and two desks and thatis it. Our bathroom is as big as my shower back home but it also has a sink in the shower, a little weird but whatever, I like it. The water is freakin freezing here though so it feels good when your sweating but when you wake up, oh man, you sure wake up.

Are you eating more healthy food then you did here? Mangoes? Have you gained weight or lost weight?

We eat a lot of tuna, ramen and rice, rice, rice, rice and corned beef and cereal but we don't have fresh milk. We have powder for milk. We eat a lot of bread with just the phili peanut butter on the bread. Oh yeah, we eat a ton of pinapple, oh gosh the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not mango season yet.

What is the leadership in your ward like?
The ward is good, we have 100 attending. Our Bishop tries hard but he doesn't entirely know what to do but that is why we are here to help and that is fine at least he is trying.

Who are you teaching right now?

Our baptism pool is kinda weak right now, so we went tracting for two straight days and found 36 people. We were way stoked of course, not all those people are elect but as long as we try our best and try to help them closer to Christ we did our job. We will see what happens.

Do you wish you could play the piano?

Yes, I wish I could play the piano. Seriously I'm mad at myself for not even trying and not trying hard enough on the guitar. Well I got to go to FHE, sorry this is short.
Tell everyone that big boy loves them and I will write back next week. Goodbye my loveeeeeeee!!!

elder heywood

Monday, January 31, 2011

So the new area is great it was way hard to leave the last area but I love the youth in this new area.  We have about 90 people come to church.  It was way nice to get out and work this week and meet everyone the work is kinda slow here but hopefully me and my comp, Ned Schneebly can get things going again and bring people closer to baptism. We had 2 baptisms this last Saturday.

In the hospital you just study and we were allowed to watch discovery channel because pres. tobias says he doesnt want us to go crazy.  So we watched a lot of documentries and on all the doc. there is a british guy narroting the doc.  So for this whole week we just been talking like brits something that keeps us laughing, yeah pretty lame but whatever.  My comp and I are having  fun though it was kinda a slow week but new week starting tomorrow.   I really do love my mission,  I miss you guys but its awesome right now; got a great comp thats way funny and smart he really acts like tony stark but looks like ned.   I got a great area the people are way loving.

Tell luke to email me i need to get some info from him? Tell dana to just keep having fun and tell Chris to not regret anything and just love his childhood.  Congrats kt and aar bear on the house!

love you all,

halong kamo
eldr heywood

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello everyone,

So yes I got transferred;  kinda weird week so far.  I love my new companion,  he is Elder Fordham from Bakersfield California.  He looks exactly like Ned Schneebly, like no joke but he has a brain like Tony Stark.  He is way funny and way freakin smart.  He has like invented a laptop that is normal but then it can fold down and you can put it in your like sunday shirt pocket.  I have no clue and I guess he has rebuilt 2 cars already by himself like this kid is nuts but way funny.  I think we're going to have a great transfer.  I can just tell.  He finishes in April so he is almost done but thats my new comp.

My new area is cool still in the city its called Magsunay.  Its actually really close to my last area,  I will still miss the people in my last area because they are just awesome.  It was hard to leave, I'm not going to lie... a couple tears but my new area seems great except I havent really worked in my area yet.  We were at the hospital for 5 days right after transfer day.  My new comp wasn't feeling good so the office elders took us to the hospital and later we figured out my comp is way dehydrated.  They pumped fluid filled with electrolytes but then he began to feel worse .  2 days later we're still in the hospital and they finally figure out that he has 2 kidney stones and they had to put a cathiter in because they don't have laser tech here like they do America.  Holy crap that cathiter was freaking huge.  I felt so bad for the guy but during the 5 days we figured out that we are really similar and just had a good time exchanging stories and all that jazz.  Dang,  I felt bad for the guy oh yeah and for these whole 5 days I never changed clothes never brushed my teeth, never shaved and I figured out that I can kinda grow a red beard.  Well more like strawberry blond but yeah I looked like a homeless person at the end of the hospital adventure and oh my gosh it felt so good to shower and shave again.  I smelt terrible and it was nice to sleep on a bed last night.   So havent really met any people in my new ward just a couple but they are way nice people and I like them alot already.  I just have feeling this transfer will be way fun.  That was my week, nothing really to report except everything is good now and all that jazz.  I still miss some people in my old area.  I saw my last comp today he says everyone was like where is Elder Heywood but oh well the new guy that replaced me is awesome.  He is way funny and pretty similar to me so they will love him there.

Ok Dana, KT & Mom,

There is a guy that makes pearl necklaces bracelets and earrings and you can get a necklace bracelet earrings all for 25 to 30 bucks and you can either get a peach pinkish color classic white or black but the black isnt completely solid black i guess it has like hints of green and blue to them depends on the light actually but  if you're interested let me know and you got them.  They are nice yes they are real. This guy is the man.  You can get anything from him but his expertise is pearls, all the missionaries go to this guy. If  you're interested that would be cool if you put like that 25 to 30 in my account and boom you got pearls.  Oh and about the ties just send them to me and I will take care of them. but yeah thats pretty much it.  How is home, how is everything?  Everything sounds pretty good so far.  Welp, big gulps see ya later. Girls dont forget to tell me what your order is.  I cant wait to start working in my new area they seem way nice and I am ready to learn from my companion and have a great time.

love love love
Elder J Heywood

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sounds like a great week and a lot of fun.  Oh man I wish I could be there for the wedding and all that jazz. This week was very slow and our worked has slowed down and I dont know this week...I really missed home.  I think it was because I knew alot of people were at the wedding and I just wish Icould be there but yeah I miss you guys like crazy.

This week was weird we met a lot of people this week because we have been trying to find new investigators and so we have been talking to a lot of people.  I have great stories haha wow wow wow!  Just for example we were walking to church and this crazy lady just out of nowhere grabs my hand and won't let go and starts yelling at me in giberish so yeah that was fun.  I also realized that all the dog poop you see on the ground isn't really always dog poop its usually little kids poop so yeah thats kinda a fun fact and just so many much more little stories.
Big news is I'm getting transferred but I transfer in 2 days so I don't know where I'm going yet but next week we will know.   I'm going to miss my first area so much and my companion. Gosh I hope I get a great comp because your comp just effects you so much.  I'm excited for change but way sad too.  I am going to miss all the people here so much and just all the investigators that we have now.  Nothing really exciting except all the little stories,  I will just have to tell all you later in a year in a half.  Oh also news: me and my comp are teaching this excommunicated guy he has 5 wives/girlfriends but he told us that he wants to start over and marry his wife right now and be able to be sealed in the temple.  So its been kinda cool teaching him and all that.  His brother is a stake pres and his dad is in a bishopbric somewhere so he wants to change; that has been a expierence.

I had this one experience this week where I was teaching our new investigator's class at church and I dont know what happened but I just went off teaching about obedience and I dont know who was talking but I was talking really well,  I know who was talking but it was just way cool.  I don't know if anybody felt what I felt but I felt amazing and just happy but that was my week.  I will let you know what happens this week.  Send me some pictures of the wedding!!

love ejmh

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow that's really crazy about the open fire shooting in AZ.  What the heck?  What happened to the 21 year old?  Why do people go crazy like that,  I don't get it. 

Our investigator that lost her job she had a rough week but we had her baptism 2 days ago her and the guy with the strokes' daughters too...they are twins 9 years old.   Anyway, she had a tough week but she just got another job and she said she is so happy,  I'm so happy for her.   All is well here in the Philippines but we have transfers again next week and I think I'm going to get transferred because I have been here for 4 and a half months but yeah we will see and I will let you know.  I really don't want to leave Tangub though there is still so much work to be done and there are these 2 people we are helping with their marriage next month but i don't know if i will be there but i know where ever i go its for a purpose.

sounds like a fun week but crazy just don't run around too much mom, enjoy every second.  Love you mom and love you family.  Love you all and keep strong tell everyone to look back on their life and tell everyone to slow down with everything and just enjoy family, friends, life,and everything... that is my request for this week. and tell Savanna congrats and give me Marie's email.  She gave me a dear elder and i want to write her back.  Tell everyone hello.
Alright everyone, love you palanga taka.
Tell Luke to look at his email and answer the questions

elder heywood

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st letter of 2011

Wow that would of been fun to go to all those parties.  We had a little party for New Years Eve also.  My comp and I went to a different area and watched a bunch of movies:  Toy Story 3, Incredibles, Gods Army 2, Other Side of Heaven and Walle.  It was fun and we got to sleep in so that was nice.  The movies were way good and it was the first time I saw Toy Story that was way good. Everything is pretty slow but we have a baptism this week.  It is  2 girls one is Mary Joy,  34 and Riala 17.  There was a lot of drama on Sunday because before church, Mary Joy got a call from her boss and she said you either go to church and lose your job orr you come and work and not go to church.  Thats right she came to church it was awesome but i felt way bad because she was teary eyed the whole time.  We tried to talk to her and tried to cheer her up and we told her things will get better because of the decision you made but you need to keep having faith and patience.  Thats easier to say then do but we are here for her.  Ii just hope she will see whats really important so pray for her please.

Dang sounds like a great Christmas.   Tell Grandma Brown I love her and tell her to get better and I pray for her everyday.  She needs to get better to see me at the airport when I get home I know I'm getting a head of myself but I dont care.

Oh I got your package, thank you but I still havent gotten Lynns.  Hopefully that comes soon.  About the newsletter just send it in the next package i guess.  Oh in that next package that would be great if you could send cereal and a bunch of old ties not like nasty ties but just like ok looking Goodwill ties.  A lot of the Aaronic Priesthood don't have ties here. Oh and that would be so awesome if you could buy Testaments and The Joseph Smith movie:  the full story that you watch in the visitor center and the Other side of Heaven but you might not want to sent those in their cases just like in like cd cases because if someone opens that package and sees dvds they might take them.  OK, that's my birthday wish thanks Mom and Dad and family!

love you a lot

I still can't get over my phone call.  I miss you guys so much and I cant believe its 2011 already. Love you all and miss you all and tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood love love love