Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey there family, I'm just on the outside of Bacolod; it's called Tangub.  Actually it's in the city but on the outskirts.  Its great here!  Look up Philippines jeepne. 

 I ride on those little buses every day.  The transportation is crazy here.  I love it and the poeple are amazing, just very helpful and every thing.  My comp is Elder Newman. he gets asked at least 5 times every day what his height is and all that jazz.  I love it here all ready.  I eat rice for every meal and I'm fine with it.  They have different food here but nothing nasty really, its just like the resturante that we went to to but that is more upper class food.

Monday night we had a great family evening with 3 families that are awesome. The Reyes, Edusolos, and Layaos, they are awesome.  The reyes girl is the one we are have a wedding for.

Ok quick story:  we were teaching this one family that was all girls and then when we left my companion said that we taught 2 men and 3 women.  Yeah no idea there were 2 men in the room with us I just thought they were girls cause they crossed dress and had long hair but to tell you the truth they were really receptive to the message. Thats it pretty much.  I miss you guys but I love it here and tell Parker to write me I haven't heard from him in forever. Love you, tell everyone hi.

love ejmh

Barangay Tangub: Located in the southern part of Bacolod City.

A story handed down form the early residents of Barangay about how this place got its name. Long ago, the Barangay was covered with thick forest with wild animals and birds. One day while the villagers were having their noonday rest in their cogon huts, they heard an unusual sound. The strong and brave, curios to know what the sound was, left their huts in hurry with their spears and dogs and proceeded to the direction of sound. It was not long before they caught sight of the biggest deer in the world. They set a strong trap near the south of the Magsungay creek because they believed that the deer must be very thirsty and they anxiously watched the trap. After a while they heard a faint rushing sound and it get louder and louder and a few seconds later the biggest deer in the world was running towards the trap. The villagers had a big feast after that, since that time, people called the place TANGAB Which means trap in English.

It was on 1950 when the Mayor of Bacolod appointed the first Barrio Lieutenant and in 1967 it was formally made a Barrio and the name TANGUB was adopted by the residents.

Barangay Tangub is geographically located in the southern portion of Bacolod City. It is bounded by Guimaras Strait on the west, Barangay Singcang on the North, Barangay Alijis on the east and Northeast, Barangay Mansilingan and Barangay Cabug on the Southeast, and Barangay Pahanocoy on the south. It is 4.7 km. Away from the city proper and almost 15-20 minutes ride.

Land Area:- 889.6885 hectares

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The main demographic indictors used in studying population includes population size and growth rate, crude birth and mortality (death) rates, infant's mortality rate, Migration rate, sex ratio and age distribution pattern. Birth, mortality, migration growth rate are expressed as proportion of the total population.

According to 1995 census of National Statistic Office (NSO) the Barangay Tangub has a population of 21,398.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bacolod:  All of the new missionary arrivals with President and Sister Tobias

Monday, September 20, 2010

In Bacolod at last...

Hey everyone oooooooooohh gosh its crazy here. First I want to apologize I didn't call back it was crazy in the international airport in L.A.  It felt like I was already in a different country so sorry for making you wait for nothing and also I would of called but the thing was we didn't know where we were going and we lost one of the elders so that wasted all our time.  Then we had to board and  the elder just left and after checking our bags in.  We were like where is he and we later found out that he just went through the security gate right away and didn't wait for us.  It was stupid and also we had him get called over the intercom like twice but still nothing and then he finally came back to the desk.  Anyway that wasted about 3 hours then we ate then we left to Taiwan.  So sorry.

That plane ride was nuts. just a bunch of crazy Asian that were everywhere and just 7 white people and that was us.  Anyways it was a way long plane ride and I tried to sleep but then this guy behind us snored like a freakin hog.  I'm like that can't be real oh but it was.  Oh my gosh it was ridiculous and also just crazy little Asian girls running every where and everything. Then we got in the terminal and that was way crazy.  Then flew to Manila on a 4 hour flight then to Bacolod.  The peole are so nice here its crazy and so helpful.
So i got here and we spent a couple days in the hotel by the mission home and did our orientation things and all that jazz then Friday was transfer day and my new companion is from Australia.  He is way nice and helpful and just awesome.  He is 6'6'' and just great and hardworking.  Our apartment is as big as my room and the bathroom connected and we have no ac and our fridge doesn't work but everything is great.  We have like 4 fans that we use and we just don't buy anything we refrigerate.   That is pretty much it and just adjusting  to everything.
Well I love you all I will try to write more next week.  We have to run to the Bishop's house and talk to him about a wedding for one of our investigators actually 2 but one has to turn 18 then we will deal with her wedding.

love you ejmh

Thursday, September 16, 2010

While we are waiting for a letter from the Philippines; here are some MTC memories...

Elder Heywood, Elder Peterson, Elder Landgren (bottom to top)
Marie (Jared's cousin) and Jared in the MTC Cafeteria
Elder Heywood in front of the bookstore

Half of his District:  Jared's comp is in front...Elder Anderson,
From l to r:  Landgren, Davis, Maughn, Peterson

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last note from the MTC...

i will talk to you later but i will call you around 6 or 7 so be close to the phone. oh my gosh there is this kid that is singing wicked songs next to me and he has a wicked shirt on too wow wow wow well anyways.   yeah I'm ready to get out of here but I'm grateful for the mtc and this mission I'm growing quite a bit i didn't think i would but i am.  I will call around 6 or 7 pm and make sure kt and aaron are there but yeah ok and i will answer all your questions and in the call wow its going to be weird to talk to you guys but I'm going to love it. talk to you soon.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Flight Plans!

My schedule is leave salt lake at 800 land in la at 900 that's on Monday; then wait til 115 on Tuesday in the morning and board my flight to Taipei and fly for around 16 hours; then land in Taipei on sept 15 so a day will pass by as i fly and then take a plane from Taipei to Manila then a little puddle jumper to bacolod and get there Sept 15 at 3:00

But yeah I wish I was going through Hawaii but I'm not I'm super bummed but whatever.  Yes i talked to Clarie a couple of times and and i run into Brandon and Mark a lot and just talk for awhile it fun to see them. Club volleyball sounds good, tell Luke to do the best he possibly can, give it your all.  Luv to you poookie.

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh i cant believed Chris is a deacon i toally forgot about that, what the heck seriously?  But yeah his birthday sounds good to me i could really go for a good game of volleyball.  Our games here are alright it depends who is playing. Thats also good news Kuresa made the cheer line. Dana will have fun with that just tell Dana to beware of some of those girls some of those girls aren't the best friends she could have but have fun with them.

How is grandma doing is she really going to get out of that stupid place soon?

ASU nice!  That's cool keep me updated what happens its always nice to hear. and who is their QB and that's crazy about max hall hope he does well i guess.

Well I'm out of here in a week i had such great experiences here and i love my zone and my district it will be sad to see everyone go but glad I'm getting out and can teach some actual people. I'm getting so tired of the food here but whatever.

Love you all oh and tell every one to just email me from now on because i don't want to wait 2 weeks for mail.  Also just send the speakers and phone cards and if you could find one more pair of sz 10 black shoes that i could like wear everyday instead of these other ones i have that would be great i might send back some things i don't need back home so yeah i will let you know.

love EJMH