Monday, March 28, 2011

We are teaching some really good people right now.  We have this girl we are teaching she is the high priest group leader's daughter in law.  Her name is Geraldine B. and we teach her husband too because he is less active.  We got him to come back to church and his wife is great, she knows everything its just a matter of time before she gets baptized.  We are hoping this Saturday.  Then we are teaching this 20 year old girl that has a brand new baby and we started teaching her and then we found out that her husband was a member but he is way less active but then we taught him with her and we had a great lesson and when church came around, the husband came to church and the ward just helped him out so much.  Dang our ward is the bomb over in Hinigaran and so that family is doing good.  We also have this one lady, her son that was 18 just got baptized and she knows its true to but she needs to get married to her husband.  They are married but then they are not.  It's weird here they don't care about marriage because if something goes wrong they can just leave but if they are married they are stuck because there is no divorce.  Also marriages cost a lot but in our church its free so a lot of people get excited about that.

So story for you guys:  its pday today and before we were going to go eat we were watching this little town basketball tournament they are having here and it was 6 of us watching, me, my comp, elder seve, elder furgeson, elder kawili (filipino just in the next area) then elder kaufusi, he is a tongan from California.  So we are just watching this game because we have a zone activity today; we're going to play volleyball on the beach.  Anyway, we're watching this game under this like big shade thing and then this old guy comes up to me trying to talking to me in broken english and I'm like "brother just illongo...lang maghumbal ka sa illongo" because i think i kind of understanded him but it was way loud because there is people around a basketball game is going on and i look at elder kaufusi and then back at the guy and I'm like did i hear what i thought i heard and then i look back at the guy and then kaufusi again and then he kisses me like right on the cheek.  I'm like wwooooooahhh big boy, but i didn't do anything I mean what could I have done?  After we left I thought what just happened I'm completely confused and we were all just laughing saying what happened?  That's my story i just got kissed by a 60 year old man 2 hours ago, huh?

That's just still way weird the big boy is home already. Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will buy you something and bring it home, I just don't try the mail system here.  If there is something expensive in the package it just doesn't make it. Thats awesome that Parker is good at the piano, I wish i could be better but yeah i can like sound out a couple songs but that's it. Sounds fun back home though, tell Parker to serve another mission and request the philis it is amazing here. The best.

Whats wrong with grandpa? Tell him to get better!

love love love
elder heywood

Monday, March 14, 2011

The area is awesome.  We are in a threesome right now because the Samoan , Elder Seve found that he has a hernia so he had to go get surgery in manila but he will be back this week. The other elder, Elder Fergeson is awesome. We get along pretty good.

Alright so story, we go to church this last Sunday and we got there early and there is this 90 year old man that jogs on the outside basketball court every Sunday morning he is the man.  He is like Yoda when he is jogging he does pretty well but then then he picks his cane back up to come into sacrament meeting and he looks like he is about to break.  I don't get it but he is awesome. elder Ferguson told me he does that every Sunday. haha

No effects here in Negros from japan but the tide is way high and its stormy.  Good thing nothing happened here because this town would be done.  Though i kinda want something to happen like a bad storm so we can get out of these clothes for a little bit and build a house or something, but guess I shouldn't say anything.  Anyway, the area is great the people are too.  Have no worries about a thing,

Thank you for sending the package.  I cant wait, you're the best mom and tell Parker to email me next week ok? ok salamat. Tell Ben hello for me too gosh I cant believe all of them are coming back soon.  Tyson and Eric Udall and the the beast Jacob you have to tell me how he is?  Tell Luke congrats on the blessing read it every Sunday you will learn something new from it every time. Tell Parker to eat my burrito for me OK? Thats it for the week send me some pics through email from Parker's homecoming.

Elder J heywood

Monday, March 7, 2011


So the new area is way good I love it already but I was still mad that I got transfered.  My new area is Hinigaran its way sweet just this little town, try looking up some pictures.  Hinigaran is a fishing community and the beaches are actual beaches. and the people are super nice.

My living conditions are good we actually have a shower head this time but no warm water; that is unheard of here but our house is good and its me, my comp Elder Laivedes (pinoy), Elder Furgeson from Utah then Elder Seve from New Zealand. Elder Furegeson and Elder Seve are way awesome, they are fun and we already have a fun time with each other.

My new comp is Elder Laivdes, he is just a nice guy and he has helped with the language a lot and we were having a good time with the work, its way fun to actually work again because last transfer my comp Ned Schneebly he was ready to go home he was trunky out of his mind.  Ned actually went to my first area for his last transfer. But yeah we didnt work that hard like I wanted to.  I dont know he was a way fun guy sometimes but he was kinda like Parker's 2nd comp.  My comp is way cool now its fun. The ward os nice the people are different from the city people. they are a lot more humble. my ward has alot of members but only 80 came to church but the good thing is we actually have a normal bishop that actually acts like a bishop and he actually does his job so that's sweet.

CONGRATS Riiiiiiley, brazil that will be an awesome mission just watch out for those brazilian women I hear they are pretty guapa.

Sounds like a crazy week but a fun week for Katie and Aaron. So who else is back home from the mish? When does Parker get done, isnt it like next week? Tell Scott hello. Nice of you to do the shower thing and its nice for Julie to help.

Well the new area is good except my comp snores louder the Grandpa Bobby and there are 5 roosters outside my window by our bunk bed so yeah that is no fun, like no joke right outside my window. There is a new couple missionary coming in this week and their names are Bevens from alberta canada (really ask the Bevans about them) and then we had some canadians in my last area that run a call center here. They were the beatty's family from alberta also.

Gotta run, halong kamo.

palanga taka,
elder heywood