Monday, April 25, 2011

This Weeks letter & last weeks...

April 18th:

Hey family,

Answers:  The weather is good though its hot season not too hot because I'm an AZ boy but the humidity is pretty ridiculous.  I eat a lot at the peoples houses that is if they are not poor and can afford it because everyone will give us food but there are only some that can actually afford it you know?  We also get a lot of snacks and the fish is ok but you know I have never been a big fish guy.  They eat a lot of eel here and its not too bad and the squid is good.

Dang it makes me miss home just knowing that all of the gang is coming back now but its way fun out here. Tell big boy jake to email me that would be fun to hear from him.

Sounds like the dance thing was a hit mom way to go! Way to go Garcia family on the talks, how is the new ward and everything?  Tell grandma B hello for me.
As for here my comp got transferred and a sad week; we didn't get anyone to church out of our investigators so that was sad and one of our less active families that we just got back to church and one of their sons friend that we were teaching died this past week in a motorcycle accident so its a sad week.  We have the funeral for the member this next Sunday.  My testimony is growing!

elder heywood

April 25th:

My new comp is awesome and yes he only has one ear but he is the nicest kid ever; he is awesome and a Filipino.  We have a lot of fun together and get a lot of work done.

So how was Easter?  Dang I miss the Easter pageant.  I miss the lake with a passion!  But my life is way fun out here though it's getting pretty warm and humid.  We have beach in our area its pretty nice but there is still some garbage on the beach.

So for the mission last week; all was good we attended the funeral for the less active 22 year old that died and we did this death walk thing where we walk behind the coffin for a mile all the way to the cemetery.  That was a cool experience and this past week was holy week and there is this big party here in this city and all that jazz.  This last Friday some guy got crucified and nailed to a cross and there were a bunch of guys that were whipping themselves so that was kinda cool but creepy.  We have this huge city square in this town and that's where the Crucifixion was and the party and there were people everywhere and you wont believe it but yes the guy that kissed me on the cheek last transfer found me again and kissed me on the hand gosh dang I hate that guy, holy crap.

We have a baptism this week Sister Roselin Dulce she is awesome she is the best and has such a great desire. She has a brand new baby. and her husband was a less active but he is coming back to church with her.  They are a great family.

That's it for the week a lot of stuff going on out here and its way fun. We have the jubilee out here for the church 50 years the church has been in the philis and we have stake conference coming soon too.

elder heywood

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sounds like a successful dance thing and whats up with the princess of Uganda? Why was she at the dance thing?  I'm glad the big show went pretty well and all for you I bet your way happy now that's its done.

Conference was amazing, I loved it all.

Congrats Dana on the stuco position.

How was the lake how cold was it?  Does Gilbert have competition in the game right now?  Tell Grover if you see him I say hello and tell him I miss volleyball and thank you for everything.

Chris keep on the last few months of elementary school.
Parker, big boy how is it going?  How is the singles ward? How was conference?  I'm jealous, what sessions did you get into? Have you talked to sam and jon?  While I was watching conference I thought I saw them I might be mistaken but I don't know. Dont get married till I get back.  You still got one year my boy. Who is all back now?  When does Jacob get back and tyson andes and who do you hangout with?  How is the sprinklers again?

So we have transfers this week but we don't know the announcements yet, next week.

So quick little story we have this one girl we are teaching and her husband went to jail about 4 weeks ago and then we went to their house and he was back and he told us he broke out of jail so that was kinda cool.  He was way  spooked when we he saw us he thought we were someone else.   We are trying to teach these 2 girls; Jane 13 and Caceil 11 how to read so they can read the book of Mormon so its been a great week.  My comp during personal study does dot to dot puzzles so that's good.

I will let you know what happens during transfers this week.

elder heywood

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hey there fam,

I'm jealous of Parker that he got to go to conference.  This weekend we have conference. I'm excited and all, I hope a lot of our investigators come.

We just had a great baptism this past week.  Geraldine Billardo was baptised and her husband is coming back to church.  He is the man, just has some addiction problems.  We asked him if he could baptize but he doesn't have the aaronic priesthood.  You know the blind guy i was telling you about.  He is geraldine's father in law so he baptized her.  He can do anything even though he is blind. He amazes me, he is the high priest leader he never misses church, never misses a meeting.  I heard a story that they were have a ward fireside and someone forgot to pick him up for the meeting and he couldn't find any money for a ride so he walked the entire way the walk is probably 20 min on foot from his house.  He is the man, so he made his own blind stick.  He needs it so he can just be careful because if your blind here that is rough if you try to walk by yourself because the traffic and the way people drive here are ridiculous. I'm so glad i got to meet bro billardo.

I also met a old old old old man the other day he is the relative of one of our investigators.  He is 110 years old.  Ii didn't believe him at first but then he pulled out this little certificate thing.  I'm like oh my this guy really is 110 gosh!  He is way hard to understand because the way he talks.   He tries to exercise everyday so he tries to walk 30 feet then 30 feet back to his house and then watch tv.   haha some of the people amaze me here its so crazy.

and yes a man kissed me.

Sounds like everyone is doing good.  I'm doing good, I love it here.  I love the elders in our house right now and we have a zone conference tomorrow so I'm excited about that too because its always nice to talk to other missionaries and kids from my batch and all that jazz.  That was my week we had an awesome baptism, we had a lot of great teachings this week, my language is getting better, I can't wait for conf and then after that I cant wait to talk to you guys on mothers day so a lot to look forward to.  Then after the phone call home i will get close to my 1 year mark, gosh its been pretty quick its way fun out here!  I love you guys and miss you all.