Sunday, March 25, 2012


So it was an eye opener coming here, the city is pretty damaged.  We don't have too many service projects from what I can tell,  but i only have been here for 10 days.  Our house is good. just cement but we just live in the city on the beach and its not a ward its a branch but the branch is good.

Sounds like everyone is good, I really want to see grandpa so bad even if his mind is not too sharp.  I want to see all the family but not ready to leave here yet.

The language is about 70 percent different from illongo and everyone speaks it here.  They understand a bit of  illongo but not very well.  I'm trying to study but its a little different.

Wish me luck,
elder heywood

Monday, March 19, 2012


So so so so so yup; I got transferred it knocked me off my feet a little bit.  I can deal with a transfer to some other area but dang the area knocked me down.  I'm in a place called Guihulgan Negros Oriental and I don't speak Illongo anymore I speak Cebuano. Wow I'm excited to learn Cebuano but it feels like I'm starting over with this whole language thing again.  The other thing is this is the city that was hammered from the earthquake and we have church outside because the church is not a safe structure.  The church is still standing but the church sank down in the back and there are some cracks throughout the church so we meet outside.  My comp is Elder Pajes he is awesome, we already have alot of fun and the branch is way fun.  The cebuano thing is fun but difficult. I'm having the time of my life. 

I miss the Handumanan wards and the people over there but wow when I took my 6 hour bus ride from Bacolod over the top of the mountains of Negros Island it was an awesome ride.  When we come back here we have to take that ride its amazing. So that is what happened to me but mom thank you for your letter to Kata; I forwarded it to Elder Simmons.  


Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with your adventure.  I wish I could be there but I'm liking it here and am not ready to come back yet.   Nothing much to report yet, just that I am speaking a different language and I'm in the earthquake city of the Negros.  Having a great time!

Thank you for the emails and tell everyone heello for me and I haven't got my package yet probably soon... I want a list from everyone of what they want, I got some ideas for the fam but I'm still not sure or we can wait til we come back and visit the philis when you guys are with me.  It's up to you two lovebirds but thanks for everything.

love you all
elder heywood

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hey Family,

The work is finally good; its just nice to see things are finally coming together for us.  Elder Simmons and I  feel that we are trying our best and now we are seeing the results.  Of course, we can do so much better but now that we have seen the results so that want us to be better and trry to do the best we can.

Mom, can you write a letter to one of our investigators.  She is 17 and is way smart but her family is broken and she is always fighting with her mom.  She wants to get on right terms with her mom but she doesn't know how to get on right terms because she has no trust in her mom and her mom has no trust in her.  Your assignment is to write and tell her how she can get back on right terms with her mom and what moms want to hear from their kids.  She is awesome girl but is pretty much alone.  She lives with her mom and she wants to get baptized but she feels like she has to fix her relationship with her mom before she gets baptized.  That's what you write about. Thanks mom, you're the best.  Can you write me back by tomorrow or today so we can show Kata what mothers think.

OK, I sent some pictures because I feel bad that you are sick:

Me and elder Simmons mixing cement for the outhouse we made for members

primary activity they are way cute kids maybe in the future adopt one hah no joke

me and the elders president he as only been a member for 1 year but he is the man

just a meeting with some elders there are 3 from Arizona and yes that is elder Potts, Parker

the cutest little girl and the picture is not even good; it doesn't give her any justice you got to pick her up and hold her then you will realize how cute she is

 well love you lots also
elder heywood

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


How is everyone?

Dana, no kissy kissy with Augie.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are having fun and having a lot of great experiences so that is good to hear.

The house is good here and the reactivation is good, can you believe it?  We had a good Sunday,  A bunch of people came back to church this week.  Hopefully they can continue and progress.  We have some great experiences with these families here and are starting to get a good relationship with them.  It was a problem when I got transferred here to ward 1 because the filipino that was with elder Simmons when we lived together, and I was in ward 2...he kinda talked bad about Americans.  So when I got put here in the ward 1, they didn't have any trust for us.  It was rough earning their trust and to show them that we actually could work hard.  We had to prove we're just not big lazy white people.  It was hard to follow up the filipino because he didn't do anything his last transfer and then he talked crap about us.  Now the Bishop can see that we are actually fun and hard working.  Sometimes people here are a little racist because they think all Americans are way rich.  Yes, we do have a better life then them in monetary ways, but gosh sometimes i get sick of everyone thinking, "Oh you're American, your life is so easy".  They just don't realize but its all good and I do love these people.

About the photos, you guys don't get any photos because I don't get any photos from you sorry haha its the way it works.
Good luck Mom on the young women calling, you will do great just whatever you do...don't set me up with any of your laurels.  Not really interested and besides I don't even know how to talk to girls anymore.  Dad keep on feeling better.  Katie don't get too fat.  Aaron enjoy your sleep as much as you can right now,  Parker, BYU Hawaii it's on!  Luke keep on having fun and work hard.  Dana namian mo itum halong ka da , Chris don't be a girl, suck up... the dentist is so much worse for kids here.

From Dave's letter:  (Jared writes a note to young men in the ward)

Tell the young men they don't know what true happiness is because they haven't served a mission.  They will be such a better person after and they will have true direction in their life.  They don't know what is really out there in the world; all they know is Gilbert, Arizona right now  When they go on a mission they can see the world and see the lives of others.  Because of the things they see and their experiences they will appreciate how good they had it back home.  They will also realize that the church is a blessing; they can't possible know how much until they serve.  Their family is a blessing that they take for granted too.  They will never realize how important those things are until you take it away from them for a little while.  I also think if they don't go on mission they are telling Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father that their life is more important then others.  That is straight up selfish and they will regret it their whole life.  Of course they don't know whats out here and what they can learn, because they are just in their bubble right now.  The mission prepares you not only for life but also for eternity .

elder heywood

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Thank you so much for the tops.  Oh man, the kids in the house with me are making fun of my huge yellow pit stains.  My tops were all fine until I bought this new deodorant and I bought it because it was cheap.  Did it ever leave the biggest yellow stains and those stains don't come out.  Thank you Mom!
So this week was better.  We are coming off that low.  I sure miss the other ward they just were so much more helpful and fun.  These people are good too but they don't help to much and they don't have any action.  We are trying to push the ward in a nice way but they just have no action whatsoever. It is really    its up to them; I am sure they will figure it out.  Lets just hope they will figure it out soon.  We had this one family that is way awesome and they finally came back for the first time to church in awhile.   The father used to be a high council man in the La Carlota stake but then they moved up here and they had some problems.  He went back to his smoking and his kids are all in there twenties and they are great and way fun.  One of the girls has a live in but other then that they are doing good.  A spark is in their eyes again.
Tell Scott congrats.  Also tell Dana congrats too for asking aiono he will probably be way fun.  So what happens to the surfboards after the dance?

Haha Parker congrats on that call, that just reminds me of the singles ward about the elders Q president. haha but yeah, have fun with that one.

Nope I haven't got my travel plans yet but thanks for putting that thought in my head.  By the way, I played basketball in a prison last week.