Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey Momma bear and family,

This week is transfer announcements...I hope I get to stay with Elder Jennings.  I am really having a great time, to tell you the truth I am not getting trunky but maybe just a little.  I mean I have 6 months.  The filipino goes home in 3 days so in the house we have been talking about when our time comes and it makes me sad.  But it also gets me thinking, I will miss these people but I'm ready to see you guys.  I'm ready to have a sunday dinner with the family again.  I'm ready to make a homemade christmas present.  I'm ready for the swimming.  I'm ready to go hang out with all the rm's and Parker.  I'm ready to go to school but not ready to decide what to take.  I'm ready to see you all again. but I'm not ready to leave these people.  They have got my heart wrapped around their fingers.  So in some ways I can't wait til July comes but then I don't want it to come at all.
We are really focusing on less actives, the area authority came out and said all missionaires, "All hands on deck with the less actives".  I enjoy working with the people that are kinda lost because its awesome to see the light shine again in their eyes.  We are working with some great investigators also.  I enjoy this area a lot and yeah we have a real shower in the apartment.  I made a little christmas tour of the house during christmas time and I was going to send it to you guys but the computer wouldn't let me.  I guess you will have to wait until I get back to see everythin.

Oh and yes, I'm liking fish.  I just eat the bones now because I'm  to lazy to pick the bones out, haha just kidding, but seriously.

Today for pday I met a lady here from Gilbert Arizona she lives on Riggs and Val Vista.  She wasn't a  member but it was just weird to talk to someone from the big AZ.
Thanks for the good story about the tongans.  Tell Dana good job on morp, great theme and sounds like the Tongan men were a hit at the pep assembly.  Also tell her and Luke and Pops thanks for the emails.  Sounds like just a normal relaxing week, but thats cool sometime you got to just relax and enjoy everything around you.  Well this my email for the week, sorry I'm no story teller like Parker, you will just have to wait...

love you all

Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello People,

This week was good and our baptism was awesome!  They are awesome members now and that was only 2 people out of their family.  We are still focusing on the family trying to get them to church.  Some of the kids come to church but the parents are busy and they are a little afraid to change.  I can sympathize with that; to tell you the truth I would be too if I hadn't grown up with it.

I had so much fun with my last comp and now I'm having a lot of fun with Jennings and Simmons.

How I wish I could be at those parties and the weddings; dang I would not expect those two to get married first; they were always the most crazy.

Mom you get suckered into a lot of weird things.  Let me guess one of your tennis buddies got you in the miss whatever its called pageant.  You want to hear something funny; here in the philis they have a lot of contests like that.  My favorite is macho gay contest; its awesome...as you can probably imagine.

Chris, hope you are not a baby when you are sick and remember no watching movies when you're not at school!  When mom is gone watch them and then when you hear the garage open you got that remote in the hand and turn everything off.  Just remember if you do, do that you probably have 25 sec to get everything shut off so remember you got to be quick!

Parker and Troy happy birthday.

Tait is a smart man, filpina girls are the way to go.  Tell him congrats for me.  Tell jake to sell that smart car and get two matching baby blue blazers thats where its at!

Everyone take care love you all and halong kamo sa mga koripnut ninyo,

elder heywood

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We had a great baptism on Saturday.  Nodelyn Villasorda Barretto and then she was confirmed on Sunday; it went really well.  Sunday we had a great day.  We had 11 investigators at church.  I was happy, sometimes you have those days and then you think finally all this hard work is payiing off.  Elder Jennings and Elder Simmons and I have a lot of fun together.  They are way awesome they make mission life easy and more fun and surprising but yah we are having a blast.
This week we have 2 more investigators getting baptized also we are excited for Diane and Eman Gumban, they are 11 and 16.  Eman the 16 year old is amazing, he is already in Alma.  He is great, we are a little hesitant to baptize him because his parents aren't members yet but they are awesome people.  The 11 year is my crush haha she is a cutie.  I know that's the missionary way but she is awesome.

Dad, it was good to hear about the surgery and that it went well.  That was definitely a blessing to my prayers.  Dad you're a trooper; keep on going and pushing.  Keep me updated too about everything.

Alright Mom if you say someone is going on a mission you got to say where they are going silly goose! He will be an awesome missionary its tough but there is nothing for him to worry about.

I am glad that everyone had a good week.  Parker emailed me a picture from his race,  it looks pretty awesome and next year we're going to have to do that again.  I want to see the video of them getting shocked.  Tell Dana hope she had fun at the Alleys but if she would come here you would spend 100 dollars and by far blow the L.A. Alleys out of the water!  Trust me, so if you ever come here save your money and pack an extra empty suitcase. Sounds like a good start for the new year.  DANG kt wow wow wow !!!!!!!!!!!! That is probably a life changing sound for you hearing that heart beat from inside of your tummy, the big bear congrats you guys.

Everyone love you all!  Dad feel better!
elder heywood