Monday, January 31, 2011

So the new area is great it was way hard to leave the last area but I love the youth in this new area.  We have about 90 people come to church.  It was way nice to get out and work this week and meet everyone the work is kinda slow here but hopefully me and my comp, Ned Schneebly can get things going again and bring people closer to baptism. We had 2 baptisms this last Saturday.

In the hospital you just study and we were allowed to watch discovery channel because pres. tobias says he doesnt want us to go crazy.  So we watched a lot of documentries and on all the doc. there is a british guy narroting the doc.  So for this whole week we just been talking like brits something that keeps us laughing, yeah pretty lame but whatever.  My comp and I are having  fun though it was kinda a slow week but new week starting tomorrow.   I really do love my mission,  I miss you guys but its awesome right now; got a great comp thats way funny and smart he really acts like tony stark but looks like ned.   I got a great area the people are way loving.

Tell luke to email me i need to get some info from him? Tell dana to just keep having fun and tell Chris to not regret anything and just love his childhood.  Congrats kt and aar bear on the house!

love you all,

halong kamo
eldr heywood

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello everyone,

So yes I got transferred;  kinda weird week so far.  I love my new companion,  he is Elder Fordham from Bakersfield California.  He looks exactly like Ned Schneebly, like no joke but he has a brain like Tony Stark.  He is way funny and way freakin smart.  He has like invented a laptop that is normal but then it can fold down and you can put it in your like sunday shirt pocket.  I have no clue and I guess he has rebuilt 2 cars already by himself like this kid is nuts but way funny.  I think we're going to have a great transfer.  I can just tell.  He finishes in April so he is almost done but thats my new comp.

My new area is cool still in the city its called Magsunay.  Its actually really close to my last area,  I will still miss the people in my last area because they are just awesome.  It was hard to leave, I'm not going to lie... a couple tears but my new area seems great except I havent really worked in my area yet.  We were at the hospital for 5 days right after transfer day.  My new comp wasn't feeling good so the office elders took us to the hospital and later we figured out my comp is way dehydrated.  They pumped fluid filled with electrolytes but then he began to feel worse .  2 days later we're still in the hospital and they finally figure out that he has 2 kidney stones and they had to put a cathiter in because they don't have laser tech here like they do America.  Holy crap that cathiter was freaking huge.  I felt so bad for the guy but during the 5 days we figured out that we are really similar and just had a good time exchanging stories and all that jazz.  Dang,  I felt bad for the guy oh yeah and for these whole 5 days I never changed clothes never brushed my teeth, never shaved and I figured out that I can kinda grow a red beard.  Well more like strawberry blond but yeah I looked like a homeless person at the end of the hospital adventure and oh my gosh it felt so good to shower and shave again.  I smelt terrible and it was nice to sleep on a bed last night.   So havent really met any people in my new ward just a couple but they are way nice people and I like them alot already.  I just have feeling this transfer will be way fun.  That was my week, nothing really to report except everything is good now and all that jazz.  I still miss some people in my old area.  I saw my last comp today he says everyone was like where is Elder Heywood but oh well the new guy that replaced me is awesome.  He is way funny and pretty similar to me so they will love him there.

Ok Dana, KT & Mom,

There is a guy that makes pearl necklaces bracelets and earrings and you can get a necklace bracelet earrings all for 25 to 30 bucks and you can either get a peach pinkish color classic white or black but the black isnt completely solid black i guess it has like hints of green and blue to them depends on the light actually but  if you're interested let me know and you got them.  They are nice yes they are real. This guy is the man.  You can get anything from him but his expertise is pearls, all the missionaries go to this guy. If  you're interested that would be cool if you put like that 25 to 30 in my account and boom you got pearls.  Oh and about the ties just send them to me and I will take care of them. but yeah thats pretty much it.  How is home, how is everything?  Everything sounds pretty good so far.  Welp, big gulps see ya later. Girls dont forget to tell me what your order is.  I cant wait to start working in my new area they seem way nice and I am ready to learn from my companion and have a great time.

love love love
Elder J Heywood

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sounds like a great week and a lot of fun.  Oh man I wish I could be there for the wedding and all that jazz. This week was very slow and our worked has slowed down and I dont know this week...I really missed home.  I think it was because I knew alot of people were at the wedding and I just wish Icould be there but yeah I miss you guys like crazy.

This week was weird we met a lot of people this week because we have been trying to find new investigators and so we have been talking to a lot of people.  I have great stories haha wow wow wow!  Just for example we were walking to church and this crazy lady just out of nowhere grabs my hand and won't let go and starts yelling at me in giberish so yeah that was fun.  I also realized that all the dog poop you see on the ground isn't really always dog poop its usually little kids poop so yeah thats kinda a fun fact and just so many much more little stories.
Big news is I'm getting transferred but I transfer in 2 days so I don't know where I'm going yet but next week we will know.   I'm going to miss my first area so much and my companion. Gosh I hope I get a great comp because your comp just effects you so much.  I'm excited for change but way sad too.  I am going to miss all the people here so much and just all the investigators that we have now.  Nothing really exciting except all the little stories,  I will just have to tell all you later in a year in a half.  Oh also news: me and my comp are teaching this excommunicated guy he has 5 wives/girlfriends but he told us that he wants to start over and marry his wife right now and be able to be sealed in the temple.  So its been kinda cool teaching him and all that.  His brother is a stake pres and his dad is in a bishopbric somewhere so he wants to change; that has been a expierence.

I had this one experience this week where I was teaching our new investigator's class at church and I dont know what happened but I just went off teaching about obedience and I dont know who was talking but I was talking really well,  I know who was talking but it was just way cool.  I don't know if anybody felt what I felt but I felt amazing and just happy but that was my week.  I will let you know what happens this week.  Send me some pictures of the wedding!!

love ejmh

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow that's really crazy about the open fire shooting in AZ.  What the heck?  What happened to the 21 year old?  Why do people go crazy like that,  I don't get it. 

Our investigator that lost her job she had a rough week but we had her baptism 2 days ago her and the guy with the strokes' daughters too...they are twins 9 years old.   Anyway, she had a tough week but she just got another job and she said she is so happy,  I'm so happy for her.   All is well here in the Philippines but we have transfers again next week and I think I'm going to get transferred because I have been here for 4 and a half months but yeah we will see and I will let you know.  I really don't want to leave Tangub though there is still so much work to be done and there are these 2 people we are helping with their marriage next month but i don't know if i will be there but i know where ever i go its for a purpose.

sounds like a fun week but crazy just don't run around too much mom, enjoy every second.  Love you mom and love you family.  Love you all and keep strong tell everyone to look back on their life and tell everyone to slow down with everything and just enjoy family, friends, life,and everything... that is my request for this week. and tell Savanna congrats and give me Marie's email.  She gave me a dear elder and i want to write her back.  Tell everyone hello.
Alright everyone, love you palanga taka.
Tell Luke to look at his email and answer the questions

elder heywood

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st letter of 2011

Wow that would of been fun to go to all those parties.  We had a little party for New Years Eve also.  My comp and I went to a different area and watched a bunch of movies:  Toy Story 3, Incredibles, Gods Army 2, Other Side of Heaven and Walle.  It was fun and we got to sleep in so that was nice.  The movies were way good and it was the first time I saw Toy Story that was way good. Everything is pretty slow but we have a baptism this week.  It is  2 girls one is Mary Joy,  34 and Riala 17.  There was a lot of drama on Sunday because before church, Mary Joy got a call from her boss and she said you either go to church and lose your job orr you come and work and not go to church.  Thats right she came to church it was awesome but i felt way bad because she was teary eyed the whole time.  We tried to talk to her and tried to cheer her up and we told her things will get better because of the decision you made but you need to keep having faith and patience.  Thats easier to say then do but we are here for her.  Ii just hope she will see whats really important so pray for her please.

Dang sounds like a great Christmas.   Tell Grandma Brown I love her and tell her to get better and I pray for her everyday.  She needs to get better to see me at the airport when I get home I know I'm getting a head of myself but I dont care.

Oh I got your package, thank you but I still havent gotten Lynns.  Hopefully that comes soon.  About the newsletter just send it in the next package i guess.  Oh in that next package that would be great if you could send cereal and a bunch of old ties not like nasty ties but just like ok looking Goodwill ties.  A lot of the Aaronic Priesthood don't have ties here. Oh and that would be so awesome if you could buy Testaments and The Joseph Smith movie:  the full story that you watch in the visitor center and the Other side of Heaven but you might not want to sent those in their cases just like in like cd cases because if someone opens that package and sees dvds they might take them.  OK, that's my birthday wish thanks Mom and Dad and family!

love you a lot

I still can't get over my phone call.  I miss you guys so much and I cant believe its 2011 already. Love you all and miss you all and tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood love love love