Monday, August 30, 2010

Well mom you got to email me like a little before 9 because that's when i check my emails, print them off then read them so i don't waste my time just reading.  Then i come back and respond knowing what I'm going to say ok sweet pea? ok.

Well just one question how did you know I was zone leader.

Well anyways um, i didn't read the letter you sent to day...I'm just responding about my week. This week was just like any normal week we got to hear elder Holland Tuesday.  Oh my gosh he sets you straight but he gave such a great talk it was amazing then we watched a talk by Elder Bednar talk in the class one day and that was awesome too.  I wish you guys could hear some of these talks that i hear they are ridiculous. well I'm zl i guess; i don't know why but whatever i don't do much just go to a bunch of meetings and introduce some of the new missionaries in our zone.  We got 2 new zones this Wednesday. One of the kids that came in is Logan Potts he is from Gilbert.  I think Luke knows his brother. Um also there is a kid from Snowflake last name is Reidhead, he is a cool kid and the 21 missionaries that came into our zone are all going to Bacolod so that awesome so i will see some of these kids in the field but yeah OK this week a kid in our zone; his lung collapsed Tuesday night and he was rushed to the hospital and they put a tube in his chest to help him breath.  This was after Hollands talk and when we got him back to the mtc at 11 pm we get a call to our dorms and his companion was told to come up to the office and then we heard that his Grandpa passed away.  So me and my comp were dealing with that companionship and then the next day we had to go to the hospital because this one elder had to get a colonoscopy  or whatever because he was bleeding blood and then a kid in our district he broke his foot at soccer so me and my comp as zl had to deal with alot this week and only went to class 2 time this last week so it was a crazy week but yeah everything is going good.  The spirit is way strong here, i love it and i love you all.

elder Jared Heywood

Monday, August 23, 2010

My week was good , how is the family?

You can send one of those towels if you want i dont care its up to you. The kids sound like they are doing good. Love you all, sorry I can't type that much, I am slow and there is no time. Tell Jon I go to the temple at around 7 to 7:15 on Mondays.

This week was good. I have a couple of funny things. There is this kid that has Sunday shoes that are the shape up shoes. I was seriously blown away when I saw them. Try looking them up. Oh and go to and at the top go to Our Faith; click on the commandments then scroll down to the Law of Chastity and at 31 secs you will see someone you know. Oh and this week are district was trying to figure out who everyone looks like in a movie star perspective and my actors were St. Winters from the movie Band of Brothers and Steve McQueen. I don't know what movir he is in but yeah it's great here. The spirit is very strong and its great but I'm just ready to get going and start doing what I was called to do. I am very anxious to get out there. I have a lot of great experiences here I just don't have enough time to type them on the computer. But I love you all and I love being here. I know this is where I'm supposed to be and send Grandma Brown my love, glad you could get over there and I hope she is doing well. Just tell everyone hello for me and I love them all! Keep doing what you guys are supposed to be doing. I am sending some pictures, they will probably get there on Wed.

love love love
Elder J M Heywood

Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers)

Steve McQueen

So whaddayaall think?  Does he look like these guys?  Can you believe he doesn't know who Steve McQueen is...whose kid is this?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Exerpt from letter Jared's Grandparents received from him...

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you for being great grandparents and thanks for having family over for dinner every Fast Sunday. I always enjoyed those dinners. It’s nice to see family every month. I’m grateful for family because sometimes I think to myself that if I didn’t have a supportive family I don’t think I would be here. So thank you. And if I wasn’t here I wouldn’t be receiving the blessing I have for serving. I look at it this way, I don’t just owe the Lord two years, I owe Him my whole life because I can’t imagine living without the Atonement. I know our Savior and our Heavenly Father love us so much, because even when we don’t need blessings, we should just be grateful alone for Him atoning for our sins, and He gives us blessings on top of that. We owe Him everything we are as a person.

I’m so grateful for this church and my family and for you Grandpa for being a good priesthood holder example and showing me how to become a great priesthood leader. And for you grandma, you are always giving and always loving everyone. Thank you.

Elder Jared Heywood


School huh? I'm in school too gosh this language will be the death of me, I have no idea what I'm saying half the time but yeah hopefully I get this down. It sounds like the kids are good.

OK mom kayaking what the heck? Where did that come from and let me know how grandma is and keep me updated.  I don't have much time its a short one this week. but everything is all good here just the same that I have been talking about for the past weeks. But yeah love you all. i will try to write more next week but there is really nothing to write about it here its just the mtc learning eating and sleeping

peace fam

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mahal Kita!

alright first off thanks for sending me the package i love you kidz. i love my life and very grateful for you guys and the extended family too. i wouldnt have it any other way. one thing that i think abouut all the time is i loved my last night in az i loved being with all you that night and the richardsons and aunt julie and madison. but we missed parker wemight have to go back there some day with the big boy. and also thanks for the family dinner at the grandparents and all the advice you gave MAHAL KITA

well last week has been good sometimes its hard to work hard because you dont see what your hard work is going in to and you kinda lose sight of that someetime but you got to keep on reminding yourself that you doing for all the people your going to serve. but im also greatful for the district if i didnt have them and had some weird kidz i thik i would go insane but they keep me sane.

Dad some advice try to find a talk givin in the mtc by jeffrey r holland jan. 18, 2000 called miracle of the mission and show it to the priest sunday is an amazing talk. have fun at the lake also.

mom thatnks for the package and the camp storyies but something i need pronto is my shot charts of all the shot i have gottten

and bishops and deanna and larry address and some little ipod speakers that charge an ipod too.

katie arron i want a kid too so when i get back i want to see 2 babbies in your hands when i get off the plane. aaron you know what to do

luke pookie don act like a tool because you can do a back roll oh yeah and look up onm the video forgiveness: my burden is made light and listen to the music in the background at 4:13 and also watch the message its a good message

dana keep dancing when i get back i want to see a quad stag and if there is no such thing make it up

chris dont get a head of yourself you can start talking when you get as high as p bonifay but keep learning new tricks you too luke and you guys better have alot of tricks when i get back i better be impressed

but thats it family Mahal kita ( i love you)

Elder Jared Heywood...send everyone my love

Thursday, August 5, 2010

MTC life...

Sounds like oceanside was fun, but yeah everything is good the language is a little frustrating.  I dont have much time so this letter will be quick. my district is really fun we have a good time. I cant wait to get to the field im already tired of the mtc i wish i just knew the laguage so i could just get going you know but thats it. Tell everyone at home hi. and tell bishop hi for me. It's really nice here but 3 weeks is just the perfect time to leave the mtc 9 weeks is just a little too much.