Monday, December 27, 2010

Mom, thank you for everything.  I hope you had a great Christmas, it really didn't feel like Christmas here but that call was such a perfect gift.  Sorry for being tired for the first part of the call.   I know why I am out here and nothing will stop me doing from what I'm called to do. 

I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas.  I did too after the call I got 2 hrs of sleep then did the daily Sunday but really to tell you the truth " i felt like i was on top of the world " and everything was perfect out of all the missionary calls my call was the best ever thank you but I wish I could of talked to everyone a little more and Luke more.

So what did everyone make each other, Chris was telling me but then he just stopped.  I think he was just overwhelmed with the great Christmas.  I'm glad you had a great time with the homeless thing when I get back I want to do that with you, so is that a new tradition?  I miss you guys more then anything and love you. I am so glad i could give you a better vision of things. I am better at just telling about things rather then  writing sorry. I am glad everyone loved their letters.  How was the call with Parker?

That's way nice of Shaun to come over to talk to me.  Thats the first time in I don't know how many years not seeing Shaun on Christmas morning, I miss it. Thanks so much for letting Madison come over.  Gosh the call was amazing but hurt so bad too.  Thanks for everything mom and Heywood family!!!!  Don't worry about the present I'm sure it will show up soon.  The call was the best gift, thank you.
love love love
elder heywood

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's all about THE phone call this time of year...

So I'm calling at 3:00 in the morning on the 26th of Dec but that will be for you noon on Dec 25.   I will call you then if you could call back that would be amazing.  I can't wait Mom like really I love you all.  Grandma sent some pics from thanksgiving, oh my I miss our backyard,  I miss everything.  I hope my call doesn't interfere with Parkers but really this is the plan.  I pray that everything will go great and thanks for inviting Madison. Mom, love you, I wouldn't be the person I am today without you.  Gosh I cant wait.  Have your questions ready.

As for missionary work for the homeless all you have to do is just love them.  Open your mouth and speak and pray for the spirit the spirit will help you.  Love them they are our brothers and sisters.  Tell Chris, Dana and Luke to open their mouths and never stop smiling.  Talk with confidence because they are just as nervous as you are too. Ask inspiring questions, get to know them and don't ask them yes or no questions.  Be that shining person for them that day.  Read preach my gospel on how to talk to people, we have preach my gospel for a reason so for family night go over preach my gospel.

love love love you elder heywood

I cant wait to call, keep praying this will all work out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't have much time its been a crazy pday.  I will have to tell you about it next week but everything is good. Kinda crazy week too, some weird teachings and people.  I dont know when I'm going to call but I will try to do my best to call at the right time. I'm sorry I have to go everything is good sounded like you had a great week and some good stories that you will always remember.  I have to go to FHE right now at the Melgar family, they are way fun. Sorry again love elder heywood

Monday, December 6, 2010

The quote of the week "you cant get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good" Jerry West.  Think about that one I think Dad will like that one.

So big news me and my comp will both be staying in Tangub for the holidays.  Jared Heywood called to serve in Tangub for 2 years boooooyyahh.  We had 2 baptisms this last Saturday, they were Russel and Sharramaie Quizanna 9 and 8 years old.  They are awesome but they are Tagalog so its fun to try to teach the them in Tagalog but they understand illongo.   Everything is good I'm way stoked to stay for the holidays.  I don't know what's going to happen on calling you, I will find out this week and will let you know.  This week was way slow, bad week we got the shaft from a lot of our investigators and less active members.  Some of the excuses they come up with are so funny, I will tell you about them when I call.  Everything is way good just have a lot of questions for me when I call.  About my emails, I wish i could tell you everything but there is no way and I suck at typing so sorry if my letters aren't as good as Parkers.  You guys excited for big P man to come back.

I'm glad our grandparents are hanging in there.  Send them my love.  Oh so I was going to mail a package today but yeah it cost 1,400 pesos to mail so yeah I don't have that much so I will have to just send it next week holy crap that's expensive I'm sorry you really don't have to send a package I know how expensive they are.
Thats an exciting win for asu. Exciting for Dana and her cheer and Chris and the band sounds like a swell week.  I cant believe its December.   

Well sorry this week wasnt' to fun but this month will be fun hopefully so I can write some good things next week.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hey there family ..quote of the week to think about "our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family, most of all us would give our own life for a family member yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for GRANTED"

think about that one

Well here in Tangub transfers are next friday and we will see where elder heywood goes . Hopefully i stay in tangub its progressing a lot and i love my comp he is awesome we have so much fun but also work so hard and i want to stay with the people i know for christmas instead of going to a complete new area. We had ward confrence and it was awesome . Our stake president taught our investigators class usually we teach it because our ward missionary leader is inactive so we teach every week but then president wanted to teach it. It was way good but way funny too he is awesome . There are so many great people here in the philippines . Everyone is way nice and loving its ridiculous how nice they are and how fun and funny they are. I wish a lot of people were more like filipino.

As for thanksgiving, yeah forgot about it just a normal day but I really missed all are traditions and everything. I dont know whats going to happen for Christmas it depends if i stay or not. Everyone is catholic or baptist. Nice you could read about Elder Peterson he is awesome , I wish I went on splits with him but we didnt get the chance. Tangub is progressing I love it here I want to live and die in Tangub, yes they have their struggles but they are awesome.

Sounds like your Thanksgiving trip was way fun.  Dang I miss baja and just looking outside and seeing that big old stupid face hahah..send me some pictures in the package.

I hope all of you have a great week and keep on going strong and think about the quote at the start of the email. Thank you for the money and for the sizes but what numbers do they want on them?

Eating: I eat rice with whatever topping there is and pbandj sandwiches oatmeal and eggs and thats it.

love you all
talk to you again next week. I have only been gone for 5 months crazy huh
halong ejmh

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sounds like things are going very well.  Yes the Villiar family is awesome and the Idisolo family and Layao families are great.  I love them very much.  The boxing match was intense here, people were going crazy they are so nice here everyone and i mean everyone would ask us to come in and watch the fight so we would talk to them and watch a couple rounds then move to the next house.  It was pretty fun to tell you the truth and I kinda like boxing, it was way fun to watch.  I think it would be kinda fun to be a pro boxer. but yeah Manny is like Michael Jordan back at home or more like Lebron James because he is in every commercial on the TV and every billboard.  As for us, we have alot of investigators that we are focusing on and alot of less active families we teach.

Sounds like a dance frenzy back home. Sounds fun to me i would enjoy going to one of those right now but i would probably sleep the whole time.  It's harder and harder to get up but once I'm up everything is good. That stinks for Gilbert it would be way coool if they made to the semis.  Thats funny about Chris and the girls, i remember that age.  Thats a bummer about Chris's game but tell him to keep his chin up and keep on getting better.
So this past week we didn't get much done.  My comp is a dl so we had to go to the mission office for his training Tues. wed. and Thurs. and while he was getting trained all the other leaders comps were in the office with me.  We split up and just go talk to people so that was way fun trying to go talk to people in illongo.  My language is getting better though I still need a lot of work but its kinda fun cause i can understand alot of if it is slow and most of the people on Negros talk slow but if you get some one that is from another island like Cebuano they talk like no ones business.  My comp is Cebuano, holy crap its tough to understand him but it is coming along.  Anyway, is was way fun to go out and see what we could do.  We did pretty well for ourselves.

The weather is just like "Lost", sunny in the morning then you get that down pour that comes from no where its awesome.  I love it.  I have a couple stories but i don't have enough time to write a story. We are going to go play basketball right now, that will be pretty fun.  Answers:  I shower with a garden hose that comes through the window yeah its pretty sweet.  Food is really good here,  I thought i would lose alot of weight but actually if you don't watch what you eat you can get huge here. The bugs are OK nothing big just like you were camping pretty much.  Sorry i cant write a story its just they are all too long there are no short ones.
One more thing gay people here are crazy you really cant tell sometimes like back home you could tell but here its another world.

Ask me more questions next week like ask the whole family if they have questions for me and i will answer nest week.  Could you send me a jump rope please.

love love love elder jmh

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Fam,

Me and Elder Randana are great.  The ward is struggling but we are doing the best we can.  The language is coming really slow but its coming.  We had 2 baptisms, Jiji 15 and Lin Lin 11, oh and Lin Lin's younger sister Lisa but she is 8 and she wasn't an investigator.  It was a good baptism, I got to baptize all 3.  The 2 sisters, Lin lin and Lisa are way cute.  Their family is less active and I just hope that sparks something in their family. They all got baptized 3 years ago except the young girls and one of the older girls and the whole family went to church.  Then Bro Villiar (family name) died in car crash i think and they stopped coming but the missionaries have been working with them for about the last year in a half.  There is Sister Villiar she is an awesome mom and supports the church but its tough for the family to pay tithing because their income is way low.  There is Rompel 23, Ruby 21, Nimi 19, Love Love 14, Lin Lin 11, lisa 8, and Rose Mary 4 they are girls except for Rompel and Rompel is way awesome.  He was going to go on a mission but then his Dad died and then he went to the baptist church and was their singer, he is way good.  So that's the Villiar family.  Jiji she has no support behind her, she has the Idiosolo family but none of her actually family with her. She has her younger brother but her mom is in Canada studying abroad and then her Dad is in Iloilo another island so she lives with the Idisolo family.  They are her aunt and uncle and they support her but none of her own family.  That would be rough, I don't know if i could do that but yeah she is awesome. and she always tries to do the right thing.  That's my life right now; try to help everyone I can wherever I can but its not enough.  Everyone has like a major problem in the Philis.  Either their family is broken their parents are always drunk or they are always away at work just everything.  Thats the philis they are either way lazy or way hard working.

So back home sounds like everything is good.  That's way exciting about the temple.  Oh one more thing could you send a good book of quotes with the cook book i like quotes like anything sport quotes just quotes.

Manny Pacquiao won and everyone can't stop talking about him.   Yes, I did see a little of the fight and he did demolish that guy.

Katie and Aaron,  happy anniversary good luck on the house I hope all goes well.  That's way awesome about Dana, star of the Suns half time, that's Dana!  Tell Luke to keep on doing the best he can and have fun. I always like tournaments.  Chris you're sick because you have a girlfriend, thats why your sick. haha I seriously just laughed pretty hard because you said Chris can't hear, I remember those days.

Tell Lynn Richardson thank you for package number 2 and I did receive the apple juice in the first package, thank you times infinity.

love love love
elder heywood over and out

Monday, November 8, 2010

So first off I will answer your questions.  My comp is Elder Radana from Midinao.  He understands English but can't speak it. It is helping my understanding of the language a lot better but still hard to speak it.  I got Lynn's package, tell her thank you.  My ward in Tangub should be a branch the only people that actually do their callings are the bishop, his wife and the High counselor and his wife.  Bishop is tired of doing all the callings so he is getting lazy.  We don't have PEC, we don't have ward counsel meetings.  Our ward is barely holding on.  We have 100 that attend out of 600 and that is my ward.  Hopefully we can turn things around. We have been working on just all reactivation last week. We have 2 baptisms this Saturday, JiJi she is the niece of my favorite family.  They are like my part time family, they are awesome were having fhe with them tonight.  It is actually 2 families the Idiosolo family and Layao family.  I will talk about them later but Christmas wish is a protein vitamin and simple recipe book.

So this past week I discovered how to make rice crispy treats without a microwave.
Step one: get a big boy of water put it on the gas stove then take a smaller bowl put the marshmallows in that bowl with butter and that's how you make the marshmallows melt then mix in the rice crispys or whatever cereal and boom you got rice crispy treats.  I know your impressed.  Oh and also I discovered mango marshmallows.  They sell them here in the markets different but pretty good.

Ok, back to the family.  They are family out here in the philis. We have the Idisolo family.  She is a seamtress then Bro I. is a taxi driver.  There are 2 boys one is 11 and one is 14.  They are way sweet.  Their niece lives with them she is 15 and she is awesome. The Layao family they live next to the idisolos ( oh all their houses are all bamboo its sweet) so we have the the 2 families. Last week I don't know what we were talking about but sister Sally Layao the mother of the Layao family and Sister Idisolo said that I was part of their family now and I don't know it was just really sweet moment.  I think I'm in Tangub area for that reason because of those 2 families they are both part member families and and slowly but surely they will all get baptized but all of Sister Layaos kids need to get married cause they all live together and have kids but they aren't married cause it cost money and there is no divorce in the philis so everyone is cautious about getting married.  One of Sister Layaos kids say i look like Jason Stathom the movie star who is that? oh and i have gotten that I look like Sargent Winters from Band of Brothers here too.

Katie congrats on the teaching thing but a bit of advice...don't be a color guard coach what a joke ha ha.  The Manny Pacquio fight is next Sunday so we will probably only have like 60 people attend church.  Boxing and basketball is huge here.

How is Grandma Brown and Grandpa Bobby, how are they doing?  Tell them hi for me.

When will the Gilbert temple be done?

Everything is good here, kinda slow and the weather is like the show Lost weather; sunny then rains then sunny then rain and it looks like Lost here too just minus bamboo huts and concrete houses.

Well that's it for the week I'm grateful for everything back home and everyone you don't realize how much you have till its gone.  So just be grateful for your lives because in the world if you think you have it bad there is always those that have it worse then you and you're the only one that controls your own happiness so just be happy and smile.  Smiles are contagious!

love, elder heywood

Monday, November 1, 2010

That's awesome that you only have one more to go on eagles.  Tell Luke to get that done with.  Don't do the project and wait to write it up and turn it in.  Terrible idea trust me aahhh, but yeah sounds like a good weekend.  It's good that gilbert beat the hawks they need to be humbled big time.  I heard Savanna is getting married, congrats...tell her that for me.

Well this week has been anything but boring, I'm working hard and I got a new companion.  I stayed in the same area and my trainer left and my new comp is Filipino he understands English but he can't speak it so I have a feeling this transfer will stretch me out quite a bit.   I'm scared though for this transfer, I hope I can do well. Tell everyone hello and tell Luke to get that project done with.  That's it, I miss you guys.  Being on the mission has made realize how important family is to me and how important it is to have a family in this church.   I'm sorry if i ever took our family for granted, love you and love the family and the ward!

elder heywood

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm glad you had a great time for your Anniversary thing. Sounds way fun. 

We had 2 baptisms: the Pelor family but just the parents were baptized.  I already love the people here, I learn so much from them its truly amazing what I'm learning here on the mission.  Yes its hard, yes it's tiring, yes it's dreadful sometimes but you have no idea how great the feeling is when you baptize someone and know you helped them change their life for the better.  It's amazing to see the glow they have after they're baptized.  Brother Pelor had a stroke in July his whole left side doesn't work.  He is only 37 he has 5 kids when he had the stroke he said he prayed so that he can be closer to the Lord and help with his life and his family wouldn't be disappointed in him.  Then a member gave him a blessing and before the blessing he was just on his bed for 2 weeks then he got the blessing and in 3 days he could start getting around his house.  He has improved ever since and then the missionaries started teaching him and he knew this was the true church and how grateful he was and how its changed his family and himself and he was grateful for his stroke. He was grateful the Lord gave him a trial to bring him way low so he could realize whats important to him in life He is a great guy.  I don't understand much and by the way no Tagalog just straight Illongo.  I learn a lot from these people and how i can better myself.

Transfer day is this Friday but yeah i will let you know.  Got to go i don't have much time.  We had zone meeting and zone activity and we went to Resort Mambukal; look it up it was truly amazing.  My companion has an infection but yeah he is better kind of.  I wish I can write more but my time is up.  Love you all tell everyone hello and love them too and grateful for everyone in my life.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't have the people in my life that I did, thank you.

love Elder Heywood

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally....we have been waiting about 24 hours for this note...

hey there!  sorry yeah i still didn't get the letter from the week before but I got this weeks. I couldn't email yesterday because my companion had to go to the hospital so this will be very short.  We had 1 baptism and we have 2 this week.  If you can put  money in the account and give me everyones bball jersey size and what number they want that would be great.  I probably wont be able to get them to you during Christmas but some time.  That goes for Aaron Katie and Parker they are part of the family too! 
Elder Heywood,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Heart broken: Not sure why he didn't get our email; it looks like it sent just fine...yikes...his was so sweet and he has nothing from us? Like I said heart breaking!

I don't know if you didn't get my email last week but I sent one and I didn't get an email from you but this will be short. 

We have 4 baptisms this Saturday and i just want to say thank you for being awesome parents and sorry for all the hardships i have put you through and i hope i can be the son you want me to be. Elder Hollands talk really got to me and i just felt that i had to apologize.  I'm grateful for all the life lesson you have taught me and how to live a great life so far from your examples and i love you guys and our family.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks dad and mom for raisin me and putting up with me and teaching me and teaching by example.  Thank you Katie for your example and i know when you do have kids you will be a great mom.  Parker for being the best example to me and just being the best big brother ever.  Luke your awesome your a great example to me and i still cant believe you got the flip before me but i knew you would.  Keep on staying strong. Dana,  keep smiling you have a great smile and i hope you keep on dancing cause i know you can be great.   Chris keep on doing amazing at everything you do but remember to be humble and there is always room for improvement.  Aaron thanks for being the best brother in law you're great for Katie, I'm glad you are part of the family.  I miss all of you a lot and wish i could be with you right now and just have a Sunday dinner with you all but i know why I'm out here and all of you have showed me how great life can be.  I want to show everyone else what life can be through families and this gospel.  Of course, Baja thanks for sleeping with me and cuddling with me in my harry potter closet haha.

love you all send me a an email you dang heywoods
love elder the 2nd

Elder Hollands Talk at General Conference October 2010

President Monson, the entire worldwide membership of this church joins in that great anthem with this wonderful choir, and we say, “We thank thee, O God, for a prophet.” Thank you for your life, for your example, and for that welcoming message to another general conference of the Church. We love you, we admire you, and we sustain you. Indeed, in this afternoon’s session we will have a more formal opportunity to raise our hands in a sustaining vote, not only for President Monson but also for all the other general officers of the Church as well. Because my name will be included on that list, may I be so bold as to speak for all in thanking you in advance for those uplifted hands. Not one of us could serve without your prayers and without your support. Your loyalty and your love mean more to us than we can ever possibly say.

In that spirit my message today is to say that we sustain you, that we return to you those same heartfelt prayers and that same expression of love. We all know there are special keys, covenants, and responsibilities given to the presiding officers of the Church, but we also know that the Church draws incomparable strength, a truly unique vitality, from the faith and devotion of every member of this Church, whoever you may be. In whatever country you live, however young or inadequate you feel, or however aged or limited you see yourself as being, I testify you are individually loved of God, you are central to the meaning of His work, and you are cherished and prayed for by the presiding officers of His Church. The personal value, the sacred splendor of every one of you, is the very reason there is a plan for salvation and exaltation. Contrary to the parlance of the day, this is about you. No, don’t turn and look at your neighbor. I am talking to you!

I have struggled to find an adequate way to tell you how loved of God you are and how grateful we on this stand are for you. I am trying to be voice for the very angels of heaven in thanking you for every good thing you have ever done, for every kind word you have ever said, for every sacrifice you have ever made in extending to someone—to anyone—the beauty and blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am grateful for Young Women leaders who go to girls camp and, without shampoo, showers, or mascara, turn smoky, campfire testimony meetings into some of the most riveting spiritual experiences those girls—or those leaders—will experience in their lifetime. I am grateful for all the women of the Church who in my life have been as strong as Mount Sinai and as compassionate as the Mount of Beatitudes. We smile sometimes about our sisters’ stories—you know, green Jell-O, quilts, and funeral potatoes. But my family has been the grateful recipient of each of those items at one time or another—and in one case, the quilt and the funeral potatoes on the same day. It was just a small quilt—tiny, really—to make my deceased baby brother’s journey back to his heavenly home as warm and comfortable as our Relief Society sisters wanted him to be. The food provided for our family after the service, voluntarily given without a single word from us, was gratefully received. Smile, if you will, about our traditions, but somehow the too-often unheralded women in this church are always there when hands hang down and knees are feeble.1 They seem to grasp instinctively the divinity in Christ’s declaration: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these . . . , ye have done it unto me.”2

And no less the brethren of the priesthood. I think, for example, of the leaders of our young men who, depending on the climate and continent, either take bone-rattling 50-mile (80 km) hikes or dig—and actually try to sleep in—ice caves for what have to be the longest nights of human experience. I am grateful for memories of my own high priests group, which a few years ago took turns for weeks sleeping on a small recliner in the bedroom of a dying quorum member so that his aged and equally fragile wife could get some sleep through those final weeks of her sweetheart’s life. I am grateful for the Church’s army of teachers, officers, advisers, and clerks, to say nothing of people who are forever setting up tables and taking down chairs. I am grateful for ordained patriarchs, musicians, family historians, and osteoporotic couples who trundle off to the temple at 5:00 in the morning with little suitcases now almost bigger than they are. I am grateful for selfless parents who—perhaps for a lifetime—care for a challenged child, sometimes with more than one challenge and sometimes with more than one child. I am grateful for children who close ranks later in life to give back to ill or aging parents.

And to the near-perfect elderly sister who almost apologetically whispered recently, “I have never been a leader of anything in the Church. I guess I’ve only been a helper,” I say, “Dear sister, God bless you and all the ‘helpers’ in the kingdom.” Some of us who are leaders hope someday to have the standing before God that you have already attained.

Too often I have failed to express gratitude for the faith and goodness of such people in my life. President James E. Faust stood at this pulpit 13 years ago and said, “As a small boy . . . , I remember my grandmother . . . cooking our delicious meals on a hot woodstove. When the wood box next to the stove became empty, Grandmother would silently . . . go out to refill it from the pile of cedar wood outside, and bring the heavily laden box back into the house. I was so insensitive . . . [that] I sat there and let my beloved grandmother refill [that] box.” Then, his voice choking with emotion, he said, “I feel ashamed of myself and have regretted my omission for all of my life. I hope someday to ask for her forgiveness.”3

If a man as perfect as I felt President Faust was can acknowledge his youthful oversight, I can do no less than make a similar admission and pay a long-overdue tribute of my own today.

When I was called to serve a mission back before the dawn of time, there was no equalization of missionary costs. Each had to bear the full expense of the mission to which he or she was sent. Some missions were very expensive, and as it turned out, mine was one of those.

As we encourage missionaries to do, I had saved money and sold personal belongings to pay my own way as best I could. I thought I had enough money, but I wasn’t sure how it would be in the final months of my mission. With that question on my mind, I nevertheless blissfully left my family for the greatest experience anyone could hope to have. I loved my mission as I am sure no young man has ever loved one before or since.

Then I returned home just as my parents were called to serve a mission of their own. What would I do now? How in the world could I pay for a college education? How could I possibly pay for board and room? And how could I realize the great dream of my heart, to marry the breathtakingly perfect Patricia Terry? I don’t mind admitting that I was discouraged and frightened. Hesitantly I went to the local bank and asked the manager, a family friend, how much was in my account. He looked surprised and said, “Why, Jeff, it’s all in your account. Didn’t they tell you? Your parents wanted to do what little they could to help you get started when you got home. They didn’t withdraw a cent during your mission. I supposed that you knew.”

Well, I didn’t know. What I do know is that my dad, a self-educated accountant, a “bookkeeper” as they were called in our little town, with very few clients, probably never wore a new suit or a new shirt or a new pair of shoes for two years so his son could have all of those for his mission. Furthermore, what I did not know but then came to know was that my mother, who had never worked out of the home in her married life, took a job at a local department store so that my mission expenses could be met. And not one word of that was ever conveyed to me on my mission. Not a single word was said regarding any of it. How many fathers in this Church have done exactly what my father did? And how many mothers, in these difficult economic times, are still doing what my mother did?

My father has been gone for 34 years, so like President Faust, I will have to wait to fully thank him on the other side. But my sweet mother, who turns 95 next week, is happily watching this broadcast today at her home in St. George, so it’s not too late to thank her. To you, Mom and Dad, and to all the moms and dads and families and faithful people everywhere, I thank you for sacrificing for your children (and for other people’s children!), for wanting so much to give them advantages you never had, for wanting so much to give them the happiest life you could provide.

My thanks to all you wonderful members of the Church—and legions of good people not of our faith—for proving every day of your life that the pure love of Christ “never faileth.”4 No one of you is insignificant, in part because you make the gospel of Jesus Christ what it is—a living reminder of His grace and mercy, a private but powerful manifestation in small villages and large cities of the good He did and the life He gave bringing peace and salvation to other people. We are honored beyond expression to be counted one with you in such a sacred cause.

As Jesus said to the Nephites, so say I today:
“Because of your faith . . . , my joy is full.
“And when he had said these words, he wept.”5

Brothers and sisters, seeing your example, I pledge anew my determination to be better, to be more faithful—more kind and devoted, more charitable and true as our Father in Heaven is and as so many of you already are. This I pray in the name of our Great Exemplar in all things—even the name of the Lord Jesus Christ—amen.

Monday, October 4, 2010

2 notes...

Hello family,

Tell Luke to check his mail.  Sorry if my emails are short.  I still only have 30 minutes and I try to reply to everyone. I will reply to everyone but it might not be right away.  (Sorry to blog readers but Luke will not let me share his email)

Everyone lives in bamboo huts with a tin roof or a cement house with a tin roof.  I haven't had conference yet, we have it this weekend.  I'm starting to get used to my area and starting to get used to the women that breast feed during lessons and church.  Other then that, everything is great.  It's been raining quite a bit and everything is good.  Our investigator Jonalyn Reyes had her baby and we are going to put her wedding together then she will be baptized.  We also have 2 baptisms coming up on the 16 of Oct.

I miss you guys and love you and give the ward and family my love.
elder h

Hey Dad this will be short ..but thanks for teaching me how to work if Ididn't know how to work I would be dying, but thank you for showing me patience too.  Give the ward my love and Bishop my love. Tell Uncle Larry thanks for the advice.  Before I left he said somethings to me that stuck with me and just tell him thanks. 
Love you pops oh and tell Ike I said hi and there is an Elder Stradling from St Johns that knows him.

love Jared

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey there family, I'm just on the outside of Bacolod; it's called Tangub.  Actually it's in the city but on the outskirts.  Its great here!  Look up Philippines jeepne. 

 I ride on those little buses every day.  The transportation is crazy here.  I love it and the poeple are amazing, just very helpful and every thing.  My comp is Elder Newman. he gets asked at least 5 times every day what his height is and all that jazz.  I love it here all ready.  I eat rice for every meal and I'm fine with it.  They have different food here but nothing nasty really, its just like the resturante that we went to to but that is more upper class food.

Monday night we had a great family evening with 3 families that are awesome. The Reyes, Edusolos, and Layaos, they are awesome.  The reyes girl is the one we are have a wedding for.

Ok quick story:  we were teaching this one family that was all girls and then when we left my companion said that we taught 2 men and 3 women.  Yeah no idea there were 2 men in the room with us I just thought they were girls cause they crossed dress and had long hair but to tell you the truth they were really receptive to the message. Thats it pretty much.  I miss you guys but I love it here and tell Parker to write me I haven't heard from him in forever. Love you, tell everyone hi.

love ejmh

Barangay Tangub: Located in the southern part of Bacolod City.

A story handed down form the early residents of Barangay about how this place got its name. Long ago, the Barangay was covered with thick forest with wild animals and birds. One day while the villagers were having their noonday rest in their cogon huts, they heard an unusual sound. The strong and brave, curios to know what the sound was, left their huts in hurry with their spears and dogs and proceeded to the direction of sound. It was not long before they caught sight of the biggest deer in the world. They set a strong trap near the south of the Magsungay creek because they believed that the deer must be very thirsty and they anxiously watched the trap. After a while they heard a faint rushing sound and it get louder and louder and a few seconds later the biggest deer in the world was running towards the trap. The villagers had a big feast after that, since that time, people called the place TANGAB Which means trap in English.

It was on 1950 when the Mayor of Bacolod appointed the first Barrio Lieutenant and in 1967 it was formally made a Barrio and the name TANGUB was adopted by the residents.

Barangay Tangub is geographically located in the southern portion of Bacolod City. It is bounded by Guimaras Strait on the west, Barangay Singcang on the North, Barangay Alijis on the east and Northeast, Barangay Mansilingan and Barangay Cabug on the Southeast, and Barangay Pahanocoy on the south. It is 4.7 km. Away from the city proper and almost 15-20 minutes ride.

Land Area:- 889.6885 hectares

View Map

The main demographic indictors used in studying population includes population size and growth rate, crude birth and mortality (death) rates, infant's mortality rate, Migration rate, sex ratio and age distribution pattern. Birth, mortality, migration growth rate are expressed as proportion of the total population.

According to 1995 census of National Statistic Office (NSO) the Barangay Tangub has a population of 21,398.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bacolod:  All of the new missionary arrivals with President and Sister Tobias

Monday, September 20, 2010

In Bacolod at last...

Hey everyone oooooooooohh gosh its crazy here. First I want to apologize I didn't call back it was crazy in the international airport in L.A.  It felt like I was already in a different country so sorry for making you wait for nothing and also I would of called but the thing was we didn't know where we were going and we lost one of the elders so that wasted all our time.  Then we had to board and  the elder just left and after checking our bags in.  We were like where is he and we later found out that he just went through the security gate right away and didn't wait for us.  It was stupid and also we had him get called over the intercom like twice but still nothing and then he finally came back to the desk.  Anyway that wasted about 3 hours then we ate then we left to Taiwan.  So sorry.

That plane ride was nuts. just a bunch of crazy Asian that were everywhere and just 7 white people and that was us.  Anyways it was a way long plane ride and I tried to sleep but then this guy behind us snored like a freakin hog.  I'm like that can't be real oh but it was.  Oh my gosh it was ridiculous and also just crazy little Asian girls running every where and everything. Then we got in the terminal and that was way crazy.  Then flew to Manila on a 4 hour flight then to Bacolod.  The peole are so nice here its crazy and so helpful.
So i got here and we spent a couple days in the hotel by the mission home and did our orientation things and all that jazz then Friday was transfer day and my new companion is from Australia.  He is way nice and helpful and just awesome.  He is 6'6'' and just great and hardworking.  Our apartment is as big as my room and the bathroom connected and we have no ac and our fridge doesn't work but everything is great.  We have like 4 fans that we use and we just don't buy anything we refrigerate.   That is pretty much it and just adjusting  to everything.
Well I love you all I will try to write more next week.  We have to run to the Bishop's house and talk to him about a wedding for one of our investigators actually 2 but one has to turn 18 then we will deal with her wedding.

love you ejmh

Thursday, September 16, 2010

While we are waiting for a letter from the Philippines; here are some MTC memories...

Elder Heywood, Elder Peterson, Elder Landgren (bottom to top)
Marie (Jared's cousin) and Jared in the MTC Cafeteria
Elder Heywood in front of the bookstore

Half of his District:  Jared's comp is in front...Elder Anderson,
From l to r:  Landgren, Davis, Maughn, Peterson

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last note from the MTC...

i will talk to you later but i will call you around 6 or 7 so be close to the phone. oh my gosh there is this kid that is singing wicked songs next to me and he has a wicked shirt on too wow wow wow well anyways.   yeah I'm ready to get out of here but I'm grateful for the mtc and this mission I'm growing quite a bit i didn't think i would but i am.  I will call around 6 or 7 pm and make sure kt and aaron are there but yeah ok and i will answer all your questions and in the call wow its going to be weird to talk to you guys but I'm going to love it. talk to you soon.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Flight Plans!

My schedule is leave salt lake at 800 land in la at 900 that's on Monday; then wait til 115 on Tuesday in the morning and board my flight to Taipei and fly for around 16 hours; then land in Taipei on sept 15 so a day will pass by as i fly and then take a plane from Taipei to Manila then a little puddle jumper to bacolod and get there Sept 15 at 3:00

But yeah I wish I was going through Hawaii but I'm not I'm super bummed but whatever.  Yes i talked to Clarie a couple of times and and i run into Brandon and Mark a lot and just talk for awhile it fun to see them. Club volleyball sounds good, tell Luke to do the best he possibly can, give it your all.  Luv to you poookie.

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh i cant believed Chris is a deacon i toally forgot about that, what the heck seriously?  But yeah his birthday sounds good to me i could really go for a good game of volleyball.  Our games here are alright it depends who is playing. Thats also good news Kuresa made the cheer line. Dana will have fun with that just tell Dana to beware of some of those girls some of those girls aren't the best friends she could have but have fun with them.

How is grandma doing is she really going to get out of that stupid place soon?

ASU nice!  That's cool keep me updated what happens its always nice to hear. and who is their QB and that's crazy about max hall hope he does well i guess.

Well I'm out of here in a week i had such great experiences here and i love my zone and my district it will be sad to see everyone go but glad I'm getting out and can teach some actual people. I'm getting so tired of the food here but whatever.

Love you all oh and tell every one to just email me from now on because i don't want to wait 2 weeks for mail.  Also just send the speakers and phone cards and if you could find one more pair of sz 10 black shoes that i could like wear everyday instead of these other ones i have that would be great i might send back some things i don't need back home so yeah i will let you know.

love EJMH

Monday, August 30, 2010

Well mom you got to email me like a little before 9 because that's when i check my emails, print them off then read them so i don't waste my time just reading.  Then i come back and respond knowing what I'm going to say ok sweet pea? ok.

Well just one question how did you know I was zone leader.

Well anyways um, i didn't read the letter you sent to day...I'm just responding about my week. This week was just like any normal week we got to hear elder Holland Tuesday.  Oh my gosh he sets you straight but he gave such a great talk it was amazing then we watched a talk by Elder Bednar talk in the class one day and that was awesome too.  I wish you guys could hear some of these talks that i hear they are ridiculous. well I'm zl i guess; i don't know why but whatever i don't do much just go to a bunch of meetings and introduce some of the new missionaries in our zone.  We got 2 new zones this Wednesday. One of the kids that came in is Logan Potts he is from Gilbert.  I think Luke knows his brother. Um also there is a kid from Snowflake last name is Reidhead, he is a cool kid and the 21 missionaries that came into our zone are all going to Bacolod so that awesome so i will see some of these kids in the field but yeah OK this week a kid in our zone; his lung collapsed Tuesday night and he was rushed to the hospital and they put a tube in his chest to help him breath.  This was after Hollands talk and when we got him back to the mtc at 11 pm we get a call to our dorms and his companion was told to come up to the office and then we heard that his Grandpa passed away.  So me and my comp were dealing with that companionship and then the next day we had to go to the hospital because this one elder had to get a colonoscopy  or whatever because he was bleeding blood and then a kid in our district he broke his foot at soccer so me and my comp as zl had to deal with alot this week and only went to class 2 time this last week so it was a crazy week but yeah everything is going good.  The spirit is way strong here, i love it and i love you all.

elder Jared Heywood

Monday, August 23, 2010

My week was good , how is the family?

You can send one of those towels if you want i dont care its up to you. The kids sound like they are doing good. Love you all, sorry I can't type that much, I am slow and there is no time. Tell Jon I go to the temple at around 7 to 7:15 on Mondays.

This week was good. I have a couple of funny things. There is this kid that has Sunday shoes that are the shape up shoes. I was seriously blown away when I saw them. Try looking them up. Oh and go to and at the top go to Our Faith; click on the commandments then scroll down to the Law of Chastity and at 31 secs you will see someone you know. Oh and this week are district was trying to figure out who everyone looks like in a movie star perspective and my actors were St. Winters from the movie Band of Brothers and Steve McQueen. I don't know what movir he is in but yeah it's great here. The spirit is very strong and its great but I'm just ready to get going and start doing what I was called to do. I am very anxious to get out there. I have a lot of great experiences here I just don't have enough time to type them on the computer. But I love you all and I love being here. I know this is where I'm supposed to be and send Grandma Brown my love, glad you could get over there and I hope she is doing well. Just tell everyone hello for me and I love them all! Keep doing what you guys are supposed to be doing. I am sending some pictures, they will probably get there on Wed.

love love love
Elder J M Heywood

Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers)

Steve McQueen

So whaddayaall think?  Does he look like these guys?  Can you believe he doesn't know who Steve McQueen is...whose kid is this?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Exerpt from letter Jared's Grandparents received from him...

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you for being great grandparents and thanks for having family over for dinner every Fast Sunday. I always enjoyed those dinners. It’s nice to see family every month. I’m grateful for family because sometimes I think to myself that if I didn’t have a supportive family I don’t think I would be here. So thank you. And if I wasn’t here I wouldn’t be receiving the blessing I have for serving. I look at it this way, I don’t just owe the Lord two years, I owe Him my whole life because I can’t imagine living without the Atonement. I know our Savior and our Heavenly Father love us so much, because even when we don’t need blessings, we should just be grateful alone for Him atoning for our sins, and He gives us blessings on top of that. We owe Him everything we are as a person.

I’m so grateful for this church and my family and for you Grandpa for being a good priesthood holder example and showing me how to become a great priesthood leader. And for you grandma, you are always giving and always loving everyone. Thank you.

Elder Jared Heywood


School huh? I'm in school too gosh this language will be the death of me, I have no idea what I'm saying half the time but yeah hopefully I get this down. It sounds like the kids are good.

OK mom kayaking what the heck? Where did that come from and let me know how grandma is and keep me updated.  I don't have much time its a short one this week. but everything is all good here just the same that I have been talking about for the past weeks. But yeah love you all. i will try to write more next week but there is really nothing to write about it here its just the mtc learning eating and sleeping

peace fam

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mahal Kita!

alright first off thanks for sending me the package i love you kidz. i love my life and very grateful for you guys and the extended family too. i wouldnt have it any other way. one thing that i think abouut all the time is i loved my last night in az i loved being with all you that night and the richardsons and aunt julie and madison. but we missed parker wemight have to go back there some day with the big boy. and also thanks for the family dinner at the grandparents and all the advice you gave MAHAL KITA

well last week has been good sometimes its hard to work hard because you dont see what your hard work is going in to and you kinda lose sight of that someetime but you got to keep on reminding yourself that you doing for all the people your going to serve. but im also greatful for the district if i didnt have them and had some weird kidz i thik i would go insane but they keep me sane.

Dad some advice try to find a talk givin in the mtc by jeffrey r holland jan. 18, 2000 called miracle of the mission and show it to the priest sunday is an amazing talk. have fun at the lake also.

mom thatnks for the package and the camp storyies but something i need pronto is my shot charts of all the shot i have gottten

and bishops and deanna and larry address and some little ipod speakers that charge an ipod too.

katie arron i want a kid too so when i get back i want to see 2 babbies in your hands when i get off the plane. aaron you know what to do

luke pookie don act like a tool because you can do a back roll oh yeah and look up onm the video forgiveness: my burden is made light and listen to the music in the background at 4:13 and also watch the message its a good message

dana keep dancing when i get back i want to see a quad stag and if there is no such thing make it up

chris dont get a head of yourself you can start talking when you get as high as p bonifay but keep learning new tricks you too luke and you guys better have alot of tricks when i get back i better be impressed

but thats it family Mahal kita ( i love you)

Elder Jared Heywood...send everyone my love

Thursday, August 5, 2010

MTC life...

Sounds like oceanside was fun, but yeah everything is good the language is a little frustrating.  I dont have much time so this letter will be quick. my district is really fun we have a good time. I cant wait to get to the field im already tired of the mtc i wish i just knew the laguage so i could just get going you know but thats it. Tell everyone at home hi. and tell bishop hi for me. It's really nice here but 3 weeks is just the perfect time to leave the mtc 9 weeks is just a little too much.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

oceanside huh whose all there. and that sucks about all the rocks what happend? and yeah 116 degree weather doesnt sound too fun its actually pretty toasty here for utah. and keep me updated on grandma i want to know what happens and how she is doing?
yes i got your message throught the stotts it was good to see all of them. yes i ate with them again it was pretty entertaing because every sunday we get ice cream and casy loaded his bowl up with every topping possible and just drip every where it was funny it reminded me of chris. the tagalog is coming alright its a little frustrating because one of my teachers just talks in that language and you have to understand what he saying it drives me nuts why cant he just answer me in english and then help how to understand it then to just like show off the whole time it kinda bugs me but whatever im trying to get it all down.
 oh i cut my hair today i shaved it and i was wondering if you could get some clippers like the ones we have but some new ones and the clippers have go all the way up to size 7 plastic comb thing that you put on the clippers. i went to the temple to day we get to go every monday for pday in the morning the provo temple is pretty cool.
and cool luke you are getting close to the back roll but just you wait when i get back i will make you look like a tard. 
i was wondering if you could send me grandpa bobbys address and grandma dawsons and how shanes mike p and shauns address's coming along? let me know how student council is and tell dana to give everyone my love there and she better say something. katie and aaron you better take good care of my black beauty, the beast, yup thats right baja take care of her and give her my love. has baja been to the lake with the fam yet? what else have you heard from Madison have you guys seen her since the the filipino resturante? 
me and my comp are really retarded togethere but we have a great time. we took our own photo album at the temple yesterday on our 3 hour temple walk that was fun i will have to send some of the pics.
my district is really fun we all get along great we quote movies sing retarded songs and pull pranks on each other the best one so far was the other room of elders hid a alarm clock in our room and set it for 3:30 in the morning all my elders in my room woke up and took showers at 3:30  and then realized that it was that early but not me i slept right through the alarm. suckers i was laughing very hard when they told me what happened when i woke up but thats pretty much my week i could right more but we have this stupid 30 minute time on the computers but whatevs
Elder JMH

Monday, July 19, 2010

Remember the no punctuation or capitalization from Parker's MTC letters; well here we go's that time limit on the MTC computers!

the flight was good i slept the whole time the first day was long but yeah; my companion is elder Andersen from rexburg idaho he is just like me but 6 foot and 145 lbs of pure sweetness.  We have a great time together.   everyone else in my district are alright we have 2 companionships that are prettty normal but the sisters are kinda crazy. we have one that is crazy like Steph H. and then we have this sweet new zealander that has an awesome accent and then we have another companionship that we room with that one is a little fruit basket and the other is a rapist that looks at us like he will kill us in our sleep but other then that it was good. I met grandpa stott and he freakin made me district leader wow thanks alot. tell luke he can have whatever just dont touch the things in the boxes.

but yeah the stootts told me about tuscon.  did you go get chris some shoes from madison's store? i run into brett crowe alot and the dagracie kid and i see marie and i say hi but i dont really talk to her because she is busy but its good here the food is alright and it was rough the first day.
also i need shanes mike parks and shauns addesses. and tell madison about dear elder but tell her to email too i just discovered that mail makes my day the best day in the world its weird that has such a impact on me because before i could of cared less.

Just took the shuttle to provo and no we were scattered all around the plane. nothing that i forgot though everything is good the days are long but when they are over it seems like it went fast i dont know its wack.
Elder Heywood