Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey There Momma Bear,

I'm still here in Manggapsang this week, but the end of the week is transfers so next week I will let you know where I am and who my comp is.  I do the chores but I don't mind because he cooks really well so it evens everything out.  We eat a lot of fish bangros or milkfish.

We just had a baptism just yesterday it was great.  Mark Jay Lumongdang Deles was baptized, he is 12 years old and it was awesome.  We had 40 at church instead of the normal 25 to 29 so that was way good.  All the less actives we have been working with are really all that close to coming back so I'm way excited but also I think I'm leaving so I'm kinda sad.  I mean whatever happens will be good. I just love all the people here they are  awesome even if they are drunk.  There really aren't any mean drunks here, because they are so loving and especially here on the mountain.  Man I love these people, you have to meet these people, Mom you will be amazed with what they have and how happy they are.

Sounds like all you guys are busy and all that jazz but sounds like you guys are having a blast with your lives.  I am glad you got to the funeral.   Enjoy life if you are getting frustrated at times, sit back and relax for a couple minutes and think about relaxing and that you don't really have to worry that much.  Dang I miss you guys and I hope you are all doing good.

I'm  excited for general conference; we get to watch on the 8th and 9th.  I hope you guys enjoy it also.  I'm doing good no need to worry about me and no I haven't received the package yet probably next week at transfers.  Thank you again mom.

I will see you guys later and I love you all, tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


For the quotes, the first one

that thing you do
batman dark knight
amazing grace
secondhand lions

Come on Luke, give me hard ones!
Wow, Uncle Jim died what happened?  All from his fall?

That's pretty cool about Luke's experience with chilies, just don't eat 3, I am talking lava haha

I cant believe Shane is already back, dang quick one and this mission here is way quick too.  Dang, dang, dang!  Well not this week, but next week is transfers.  I think I'm going and I'm ready to leave the area but not ready to leave the branch.  Everything is good, we have a baptism this Saturday.  Mark Jay Deles we baptized his brother last transfer so that will be exciting.

I have been thinking a lot and I kinda want you guys to come and pick me up or something, of course it depends on your budget and everything but I want to show you these people they are amazing.

I'm way excited for conference I really can't wait.  Its kinda weird saying that but I'm excited.
Thank you for the package Mom, you guys are the best. 
love you and I love these people.
elder heywood

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So everything is good here in the Philis.  I am kinda stressed because I'm trying to organize about 8 fhe's in our area and just trying to make them the best possible for the less actives and investigators.  Then I got even more stressed because when you have fhe's you always want to take a big group picture but my camera just broke yesterday.  I don't know what happened, I  turned it on and the zoom is broken so i don't know.  Mom, I'm kinda freaking out because this might be my last transfer here in this area and my camera can't take pictures.
Our family is doing good, the brother is still trying to stop smoking he smokes probably 8 sticks a day but its better then the 25 normally.  Sister is strong and the kids are great the oldest is 14 and he told his parents he wanted to go to church but was shy because his parents haven't gone yet.  They haven't gone because brother wants to get rid of his smoking before they go to church and sister stands by her husband.  It's so nice to see she keeps on pushing she wants this so bad but her and her husband are a team.  She wont move forward until brother moves.  Of course she is solid and she know she wants this but i don't know its hard to explain; though its just so nice to see because they are a team they respect each other, they help one another.  I do like seeing that. They live out in the middle of nowhere but they are just so smart about their choosing and the children and are so ready but of course brother just needs to stop smoking.

elder heywood

Monday, September 5, 2011


August 29

Well thats nice that grandma will be back in Mesa.  If you see Taylor Lines tell him he owes the Joame family new hair clippers, haha i guess he burnt them up but yeah.

Tell Chris happy birthday for me!

It will get colder over here soon, we just passed up a pretty good storm and a lot of rain.

As for my comp he is good, I just dont think he has worked a day in his life.  Its hard in this area because the church is so far away from the people.  If they walk its 2 hours or 2 and a half and if they ride its kinda expensive for them.  I wish the church was right next to them but this is a test of their faith.  It's so tough because we don't see much progression except this one family... the Pedro family.  They are very smart people, they live far away on this farm but they are amazing.  Brother Pedro is having a hard time stopping smoking but I know he can do it,  The thing is just doing it but yeah they are strong.  They havent come to church yet but we vistit with them every Sunday.
Thats it hope you guys have a good week and wish you guys luck tell everyone hello for me.

elder heywood

September 5

My comp is good, I think he is love sick.  Other then that it is ok.  The work is slow but we have a baptism scheduled for the 24 of the this month.  His name is Mark J. he is 12 and he is the little brother of the kid we baptized last last month.

In the box, besides camera supplies could you send me some money so I can buy some shoes here maybe like 50 dollars.
Tell Grandma hello for me and tell her to make the best of it.  You gotta just give everything a chance before you start to judge. I think i have had to do that in every area I have been in.  It is always, dang I dont want to move and then I want to go back but you stick with it and love the new place.

Tell Chris to not get addicted to his phone and dont just text people,call people too.

Way good that Gilbert beat highland thats alway nice to hear.
Just last month the rebels in Mindinao, the new people army caught 7 marines and beheaded them then sent it out to the internet and sent to every cell phone in the philis and one of the marines lived here in La Carlota so I saw the video, it was pretty sad.

I love this mission.  I love these people.  Here on the mountain is wonderful even though the its not progressing as well as I would like.  I love these people with all my heart.
Tell everyone hello.

elder heywood