Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sounds like a good week for the family.

I'm glad you guys are having a good time.   Yes, I love the comp and the area.  I hope we get to stay another one together.  Sorry this is going to be a quick one, its a busy day today .  The baptism was way good this past Saturday and we had an ok week.  Peterson and I both got a little sick with the one day sicknesses stuff but we're good now, no worries.

Peterson and I are enjoying and working hard and having the time of lives right now and trying to have no regrets.  Thanks for the happy birthday and everything, I was wondering if you guys could send one more thing.  I need an 8 gb or 16gb usb so i can back up stuff.  The usb's here are weird they dont always work,  so if you could send that like in a letter or something that would be nice.
That girl that died, she was on the swim team but I didn't know her well. 

Thank you for the package so much, mom love you and love you family.

elder heywood

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The week was good, we got our old branch president to come back to church after 5 years or something.  He got kicked out because he was stealing tithing money but we are in the philis so no one really get ecommed.  He came back and everyone was excited he totally has a change of heart we can see it in his eyes.  It's something amazing going on our area.  Elder Peterson and I are tearing it up here, no problems just working hard and we can see our hard work come around.  It is  awesome to see we are getting a lot of people to come back to Church.  A lot of less active people.  We are trying to find everyone in the mountains; of course its not me and Peterson doing the work its actually the spirit but we can see everyone changing and its so nice because we are the instruments for the spirit.  It's awesome, I hope me and Peterson will last a long time here in Manggapsang.  Did you ever find some pictures of the place I'm at?

Be happy for everything you have in your life that's all my advice to you.  I love being here, I love this place, Ii hope you guys can come and see it first hand for yourself.

Did you tell grandpa hi for me?  If you did thank you.

Congrats Dana on the ole permit, just don't do anything stupid if you think in your mind this is kinda stupid well don't do it; that's the spirit right there.
Tell everyone I love them and I'm doing great, having the time of my life and miss you all but loving it right now.
elder heywood

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am now outside of Manggapsang and we live in Cubi.  You should ask Taylor Lines how he liked Masville. It's awesome out here, some people remember Elder Lines, its crazy they remember like every elder.  The mountain area is awesome though I miss the functioning ward.  Its a nice little branch out here. I speak the same language; the only languages I speak on this island that I'm on is Cebuano or Illongo.  Up here in the mountains is a little deeper illongo though.  On pdays we go to la Carlota its a big city next to us so you can try looking that up but then go towards the big volcano on this island montain canla-on but yeah that's it.

We have some investigators not as much because we are just work in little villages on the mountain but we do a lot of reactivation.  We had some great lessons with the branch 1st counselor and 2nd counselor because they are less active they just had some difficulties and have some issues with the word of wisdom but I think we are getting to them and will get them back to church.

Love, Elder Heywood