Monday, June 4, 2012


(This email is a bit sketchy...I was just beginning to write him and he came online so we conversed back and forth.)

where are you guys, I'm waiting

ya i can, just take your time but hurry kinda

keep on going I'm good waiting still sounds like you had a good family and ya that is kinda stupid about the prayer thing with the buffalo.  Dang chicken killing was fun maybe next time around I can show everyone really how to kill a chicken because i see it everyday and there is a outside pig slaughter just 200 meters away from the house i will have to take a picture hahah but ya sounds good.


no worries I will just cruise in Portland and have fun while it last.   Do whatever works about the dentist appt. no worries don't stress everything will work out .  Dana told me all about the her pa doing the splits hahah.   Parker on the Lines camping trip; its getting pretty serious and if she goes to Jackson Hole oh its over for him, example austin lindsey katie aaron savanna ryan you and Dad;  its done. hahah sounds like a pretty good gift for little lukie pookie; can't wait to see his video. please take a picture of Parker as the cross dressing little red riding hood, hope they take video.

All is good here and just having fun but this Wednesday is the last transfer day for me on the mission.  I hope I don't leave, I  love this place and working is just starting get hot and in 2 weeks I think it will be red hot so i don't want to leave.  No they don't do the trek but they just had a stake youth activity and  they went to a resort and swim and eat and pretty much vacation and then listen to some speakers but that's it.  They will get it soon enough but they have  no scouting here either.
Nice to hear grandpa is doing good but ya um it wont be the same when thanksgiving comes around because grandma is always there, i miss her too.

No worries about more money.  I'm tryin to contact the nativity dude but he isn't responding so i don't know about the nativity for you and kt.  Im still trying but ya miss you guys.  We will see each other soon lets just say 44 days hahah wow.

Love you guys and miss you thanks for emailing, anything else or is that it?

me too momma bear but I am a bit scared for the real world and to leave my family here. 

Love you all
elder heywood

Sunday, May 27, 2012


This week is good we had a great lesson yesterday.  We have this family right next to a member and they were a referral but we have taught them 3 times now and we committed them to be baptized for June 23.  The brother drinks a little bit so we will teach them again this Thursday so hopefully that will be good.  They are a new family and their 2 out of the 3 kids are already members, but the other girl is still to little.  She is 4 but dang their little girls are way cute. We committed brother and sister last night.  I love that feeling when  they take that leap of faith and accept baptism.  Sister is ready and Brother a little iffy.  We will see.  The weather is just the same old same old and I still cant swim to cool off haha.  My stomach is good, I don't know about the xray I'm seriously in the dark about everything here.  I just do missionary work and babysit my other half all day long 24/7 and its kinda killing me but the work keeps me alive.  I hate going home at night because work is over and then I just have to endure my baby.  But honestly we are good its a little rough though.  This week he just blew up on me and i don't know what for so ya ? ? ?  The guy kinda acts like a cub scout maybe wolf status.  Sorry i have to speak in slang because he is scamming my email right now but if i use big words or slang it doesn't sink in but yes I'm so good akuna matata.

Way to go Luke, silly old gal! You are all graduating, and are  you going on the trek biggins ? That is cool you did like a senior night for mutual; wish we did that. Nice upside down pic on the wakeboard Pookie!

Heard about Dana's work, sounds like a good old fun time!  Have fun cleaning the poop out of the pool. haha where is the pool what is the location?

Wow, Alexa got married too? That was quick too. Who is the guy?

Camelback for your girls, nice they are probably not entirely ready but they got their foot in the door right so that is good.

I know Parker is probably dying but that's what you get when you go skateboarding when you are still in a sling.

Way to go Katie and Aaron nice, having fun living the dream?

Good luck Ma and Pa, is old yeller going with you guys?

love you all elder heywood

Monday, May 21, 2012


It was way nice to see you all, I miss you guys so much.  (Referring to Skype conversation on Mother's Day)

Honestly when I think about leaving this place I get a little teary eyed.  I love these people mom, they have changed my life for the best and I don't know how to repay them.  I am so in debited to them.  I love love love times infinity love; these people.  Deep down I will always have them in my heart and I don't think they will ever leave. 

Last night we went to Bacolod and I stayed in my last area, Handumanan and visited a little bit.  Then today i got a xray then we went home so now were back in Guihulngan.  Mom, promise me you guys will come back with me to visit these people for at least 2 weeks.  I know that is long time and its expensive but you have to meet my family that I have had for 2 years, the filipino people.  I feel like I am kinda ready to stop being missionary but not ready to leave.  I mean I love you guys but I love my family here too. I will miss the green of the countryside.  When we came home today and it looks like straight "Lost" country in the middle of this island. Actually, better then Lost.

Yes, Sister is way nice all the people are like that here just do what they can to help. I think its just because I'm an American but  my comp didn't skype he just called .

Luke, honestly enjoy the graduation as much as possible you will never have another one of those. Wow, Avengers sounds good I will have to see that one.  Dana is working on the reservation, that will be cool way to go.
So all the weddings were in the temple?   Way  to go, and super excited for Tait.
Love you all ,sorry its short

elder heywood

Monday, April 30, 2012


We had a baptism this week; it was so awesome.  He is 18 and he gave a great testimony at the end.  It was so powerful and his whole family is so elect.  His mom is already finished with the Book of Mormon and she has only been a member of 2 months.  They are awesome, the Bulabon family.  My comp is good we are trying to to push ourselves and keep the work progressing and I love it here but I'm the only American over on this side. I do miss seeing some of the American Elders but I love it here.  I'm starting to get this new language down, I know I still probably sound like a retard but its a cool language. The people are more humble here because its a small fishing city.
That's awesome about Taylor and hum...boy bands are back huh? hahah wow I wonder how long they will last?  Tell the girls to have fun but they should focus on something that is a little more meaningful then a boy band, sorry I sound like a preacher but it's true.
Chris way to go about the highjump we trained you well in the living room didn't we? with all the pillows and the broomstick haha. keep on practicing with those pillows and broomstick hahah and keep on having fun.

Way to go about the priesthood Luke, that's all that really matters.  Maybe do a big lake trip the lake for graduation, the lake never fails.

Honestly mom, all I want when I get home is a big dinner with everyone there and a family home evening where we sing the prophet song and we all laugh at Chris and his lesson or we will watch the classic rattlesnake Indian movie that dad loves and then we can have bunny tracks and cereal and then play cards.  Then I will be completely satisfied.  Oh and I want to go swim as a family in the back yard and do all the pool games.  I love our home, you have no idea, mom thank you so much.  I will never forget our home and you and Dad and Katie, Aaron, Parker, Luke, Dana, all are my family and I'm so lucky that you are my eternal family.  I wouldn't want it any other way; so sorry if you all are stuck with me but that's the way it is, I love you all.

I cant wait to see you but I still have 3 months of work but then you guys better to get ready to swim.  The beach here kills me everytime I get close I just want to dive right in; so all I'm saying is just get ready to swim.  Oh and one more thing that would be nice is for you to schedule a dentist appointment so when I get back I can get my grill fixed because I look like a fool, hahah

elder heywood

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sounds like a fun Easter dinner.  Can't believe I will miss the big wedding gosh dang but take some pictures and send them if you don't I will not come home.  I will just stay here and marry here and live here.  So send pictures!

Conference was so good, I had a great time and they were the most awesome talks.  Wow, I wish I could watch it again but the computers stink and its not possible.  It would take a year to download it again.

Thank you for the package so much, you're the best mom.  Thanks for marshmallows.  I do like the food here but it is nothing like American, the best.  Don't know how you know my date when I'm not sure about when we get home.   The mission is not organized  and they don't tell the missionaries anything, so I don't know.  I know I just have a little more then 3 months left.  Nathan is there? and Taylor is coming home? oh how I miss those guys.

I hope Grover can win one that would be awesome he deserves it, tell him hi for me if you can...I miss that guy.

As for me, I'm good don't need too much.  I'm just trying to enjoy and have fun and push and trying to have no regrets.

thank you family,
elder heywood

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hey family,
So how is everyone doing? Sounds like you had fun in Havasupi and tell Shaun hello for me.  
Sorry I didn't email this pday.  Yesterday, the office elders said, "Hey come to Bacolod for a surprise."  So every missionary came to Bacolod and we are the furthest area and so we left a 5 am and got there at 11:30.  When we get there and they said that's awesome you came here, we are switching out your cellphone sim cards.  Really, we wasted our entire pday, canceled a fhe with a family just to go to Bacolod and get a new sim card?  The thing is next week we have zone conference so they will be coming over here for that.  We  couldn't just wait a week.  Gosh, we got back around 8:30 pm so I emailed everyone except you.  I don't like rushing the email to the family.  I love the people here so much, but sorry I am venting on the office elders, a bunch of fools.  We just found out that are new president will be coming in on July 1 and he is from Hawaii.   I hope he can change this mission around. and find the balance of the best hardworking mission but also have a little fun every once in awhile.

We had 3 baptisms this Saturday.  It was awesome, the family is amazing.  The Sapatalo family, the brother was a member that Elder Pajes and Elder Mayer rescued.  They got him to come back to church so then we have been teaching the wife and his 2 kids that are 11 and 10.  It was so great and the branch here is awesome and way fun.  It is the people that keep me going and keep me in high spirits.  I love this branch, I know I have only been here for 3 weeks but I enjoy it so much.  I hope this will be my last area and me and Elder Pajes can go one more transfer together.  We are teaching some other people also who have a date for April 21.  Sister Jesa Lo and Brother Jeston Bulabon and then a part member family Brother Mark Hino-o these people are so elect, hopefully we can keep on making everything roll. 

Keep on thinking about what you guys want me to bring home.  Think like when we were in Hawaii and the stuff there but more islandy and original.  Remember on Maui when we went to that big outside ramada thing where there was a bunch of native would be things like that.  Yes, they have knock off toms but tell Dana to get something else.  I will find Nativities for you and Katie.

Baptism Party


Baptism Feast

Love you guys,
elder heywood

Sunday, March 25, 2012


So it was an eye opener coming here, the city is pretty damaged.  We don't have too many service projects from what I can tell,  but i only have been here for 10 days.  Our house is good. just cement but we just live in the city on the beach and its not a ward its a branch but the branch is good.

Sounds like everyone is good, I really want to see grandpa so bad even if his mind is not too sharp.  I want to see all the family but not ready to leave here yet.

The language is about 70 percent different from illongo and everyone speaks it here.  They understand a bit of  illongo but not very well.  I'm trying to study but its a little different.

Wish me luck,
elder heywood