Monday, June 4, 2012


(This email is a bit sketchy...I was just beginning to write him and he came online so we conversed back and forth.)

where are you guys, I'm waiting

ya i can, just take your time but hurry kinda

keep on going I'm good waiting still sounds like you had a good family and ya that is kinda stupid about the prayer thing with the buffalo.  Dang chicken killing was fun maybe next time around I can show everyone really how to kill a chicken because i see it everyday and there is a outside pig slaughter just 200 meters away from the house i will have to take a picture hahah but ya sounds good.


no worries I will just cruise in Portland and have fun while it last.   Do whatever works about the dentist appt. no worries don't stress everything will work out .  Dana told me all about the her pa doing the splits hahah.   Parker on the Lines camping trip; its getting pretty serious and if she goes to Jackson Hole oh its over for him, example austin lindsey katie aaron savanna ryan you and Dad;  its done. hahah sounds like a pretty good gift for little lukie pookie; can't wait to see his video. please take a picture of Parker as the cross dressing little red riding hood, hope they take video.

All is good here and just having fun but this Wednesday is the last transfer day for me on the mission.  I hope I don't leave, I  love this place and working is just starting get hot and in 2 weeks I think it will be red hot so i don't want to leave.  No they don't do the trek but they just had a stake youth activity and  they went to a resort and swim and eat and pretty much vacation and then listen to some speakers but that's it.  They will get it soon enough but they have  no scouting here either.
Nice to hear grandpa is doing good but ya um it wont be the same when thanksgiving comes around because grandma is always there, i miss her too.

No worries about more money.  I'm tryin to contact the nativity dude but he isn't responding so i don't know about the nativity for you and kt.  Im still trying but ya miss you guys.  We will see each other soon lets just say 44 days hahah wow.

Love you guys and miss you thanks for emailing, anything else or is that it?

me too momma bear but I am a bit scared for the real world and to leave my family here. 

Love you all
elder heywood