Monday, October 31, 2011


Best Waterfalls!
hey fam fam,

Life is good, the branch is good, yes the waterfalls in my area are awesome and no, no tourists know about them.  Usually it is other filipino people from other areas that visit the falls.  I'm eating just fine, rice and rice.  On pday we do whatever... just have fun, email, groceries and yeah we hang out with other elders.  Actually this morning we went to the falls again with some other elders.  It's fun everytime we go but yeah there you go...all your answers.

I am glad you and dad had some fun for your big anniversary.  No Halloween but tomorrow they have all saints day where people go and visit the cemetary's and celebrate death but yeah thats it.

Chris guess this... "why do we fall bruce so we can get back up again"

Sounds like Parker is having fun but yudiii halong ka ha? indi kamo maglaplap hahaha.
I'm good everything is good.  We had 6 investigators at church they are awesome they have a lot of problems to overcome but they are awesome.  They just need to realize that this church is the answer to all their problems.  Thats why I'm here to help them.Well, I love it here and transfer annoucments are next week.
love love love
elder heywood

Luke did you find out the quote?  haha pathetic palagpat ka luke


Hey family and parents,

Our week was good.  We didn't work yesterday, Elder Garcia had a fever.  This morning we went to some falls in our area. Gosh mom it was so beautiful like the movies.  Imagine Havasupi but in Lost country and nobody around except us.  It was awesome and I got your package this week.  Thank you so much for everything.  This week we have had a good time with all our investigatiors and with the less actives.  They are just so fun here.  We have a couple baptisms scheduled for nov 13 and that is the week after transfer week,  I am hoping I will stay another transfer but we will see.  If I do it will be 7 and 1/2 months on the mountain but I could care less the people are great we only get 40 at church but I love these people.  I love the area and I love the comp; he is the man very hard working but also very fun.

Well family thank you so much, you all have a good one.

elder heywood

Luke this is for you, bet you cant guess "spider snakes and lizard heads, if i tattle tell i will die til im dead'

Monday, October 17, 2011


First off... my last comp; Elder Peterson that is assigned in Fabrica in one of Taylor Lines old areas.  He has a convert that Taylor baptized and was wondering if Taylor could write a letter to him for some motivation.  He is off and on less active member and they are trying to help him get the priesthood.  His name is John Andalina but just send the letter to me if you can get it.   Thanks.

About your question:  my comp is Elder Garcia and the other Elder Peterson from my batch is with his first cousin, the other Elder Garcia and they are in my first area; do you follow that?

It sounds like everyone is doing good and had a good break and had some fun.   You think your 4th year girl's camp location was sketchy; I can show you sketchy... so don't talk to me about the girls camp, tell those girls that is nothing, trust me. 

Miss you guys and I love these people and this mission.  We found some new families they are fun and we had 7 investigators at church it was a good Sunday.  I love you all.

Ok, you keep asking so here goes:

Dear Santa,

What I want is for my family to come visit in July.  That would be my wish but of course it depends on them.  They have to meet these people they are awesome.

elder heywood

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey there fam,

Everything was good this week we have found a new family, there are so nice and it is cool to have a new family.  I was excited to stay here also and I got a sweet comp.  My comp is a native, he is from Tarlac its up close to Manila.  He is the man, we speak illongo to each other but he is good at English so its like 50 50.

Yes i love my hammock it is made out of bamboo its crazy what they can make here with bamboo.  

I will be sad when I leave this area and my comp.  I actually don't mind serving the rest of my mission here.  I love the people, I don't even want to think about going home either,  I know I still have a while but some of the other elders are like dang you don't have too long and when i think about that it really brings tears to my eyes.  I love these people in a way that nobody could love them.  I don't know what I'm going to do with my life without the filipino people.  Gosh you have to meet these people; they are amazing and they have changed my life for the better.  I am forever grateful for them and will be in their debt forever.  They have formed me into a person that I love and they will always be a part of me.

The Manggapsang branch is good we still struggle with people getting to church because it is so far from them but line upon line.

Wow, Chris in Newport; that kid is so spoiled.  Great that he had a good game. keep on going Chris keep on getting better; dont flat line on your skills.

My favorite talk was Elder Hales but dang, what happened to him but i loved his talk .  I loved Holland and Waddell in the priesthood session and I of course loved all of Pres. Monsons' talks.

Mom, its never "he does the same old same old" its different everyday, everyday is an adventure if you want it to be don't fall into routine switch it up every once in awhile- dr. heywood

Well, love you fam and I love this place and people.

elder heywood



Next week on the 8th and 9th we get to watch conference, I don't know what they do exactly to watch here but I think it works just like watching conference at the stake center back home so yeah but I'm excited,  Dana said there were a lot of good talks.

I got a new comp and stayed in the area and its fine with me but this is my first 6 month area.  I like Elder Garcia who is my new comp; he is way awesome...he is the man.  We had fun this past week; I don't know its just nice have the same desires as your comp. Our desire is for these people here to progress and come to church and to find more and more people and yeah we will have a great time this transfer I can feel it.  Elder Garcia, he is Filipino but his mom works in New York in Queens Hospital she is a nurse so he is pretty Americanized also he is just the man. So I'm way excited for this week because of conference.

We have had a couple hurricanes hitting the philis.  My island is well protected but dang we had some rain and wind but no floods at all. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good and Chris have fun with those braces; my advice... don't kiss any girls with braces also.

I saw one picture that Dad sent of Ted and Parker; way cool.

Katie hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhappppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyy b day

Well love you and I love this work and the people!

 so lov lov lov

palanga taka
elder heywood