Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey there family and momma bear,

The mountain village is good except we're out of work for 7 days.  Something happened to me maybe I will send a picture next week. But know that everything is ok. I have one more week with this transfer, I hope I go one more with Peterson we are getting some amazing stuff done.  We had 30 people last week at church and this week we had 79 we were amazed but everyone was excited to see the people that haven't been to church in like 3 to 4 years.  It's truly remarkable how much they have to sacrifice to go to church but they are so strong honestly i feel bad just taking a car to church every week back home.  I feel stupid and ungrateful, please pray for the Manggapsang members they need it so much.  I hope we can keep that number up at 79 next week but we wont be able to work for a couple days because of me.  I feel so terrible but i just cant work with my foot.
Tell Parker that he needs to be careful gosh if he keeps on going at his rate he might be dead before I get back, gosh dang dumb guy.   Tell Chris, way to go on the diving tell him to not stop.  Keep on going, gosh he will probably blow us out of the water when he is our age with all the sports though don't tell him that; it might go to his head. Have Dana keep on working hard and learn that trait.  Tell Luke to keep up the work, I'm so glad you taught me how to work it is honestly a great trait because I look at some of the other missionaries out here it really is pathetic sometimes. 

I'm glad grandma is doing better, tell her to get walking and i would like to read her history.  I bet it is very interesting.  About the movie 17 Miracles,  did the church put that out as like a new movie? I agree what the pioneers did is something we cant comprehend its truly amazing how much faith they had and how much God helped them.  Honestly if they didn't have faith in god I don't think they could of done it. 
Love you guys, I hope you have a great time and tell everyone hello for me.
elder heywood

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