Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sounds like a good week for the family.

I'm glad you guys are having a good time.   Yes, I love the comp and the area.  I hope we get to stay another one together.  Sorry this is going to be a quick one, its a busy day today .  The baptism was way good this past Saturday and we had an ok week.  Peterson and I both got a little sick with the one day sicknesses stuff but we're good now, no worries.

Peterson and I are enjoying and working hard and having the time of lives right now and trying to have no regrets.  Thanks for the happy birthday and everything, I was wondering if you guys could send one more thing.  I need an 8 gb or 16gb usb so i can back up stuff.  The usb's here are weird they dont always work,  so if you could send that like in a letter or something that would be nice.
That girl that died, she was on the swim team but I didn't know her well. 

Thank you for the package so much, mom love you and love you family.

elder heywood

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  1. This is going to sound way random, but I found this blog while searching for "Philippines Bacolod Mission" on Google. I went to the same mission, and I served in the same area (Manggapsang) as Elder Heywood. Actually, back then the area was combined with Masville Branch. We were trying to start a new branch in the nearby village of Ara-al. Your son probably goes there every once in awhile. It was by far my most favorite area in the mission. You should ask him if anyone remembers Elder Hays. If he wants, I can give him the names and locations of some of the members we tried to reactivate out there. Just let me know. Anyways, I hope you don't mind me checking this blog every once in awhile for updates on my old area.