Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hey there family,

So the story is I was chomping on some sugarcane and it was a tough piece.  My tooth just crumbled, (just the old cap from before) but now I fit in with the people here so its no big deal.  I don't know about fixing it, I kinda want to but I don't know.  I don't want them to put something on it that will be hard to remove or fix when I get home.  I don't know.
I got transferred to Handumanan;  its close to the city kinda on the south side.  I  really miss being back in my last area and the baptisms we had for this week.  But I gotta say it is awesome here.  We actually have a ward of about 130 people who come to church.  It feels more like an american ward; it is fun to have everyone is so helpful.  We have two wards, we have one and then we live with 2 other elders who have the other.  Elder Simmons from Maryland and Elder Ombega who is filipino cover the other ward.   My comp is awesome he is Elder Tannagan and he is filipino.  He is new in the mission.  They are all awesome and the wards is awesome too so it was easy to adapt.  We have had a lot of fun already.

I am good and excited to have Christmas here.
Sounds like all is good back home, tell everyone hello for me.
Congrats on football Chris, tell Connor no one wants to be a hawk...only a tiger!!
Dana, awesome week with dance...keep on going.

Thein congrats!  I am so glad that Katie and Aaron had a good trip. 
Don't worry about me family, Elder Heywood is doing good

peace love love love
elder heywood

Elder Heywood and the "new" guys

We are wondering if that Christmas tree is up all year?

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