Monday, November 7, 2011


Sounds like a good week though...dang ASU.  Hopefully they will catch a break finally, who is the quarterback? 

The caves, you took the scouts to the caves?  Good old Peppersacue caves, I miss the outings with the scouts.  All those experiences have helped a lot.  I will never forget them.  Scouts was just one of the many helping blocks for the mission; there are a ton more blocks.

Good to hear about the ward missionaries, Nathan is the man,  He is probably having a blast with those people; other then the Philippines that would probably be my 2nd  choice of where to go.

I love these people and I love the work it is a amazing work and a amazing feeling when you see it change some one.

I sent a few pictures from everyday life in the mission here in my area.

If you look past the grime, notice...

Cutest kids ever

You guys coming?

I might be in a different area next week.  I will let you know it will be very hard to leave these people very hard.  I don't want to leave them; but that is not my choice.  I will let you know.  Tell everyone hi for me.

elder heywood

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