Wednesday, December 7, 2011


first off the week was great the days are flying bye bye i cant believe it is December my tooth is the same still reppin the hick look we are teaching some awesome people and we are enjoying seeing their progression but yeah i will explain who were teaching when i call

so sounds like everyone is ready for the Christmas break and hope you guys enjoy but happy birthday lukie pukie and happy birthday Dana wana watch out Dana maybe someone will want to take you on a date halong ka da damo mga lalaki ido sila

oh and sorry the period doesn't work on my keyboard 

brain thomas he was a way nice guy we ran into him like 5 months ago he was the first missionary in the la carlota area so it was cool to talk to him, I am glad he called you

sounds like the concert was pretty cool kun agi ka hahahha  (EVMCO Concert)

dad you need to get better this better be just like an appendix thing get it out so it doesn't come back but yes of course i will pray you are my family and he is my dad without you guys without dad without you without family I'm nothing i would not be here i would not be happy i miss you guys but i love these people well dad you get better and let me know what happens i love you all

elder heywoood

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