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(To our dear blog readers....Jared's dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer a couple of weeks ago; we feel like the cancer is contained in the kidney which is a good thing...they just take out the whole kidney and life is good again.  We felt like we had to tell Jared so we could have his prayers also, honestly how could we not tell him?  We were lucky enough to be online the same time as him this last Sunday night and got to write back and forth.  His initial letter may sound a bit frantic; but after our conversation he feels better about everything as we do.  Dec. 28th; we get the yucky old kidney out and hopefully we never have to think about it again!)

Hey family,
Gosh I have been worried to the max this entire week and I'm trying not to but that is natural.  Really this week killed me; of course I focused on work don't worry about that; but when we go home I cant stop thinking; this cant happen to Dad like it just cant. I pray constantly everyday really but I'm scared to hear what the outcome is.  Sometimes I think of the worse and then I think of it as just oh just a quick little slice and no problem. I'm scared I'm so far away and I can't call, I can't do anything except hear the weekly post...let me know exactly what happens next week please .

As for birthdays Dana happy birthday and happy birthday Luke.  I cant believe Dana is 16 and luke puki will be 18 dang !!!!  Well, that's way cool that Dana won a contest.  What was it like a hip hop thing or other dance?  Was it just her or was it someone else too?  That's cool that they gave her Sherlock Holmes Premiere tickets. Luke will probably love that one and tell Dana to keep up the dancing and tell Lke to keep having fun go and do something fun for the birthday instead just the same old, same old.

Nice that they are close to the break now, I always loved Christmas break it always a fun break. We just watched the Christmas devotional yesterday it was good but kinda the same old thing. I thought there was going to be a lot more music.
Cool you got to take the girls to White Christmas.  I'm excited for Christmas but to tell you the truth it doesn't feel like Christmas one bit.  I don't even hear Christmas music maybe every once in awhile.  I love the people and I love the philis but I'm excited to have Christmas next year with the family and to be cold for a change.  
As for the ward they are awesome we will have a Christmas party this Saturday.  I'm excited for that and just hanging out with the ward and bringing the investigators also.

As for our investigators they are good but here in the city there are much more temptations so they struggle a lot more then the investigators in the Bookid.  We have 3 kids they are friends: Spencer, Zerision, and Lester.  They are good kids except the smoking; the problem is its hard for them to stop and the bad part is they are 14, 15, and 14.   We have Sister Canto, she is smart and has great questions but the problem there is she is busy.  Then we have Sister Tata, she is 18 and her parents both died so she just lives with her brother that is 21.  They have it rough because they have no support but they are fun.   We also have  2 families; the Tacugie family and Guban family.  They are great but we have to get the Tacugie family married before baptism and we have to get the Brother to church.  The Guban family is good they are fun also and smart but they are looking for a big answer about the church.  If its right or not but they will realize soon.  We also have Sister Infante she is sweet and she is strong but her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church.  She is an awesome lady, but her husband is a dirtbag. We have a brand new lady also we haven't taught her yet but she already came to church and went to the Christmas devo.  I have a feeling she will be elect but we have many more though they are kinda scared to move forward in the church.

Love you guys and Dad feel better.
love you all,
elder heywood

(then a few minutes later)

I'm glad you have such a good attitude about the whole scare but really pops...this past week I have been scared out of my mind.  I have still been hardworking and it is no big deal when I work but when im studying and then when im in bed my mind goes pretty crazy.  I am trying to just think about the positive things but sometimes the negative gets the best of me.  Lets just say Pops, you cant get worse, you just cant I wont let it happen so if you get worse. sorry you can't.  Dad, I'm praying for you like no other and I hope everything goes to plan.

I can't believe I'm on the downhill.  I'm excited but I'm also going to be very sad when its done.  The mission is great.  Thank you Dad for encouraging me to go on the mission it has changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for this mission and these people.  I love them so much.  I cant wait to call you guys and hear about how the Christmas was.  You guys feeding the homeless again?  Dad, love you and get better.

(then a few minutes after that)

Dad, thank you for sending me your thoughts about your blessing that gives me such comfort.  I have been thinking about it a lot and I remember my blessing from President Bluth on the setting apart of my mission and he said no harm will come unto my family while I was gone.  I still keep faith in that blessing.  Not to say I wasn't scared out of my mind but thank you Dad.  Your email brings me a lot of comfort and I'm so grateful for my family and for all the examples that are in our family.  Gosh, we are so blessed. Dad, I love you!

elder heywood

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