Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello People,

This week was good and our baptism was awesome!  They are awesome members now and that was only 2 people out of their family.  We are still focusing on the family trying to get them to church.  Some of the kids come to church but the parents are busy and they are a little afraid to change.  I can sympathize with that; to tell you the truth I would be too if I hadn't grown up with it.

I had so much fun with my last comp and now I'm having a lot of fun with Jennings and Simmons.

How I wish I could be at those parties and the weddings; dang I would not expect those two to get married first; they were always the most crazy.

Mom you get suckered into a lot of weird things.  Let me guess one of your tennis buddies got you in the miss whatever its called pageant.  You want to hear something funny; here in the philis they have a lot of contests like that.  My favorite is macho gay contest; its you can probably imagine.

Chris, hope you are not a baby when you are sick and remember no watching movies when you're not at school!  When mom is gone watch them and then when you hear the garage open you got that remote in the hand and turn everything off.  Just remember if you do, do that you probably have 25 sec to get everything shut off so remember you got to be quick!

Parker and Troy happy birthday.

Tait is a smart man, filpina girls are the way to go.  Tell him congrats for me.  Tell jake to sell that smart car and get two matching baby blue blazers thats where its at!

Everyone take care love you all and halong kamo sa mga koripnut ninyo,

elder heywood

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