Sunday, May 27, 2012


This week is good we had a great lesson yesterday.  We have this family right next to a member and they were a referral but we have taught them 3 times now and we committed them to be baptized for June 23.  The brother drinks a little bit so we will teach them again this Thursday so hopefully that will be good.  They are a new family and their 2 out of the 3 kids are already members, but the other girl is still to little.  She is 4 but dang their little girls are way cute. We committed brother and sister last night.  I love that feeling when  they take that leap of faith and accept baptism.  Sister is ready and Brother a little iffy.  We will see.  The weather is just the same old same old and I still cant swim to cool off haha.  My stomach is good, I don't know about the xray I'm seriously in the dark about everything here.  I just do missionary work and babysit my other half all day long 24/7 and its kinda killing me but the work keeps me alive.  I hate going home at night because work is over and then I just have to endure my baby.  But honestly we are good its a little rough though.  This week he just blew up on me and i don't know what for so ya ? ? ?  The guy kinda acts like a cub scout maybe wolf status.  Sorry i have to speak in slang because he is scamming my email right now but if i use big words or slang it doesn't sink in but yes I'm so good akuna matata.

Way to go Luke, silly old gal! You are all graduating, and are  you going on the trek biggins ? That is cool you did like a senior night for mutual; wish we did that. Nice upside down pic on the wakeboard Pookie!

Heard about Dana's work, sounds like a good old fun time!  Have fun cleaning the poop out of the pool. haha where is the pool what is the location?

Wow, Alexa got married too? That was quick too. Who is the guy?

Camelback for your girls, nice they are probably not entirely ready but they got their foot in the door right so that is good.

I know Parker is probably dying but that's what you get when you go skateboarding when you are still in a sling.

Way to go Katie and Aaron nice, having fun living the dream?

Good luck Ma and Pa, is old yeller going with you guys?

love you all elder heywood

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