Monday, May 21, 2012


It was way nice to see you all, I miss you guys so much.  (Referring to Skype conversation on Mother's Day)

Honestly when I think about leaving this place I get a little teary eyed.  I love these people mom, they have changed my life for the best and I don't know how to repay them.  I am so in debited to them.  I love love love times infinity love; these people.  Deep down I will always have them in my heart and I don't think they will ever leave. 

Last night we went to Bacolod and I stayed in my last area, Handumanan and visited a little bit.  Then today i got a xray then we went home so now were back in Guihulngan.  Mom, promise me you guys will come back with me to visit these people for at least 2 weeks.  I know that is long time and its expensive but you have to meet my family that I have had for 2 years, the filipino people.  I feel like I am kinda ready to stop being missionary but not ready to leave.  I mean I love you guys but I love my family here too. I will miss the green of the countryside.  When we came home today and it looks like straight "Lost" country in the middle of this island. Actually, better then Lost.

Yes, Sister is way nice all the people are like that here just do what they can to help. I think its just because I'm an American but  my comp didn't skype he just called .

Luke, honestly enjoy the graduation as much as possible you will never have another one of those. Wow, Avengers sounds good I will have to see that one.  Dana is working on the reservation, that will be cool way to go.
So all the weddings were in the temple?   Way  to go, and super excited for Tait.
Love you all ,sorry its short

elder heywood

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