Monday, October 11, 2010

Heart broken: Not sure why he didn't get our email; it looks like it sent just fine...yikes...his was so sweet and he has nothing from us? Like I said heart breaking!

I don't know if you didn't get my email last week but I sent one and I didn't get an email from you but this will be short. 

We have 4 baptisms this Saturday and i just want to say thank you for being awesome parents and sorry for all the hardships i have put you through and i hope i can be the son you want me to be. Elder Hollands talk really got to me and i just felt that i had to apologize.  I'm grateful for all the life lesson you have taught me and how to live a great life so far from your examples and i love you guys and our family.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks dad and mom for raisin me and putting up with me and teaching me and teaching by example.  Thank you Katie for your example and i know when you do have kids you will be a great mom.  Parker for being the best example to me and just being the best big brother ever.  Luke your awesome your a great example to me and i still cant believe you got the flip before me but i knew you would.  Keep on staying strong. Dana,  keep smiling you have a great smile and i hope you keep on dancing cause i know you can be great.   Chris keep on doing amazing at everything you do but remember to be humble and there is always room for improvement.  Aaron thanks for being the best brother in law you're great for Katie, I'm glad you are part of the family.  I miss all of you a lot and wish i could be with you right now and just have a Sunday dinner with you all but i know why I'm out here and all of you have showed me how great life can be.  I want to show everyone else what life can be through families and this gospel.  Of course, Baja thanks for sleeping with me and cuddling with me in my harry potter closet haha.

love you all send me a an email you dang heywoods
love elder the 2nd

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