Monday, October 4, 2010

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Hello family,

Tell Luke to check his mail.  Sorry if my emails are short.  I still only have 30 minutes and I try to reply to everyone. I will reply to everyone but it might not be right away.  (Sorry to blog readers but Luke will not let me share his email)

Everyone lives in bamboo huts with a tin roof or a cement house with a tin roof.  I haven't had conference yet, we have it this weekend.  I'm starting to get used to my area and starting to get used to the women that breast feed during lessons and church.  Other then that, everything is great.  It's been raining quite a bit and everything is good.  Our investigator Jonalyn Reyes had her baby and we are going to put her wedding together then she will be baptized.  We also have 2 baptisms coming up on the 16 of Oct.

I miss you guys and love you and give the ward and family my love.
elder h

Hey Dad this will be short ..but thanks for teaching me how to work if Ididn't know how to work I would be dying, but thank you for showing me patience too.  Give the ward my love and Bishop my love. Tell Uncle Larry thanks for the advice.  Before I left he said somethings to me that stuck with me and just tell him thanks. 
Love you pops oh and tell Ike I said hi and there is an Elder Stradling from St Johns that knows him.

love Jared

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