Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm glad you had a great time for your Anniversary thing. Sounds way fun. 

We had 2 baptisms: the Pelor family but just the parents were baptized.  I already love the people here, I learn so much from them its truly amazing what I'm learning here on the mission.  Yes its hard, yes it's tiring, yes it's dreadful sometimes but you have no idea how great the feeling is when you baptize someone and know you helped them change their life for the better.  It's amazing to see the glow they have after they're baptized.  Brother Pelor had a stroke in July his whole left side doesn't work.  He is only 37 he has 5 kids when he had the stroke he said he prayed so that he can be closer to the Lord and help with his life and his family wouldn't be disappointed in him.  Then a member gave him a blessing and before the blessing he was just on his bed for 2 weeks then he got the blessing and in 3 days he could start getting around his house.  He has improved ever since and then the missionaries started teaching him and he knew this was the true church and how grateful he was and how its changed his family and himself and he was grateful for his stroke. He was grateful the Lord gave him a trial to bring him way low so he could realize whats important to him in life He is a great guy.  I don't understand much and by the way no Tagalog just straight Illongo.  I learn a lot from these people and how i can better myself.

Transfer day is this Friday but yeah i will let you know.  Got to go i don't have much time.  We had zone meeting and zone activity and we went to Resort Mambukal; look it up it was truly amazing.  My companion has an infection but yeah he is better kind of.  I wish I can write more but my time is up.  Love you all tell everyone hello and love them too and grateful for everyone in my life.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't have the people in my life that I did, thank you.

love Elder Heywood

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