Monday, February 28, 2011

OK, neither of our boys seem to like change....

The week was seriously terrible and guess what I'm transferring again.  What the heck, the thing is dumb because me and my comp are both leaving so all the work we have been doing went nowhere because the new missionaries don't know who we have been teaching and yeah I'm just way mad.  I don't know what to think because we just had 3 baptisms.   I would of been fine to just leave and have my comp stay but we're both leaving so i don't know so i feel like I'm just leaving all my investigators in the dust, and i feel that like all them will just go less active because they are just left there and nobody will help them out.  Anyway I'm just way freaking out because of all our investigators.

My comp is good but he is mad too, this is his last transfer.

By the way, in the Philippines we can take naps like from 1 to 2 because that's siesta time and if we went out to work at that time nobody will let us in because they are sleeping or they are eating so don't worry about that.
Sorry, I am upset but I love the people here and then yesterday we just planned for this mission fireside thing and it was going to be great.  Talk to you next week.
love you elder heywood

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