Monday, March 14, 2011

The area is awesome.  We are in a threesome right now because the Samoan , Elder Seve found that he has a hernia so he had to go get surgery in manila but he will be back this week. The other elder, Elder Fergeson is awesome. We get along pretty good.

Alright so story, we go to church this last Sunday and we got there early and there is this 90 year old man that jogs on the outside basketball court every Sunday morning he is the man.  He is like Yoda when he is jogging he does pretty well but then then he picks his cane back up to come into sacrament meeting and he looks like he is about to break.  I don't get it but he is awesome. elder Ferguson told me he does that every Sunday. haha

No effects here in Negros from japan but the tide is way high and its stormy.  Good thing nothing happened here because this town would be done.  Though i kinda want something to happen like a bad storm so we can get out of these clothes for a little bit and build a house or something, but guess I shouldn't say anything.  Anyway, the area is great the people are too.  Have no worries about a thing,

Thank you for sending the package.  I cant wait, you're the best mom and tell Parker to email me next week ok? ok salamat. Tell Ben hello for me too gosh I cant believe all of them are coming back soon.  Tyson and Eric Udall and the the beast Jacob you have to tell me how he is?  Tell Luke congrats on the blessing read it every Sunday you will learn something new from it every time. Tell Parker to eat my burrito for me OK? Thats it for the week send me some pics through email from Parker's homecoming.

Elder J heywood

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