Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hey there fam,

I'm jealous of Parker that he got to go to conference.  This weekend we have conference. I'm excited and all, I hope a lot of our investigators come.

We just had a great baptism this past week.  Geraldine Billardo was baptised and her husband is coming back to church.  He is the man, just has some addiction problems.  We asked him if he could baptize but he doesn't have the aaronic priesthood.  You know the blind guy i was telling you about.  He is geraldine's father in law so he baptized her.  He can do anything even though he is blind. He amazes me, he is the high priest leader he never misses church, never misses a meeting.  I heard a story that they were have a ward fireside and someone forgot to pick him up for the meeting and he couldn't find any money for a ride so he walked the entire way the walk is probably 20 min on foot from his house.  He is the man, so he made his own blind stick.  He needs it so he can just be careful because if your blind here that is rough if you try to walk by yourself because the traffic and the way people drive here are ridiculous. I'm so glad i got to meet bro billardo.

I also met a old old old old man the other day he is the relative of one of our investigators.  He is 110 years old.  Ii didn't believe him at first but then he pulled out this little certificate thing.  I'm like oh my this guy really is 110 gosh!  He is way hard to understand because the way he talks.   He tries to exercise everyday so he tries to walk 30 feet then 30 feet back to his house and then watch tv.   haha some of the people amaze me here its so crazy.

and yes a man kissed me.

Sounds like everyone is doing good.  I'm doing good, I love it here.  I love the elders in our house right now and we have a zone conference tomorrow so I'm excited about that too because its always nice to talk to other missionaries and kids from my batch and all that jazz.  That was my week we had an awesome baptism, we had a lot of great teachings this week, my language is getting better, I can't wait for conf and then after that I cant wait to talk to you guys on mothers day so a lot to look forward to.  Then after the phone call home i will get close to my 1 year mark, gosh its been pretty quick its way fun out here!  I love you guys and miss you all.

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