Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sounds like a successful dance thing and whats up with the princess of Uganda? Why was she at the dance thing?  I'm glad the big show went pretty well and all for you I bet your way happy now that's its done.

Conference was amazing, I loved it all.

Congrats Dana on the stuco position.

How was the lake how cold was it?  Does Gilbert have competition in the game right now?  Tell Grover if you see him I say hello and tell him I miss volleyball and thank you for everything.

Chris keep on the last few months of elementary school.
Parker, big boy how is it going?  How is the singles ward? How was conference?  I'm jealous, what sessions did you get into? Have you talked to sam and jon?  While I was watching conference I thought I saw them I might be mistaken but I don't know. Dont get married till I get back.  You still got one year my boy. Who is all back now?  When does Jacob get back and tyson andes and who do you hangout with?  How is the sprinklers again?

So we have transfers this week but we don't know the announcements yet, next week.

So quick little story we have this one girl we are teaching and her husband went to jail about 4 weeks ago and then we went to their house and he was back and he told us he broke out of jail so that was kinda cool.  He was way  spooked when we he saw us he thought we were someone else.   We are trying to teach these 2 girls; Jane 13 and Caceil 11 how to read so they can read the book of Mormon so its been a great week.  My comp during personal study does dot to dot puzzles so that's good.

I will let you know what happens during transfers this week.

elder heywood

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