Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Philis is good though we have had a hurricane warnings for the past week.  The rain is crazy sometimes its completely fine then next minute you are swimming.
We get out the door around 7 to start doing a service project.   Usually we have lunch with a family but it just depends.  We have been working doing a lot of reactivation but every family we are trying to reactivate is a part member family.  So that is our investigators also.  We are trying to find more investigatiors but we will see.  The few we have are mostly from the part member families.  Its way fun seeing the spirit glow in the people eyes here when they feel the spirit again;  really its a miracle but that is why I'm on a misson to see that.  That is the best part and I love it.   Sorry I  have a bunch of stories but I dont know to start they are too big for me to type and I wouldn't do them justice.  One more year then I will share the stories in person, sorry.
Sounds like all you are doing well and good.  Thank you for everything you do and tell everyone I love them.
Until next week...

elder heywood

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