Monday, August 15, 2011


Jared in his mountain home away from home!

So here is the in the Philippines nothing works correctly at all.  So I was writing you an email last week and right when I was about to send it I was loading pictures for you guys the weekly good ole brown out hits (so the electric goes out for about 4 hours and nothing works).  I'm sorry I didn't get to send my last weeks letter, blame the brown out. they are a thorn in my side I know.

So this week was not so good, we tried to push and push to get a bunch of people to come to the La Carlota district conference but everything just fell apart.  This week is transfers already dang its flying I cant believe it.  We think Elder Peterson might be going but we will see you never know til you know.  We had some great lessons with some less actives but the week was other then that not to good and there is nothing really to report on.  We had a good conference and the area authority was here Elder Noblaza and his wife and he gave a great talk during the parents session on Saturday.  La Carlota used to be a stake but like 3 years ago it was dropped down to be a branch again.  He told them that with what happened you guys have no one to blame but yourselves so what do you want to do sit back and still be a bunch of branches or a stake?  It sounds kinda harsh but he did with so much love and so it was good but then bad because they really got reamed out. 

Swell, Tennessee time huh that sounds fun.  Sounds like everyone is doing great and having a good time with the new school year. How many classes does Luke have? Tell Dana to enjoy but slow it down maybe and just enjoy if she enjoys good on her but just trust me sometimes it got too crazy and for me because I like cruising.  Tell Chris to beware of the Jr high fools.

Tell all those young men good on them and keep on continuing in mission prep, Bro Wright knows exactly what he is doing.

Let me know how ASU looks, do they have anyone good who is their qb? Hope they still have all the good wide receivers.

Tell Katie she will do fine, just love the kids and they will love you back and tell her to remember always put yourself in their shoes and you will get a better understanding of them and why they do the things they do.  Dang the mission teaches me so much, everything that happens in the mission you can learn something and just turn it around and then now you know how to deal with some things.

Also tell Taylor about the Jomae family in Massville its pronounced womie though.  This week one of the girls from their family is going on a mission, she will do awesome.

Just loving it here and love you all,

Oh and I got a quote

"SILENCE, you sound like a chorus of bloody tom cats!" who can get it?

elder heywood

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