Tuesday, August 23, 2011



That is crazy about Uncle Jim but I don't know; that guy hikes mountains so maybe he will bounce back.  It is good to hear about grandma coming back.

Peterson got transferred out, I'm glad I stayed but sad he left.  I got a filipino comp now, I'm ready to start this transfer and get thing going again here on the mountain.  

I will try to think of some more to throw Luke a curveball. (Luke got the movie quote from last week in about 4 minutes...Amazing Grace for any readers out there).

Other then the lazy comp the area is good.  I love the people here and we found a good great new family.  The Santiago family; they are way fun and it is nice to talk about the gospel.  Hopefully we can get them to church.  That is the problem here cause everything is so far away. Sounds like a good week for everyone and I wish I could be going on all these lake trips haha but the mission is great.  I love the people more and more each day.  I love my mission.  Love you all.

Did you see a polar bear?

Last picture with Elder Peterson
elder heywood

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