Monday, October 31, 2011


Best Waterfalls!
hey fam fam,

Life is good, the branch is good, yes the waterfalls in my area are awesome and no, no tourists know about them.  Usually it is other filipino people from other areas that visit the falls.  I'm eating just fine, rice and rice.  On pday we do whatever... just have fun, email, groceries and yeah we hang out with other elders.  Actually this morning we went to the falls again with some other elders.  It's fun everytime we go but yeah there you go...all your answers.

I am glad you and dad had some fun for your big anniversary.  No Halloween but tomorrow they have all saints day where people go and visit the cemetary's and celebrate death but yeah thats it.

Chris guess this... "why do we fall bruce so we can get back up again"

Sounds like Parker is having fun but yudiii halong ka ha? indi kamo maglaplap hahaha.
I'm good everything is good.  We had 6 investigators at church they are awesome they have a lot of problems to overcome but they are awesome.  They just need to realize that this church is the answer to all their problems.  Thats why I'm here to help them.Well, I love it here and transfer annoucments are next week.
love love love
elder heywood

Luke did you find out the quote?  haha pathetic palagpat ka luke

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