Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yes, the earthquake was pretty cool.  Our whole east side got cracked pretty well ,but from Cebuano and south of there on the east side is Cebu mission.
My new ward is good but ward 2 is better really.  We have been working our butts off to get some less actives back to church and we don't have too many investigators but we have a couple.  We have a new filipino in the house that is pretty talkative; but he doesn't smile and he doesn't laugh and is not fun whatsoever.  Really he is a Debbie downer about everything and that isn't too fun so we try to be out of the house as long as we can to tell you the truth. My comp Elder Simmons is good but we feel bad for Elder Jennings.
Wow, how about Jacob, glad you all had fun at the wedding.  Tell Ben and Jamie congrats they are perfect for each other.  Sweet the budda; tell Parker to take care of him! 
How is everyone?  Is Katie looking different?

I'm just thinking I was the last of my friends to leave, so all the other friends will be back in no time wow!

well mom. love you guys and sorry my emails short but love you all,
elder heywood

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