Thursday, March 1, 2012


Thank you so much for the tops.  Oh man, the kids in the house with me are making fun of my huge yellow pit stains.  My tops were all fine until I bought this new deodorant and I bought it because it was cheap.  Did it ever leave the biggest yellow stains and those stains don't come out.  Thank you Mom!
So this week was better.  We are coming off that low.  I sure miss the other ward they just were so much more helpful and fun.  These people are good too but they don't help to much and they don't have any action.  We are trying to push the ward in a nice way but they just have no action whatsoever. It is really    its up to them; I am sure they will figure it out.  Lets just hope they will figure it out soon.  We had this one family that is way awesome and they finally came back for the first time to church in awhile.   The father used to be a high council man in the La Carlota stake but then they moved up here and they had some problems.  He went back to his smoking and his kids are all in there twenties and they are great and way fun.  One of the girls has a live in but other then that they are doing good.  A spark is in their eyes again.
Tell Scott congrats.  Also tell Dana congrats too for asking aiono he will probably be way fun.  So what happens to the surfboards after the dance?

Haha Parker congrats on that call, that just reminds me of the singles ward about the elders Q president. haha but yeah, have fun with that one.

Nope I haven't got my travel plans yet but thanks for putting that thought in my head.  By the way, I played basketball in a prison last week.


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