Monday, March 12, 2012


Hey Family,

The work is finally good; its just nice to see things are finally coming together for us.  Elder Simmons and I  feel that we are trying our best and now we are seeing the results.  Of course, we can do so much better but now that we have seen the results so that want us to be better and trry to do the best we can.

Mom, can you write a letter to one of our investigators.  She is 17 and is way smart but her family is broken and she is always fighting with her mom.  She wants to get on right terms with her mom but she doesn't know how to get on right terms because she has no trust in her mom and her mom has no trust in her.  Your assignment is to write and tell her how she can get back on right terms with her mom and what moms want to hear from their kids.  She is awesome girl but is pretty much alone.  She lives with her mom and she wants to get baptized but she feels like she has to fix her relationship with her mom before she gets baptized.  That's what you write about. Thanks mom, you're the best.  Can you write me back by tomorrow or today so we can show Kata what mothers think.

OK, I sent some pictures because I feel bad that you are sick:

Me and elder Simmons mixing cement for the outhouse we made for members

primary activity they are way cute kids maybe in the future adopt one hah no joke

me and the elders president he as only been a member for 1 year but he is the man

just a meeting with some elders there are 3 from Arizona and yes that is elder Potts, Parker

the cutest little girl and the picture is not even good; it doesn't give her any justice you got to pick her up and hold her then you will realize how cute she is

 well love you lots also
elder heywood

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