Monday, March 19, 2012


So so so so so yup; I got transferred it knocked me off my feet a little bit.  I can deal with a transfer to some other area but dang the area knocked me down.  I'm in a place called Guihulgan Negros Oriental and I don't speak Illongo anymore I speak Cebuano. Wow I'm excited to learn Cebuano but it feels like I'm starting over with this whole language thing again.  The other thing is this is the city that was hammered from the earthquake and we have church outside because the church is not a safe structure.  The church is still standing but the church sank down in the back and there are some cracks throughout the church so we meet outside.  My comp is Elder Pajes he is awesome, we already have alot of fun and the branch is way fun.  The cebuano thing is fun but difficult. I'm having the time of my life. 

I miss the Handumanan wards and the people over there but wow when I took my 6 hour bus ride from Bacolod over the top of the mountains of Negros Island it was an awesome ride.  When we come back here we have to take that ride its amazing. So that is what happened to me but mom thank you for your letter to Kata; I forwarded it to Elder Simmons.  


Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with your adventure.  I wish I could be there but I'm liking it here and am not ready to come back yet.   Nothing much to report yet, just that I am speaking a different language and I'm in the earthquake city of the Negros.  Having a great time!

Thank you for the emails and tell everyone heello for me and I haven't got my package yet probably soon... I want a list from everyone of what they want, I got some ideas for the fam but I'm still not sure or we can wait til we come back and visit the philis when you guys are with me.  It's up to you two lovebirds but thanks for everything.

love you all
elder heywood

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