Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sounds like a fun Easter dinner.  Can't believe I will miss the big wedding gosh dang but take some pictures and send them if you don't I will not come home.  I will just stay here and marry here and live here.  So send pictures!

Conference was so good, I had a great time and they were the most awesome talks.  Wow, I wish I could watch it again but the computers stink and its not possible.  It would take a year to download it again.

Thank you for the package so much, you're the best mom.  Thanks for marshmallows.  I do like the food here but it is nothing like American, the best.  Don't know how you know my date when I'm not sure about when we get home.   The mission is not organized  and they don't tell the missionaries anything, so I don't know.  I know I just have a little more then 3 months left.  Nathan is there? and Taylor is coming home? oh how I miss those guys.

I hope Grover can win one that would be awesome he deserves it, tell him hi for me if you can...I miss that guy.

As for me, I'm good don't need too much.  I'm just trying to enjoy and have fun and push and trying to have no regrets.

thank you family,
elder heywood

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