Monday, April 30, 2012


We had a baptism this week; it was so awesome.  He is 18 and he gave a great testimony at the end.  It was so powerful and his whole family is so elect.  His mom is already finished with the Book of Mormon and she has only been a member of 2 months.  They are awesome, the Bulabon family.  My comp is good we are trying to to push ourselves and keep the work progressing and I love it here but I'm the only American over on this side. I do miss seeing some of the American Elders but I love it here.  I'm starting to get this new language down, I know I still probably sound like a retard but its a cool language. The people are more humble here because its a small fishing city.
That's awesome about Taylor and hum...boy bands are back huh? hahah wow I wonder how long they will last?  Tell the girls to have fun but they should focus on something that is a little more meaningful then a boy band, sorry I sound like a preacher but it's true.
Chris way to go about the highjump we trained you well in the living room didn't we? with all the pillows and the broomstick haha. keep on practicing with those pillows and broomstick hahah and keep on having fun.

Way to go about the priesthood Luke, that's all that really matters.  Maybe do a big lake trip the lake for graduation, the lake never fails.

Honestly mom, all I want when I get home is a big dinner with everyone there and a family home evening where we sing the prophet song and we all laugh at Chris and his lesson or we will watch the classic rattlesnake Indian movie that dad loves and then we can have bunny tracks and cereal and then play cards.  Then I will be completely satisfied.  Oh and I want to go swim as a family in the back yard and do all the pool games.  I love our home, you have no idea, mom thank you so much.  I will never forget our home and you and Dad and Katie, Aaron, Parker, Luke, Dana, all are my family and I'm so lucky that you are my eternal family.  I wouldn't want it any other way; so sorry if you all are stuck with me but that's the way it is, I love you all.

I cant wait to see you but I still have 3 months of work but then you guys better to get ready to swim.  The beach here kills me everytime I get close I just want to dive right in; so all I'm saying is just get ready to swim.  Oh and one more thing that would be nice is for you to schedule a dentist appointment so when I get back I can get my grill fixed because I look like a fool, hahah

elder heywood

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