Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hey family,
So how is everyone doing? Sounds like you had fun in Havasupi and tell Shaun hello for me.  
Sorry I didn't email this pday.  Yesterday, the office elders said, "Hey come to Bacolod for a surprise."  So every missionary came to Bacolod and we are the furthest area and so we left a 5 am and got there at 11:30.  When we get there and they said that's awesome you came here, we are switching out your cellphone sim cards.  Really, we wasted our entire pday, canceled a fhe with a family just to go to Bacolod and get a new sim card?  The thing is next week we have zone conference so they will be coming over here for that.  We  couldn't just wait a week.  Gosh, we got back around 8:30 pm so I emailed everyone except you.  I don't like rushing the email to the family.  I love the people here so much, but sorry I am venting on the office elders, a bunch of fools.  We just found out that are new president will be coming in on July 1 and he is from Hawaii.   I hope he can change this mission around. and find the balance of the best hardworking mission but also have a little fun every once in awhile.

We had 3 baptisms this Saturday.  It was awesome, the family is amazing.  The Sapatalo family, the brother was a member that Elder Pajes and Elder Mayer rescued.  They got him to come back to church so then we have been teaching the wife and his 2 kids that are 11 and 10.  It was so great and the branch here is awesome and way fun.  It is the people that keep me going and keep me in high spirits.  I love this branch, I know I have only been here for 3 weeks but I enjoy it so much.  I hope this will be my last area and me and Elder Pajes can go one more transfer together.  We are teaching some other people also who have a date for April 21.  Sister Jesa Lo and Brother Jeston Bulabon and then a part member family Brother Mark Hino-o these people are so elect, hopefully we can keep on making everything roll. 

Keep on thinking about what you guys want me to bring home.  Think like when we were in Hawaii and the stuff there but more islandy and original.  Remember on Maui when we went to that big outside ramada thing where there was a bunch of native things...it would be things like that.  Yes, they have knock off toms but tell Dana to get something else.  I will find Nativities for you and Katie.

Baptism Party


Baptism Feast

Love you guys,
elder heywood

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