Monday, August 9, 2010

Mahal Kita!

alright first off thanks for sending me the package i love you kidz. i love my life and very grateful for you guys and the extended family too. i wouldnt have it any other way. one thing that i think abouut all the time is i loved my last night in az i loved being with all you that night and the richardsons and aunt julie and madison. but we missed parker wemight have to go back there some day with the big boy. and also thanks for the family dinner at the grandparents and all the advice you gave MAHAL KITA

well last week has been good sometimes its hard to work hard because you dont see what your hard work is going in to and you kinda lose sight of that someetime but you got to keep on reminding yourself that you doing for all the people your going to serve. but im also greatful for the district if i didnt have them and had some weird kidz i thik i would go insane but they keep me sane.

Dad some advice try to find a talk givin in the mtc by jeffrey r holland jan. 18, 2000 called miracle of the mission and show it to the priest sunday is an amazing talk. have fun at the lake also.

mom thatnks for the package and the camp storyies but something i need pronto is my shot charts of all the shot i have gottten

and bishops and deanna and larry address and some little ipod speakers that charge an ipod too.

katie arron i want a kid too so when i get back i want to see 2 babbies in your hands when i get off the plane. aaron you know what to do

luke pookie don act like a tool because you can do a back roll oh yeah and look up onm the video forgiveness: my burden is made light and listen to the music in the background at 4:13 and also watch the message its a good message

dana keep dancing when i get back i want to see a quad stag and if there is no such thing make it up

chris dont get a head of yourself you can start talking when you get as high as p bonifay but keep learning new tricks you too luke and you guys better have alot of tricks when i get back i better be impressed

but thats it family Mahal kita ( i love you)

Elder Jared Heywood...send everyone my love

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