Monday, August 23, 2010

My week was good , how is the family?

You can send one of those towels if you want i dont care its up to you. The kids sound like they are doing good. Love you all, sorry I can't type that much, I am slow and there is no time. Tell Jon I go to the temple at around 7 to 7:15 on Mondays.

This week was good. I have a couple of funny things. There is this kid that has Sunday shoes that are the shape up shoes. I was seriously blown away when I saw them. Try looking them up. Oh and go to and at the top go to Our Faith; click on the commandments then scroll down to the Law of Chastity and at 31 secs you will see someone you know. Oh and this week are district was trying to figure out who everyone looks like in a movie star perspective and my actors were St. Winters from the movie Band of Brothers and Steve McQueen. I don't know what movir he is in but yeah it's great here. The spirit is very strong and its great but I'm just ready to get going and start doing what I was called to do. I am very anxious to get out there. I have a lot of great experiences here I just don't have enough time to type them on the computer. But I love you all and I love being here. I know this is where I'm supposed to be and send Grandma Brown my love, glad you could get over there and I hope she is doing well. Just tell everyone hello for me and I love them all! Keep doing what you guys are supposed to be doing. I am sending some pictures, they will probably get there on Wed.

love love love
Elder J M Heywood

Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers)

Steve McQueen

So whaddayaall think?  Does he look like these guys?  Can you believe he doesn't know who Steve McQueen is...whose kid is this?

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