Monday, August 30, 2010

Well mom you got to email me like a little before 9 because that's when i check my emails, print them off then read them so i don't waste my time just reading.  Then i come back and respond knowing what I'm going to say ok sweet pea? ok.

Well just one question how did you know I was zone leader.

Well anyways um, i didn't read the letter you sent to day...I'm just responding about my week. This week was just like any normal week we got to hear elder Holland Tuesday.  Oh my gosh he sets you straight but he gave such a great talk it was amazing then we watched a talk by Elder Bednar talk in the class one day and that was awesome too.  I wish you guys could hear some of these talks that i hear they are ridiculous. well I'm zl i guess; i don't know why but whatever i don't do much just go to a bunch of meetings and introduce some of the new missionaries in our zone.  We got 2 new zones this Wednesday. One of the kids that came in is Logan Potts he is from Gilbert.  I think Luke knows his brother. Um also there is a kid from Snowflake last name is Reidhead, he is a cool kid and the 21 missionaries that came into our zone are all going to Bacolod so that awesome so i will see some of these kids in the field but yeah OK this week a kid in our zone; his lung collapsed Tuesday night and he was rushed to the hospital and they put a tube in his chest to help him breath.  This was after Hollands talk and when we got him back to the mtc at 11 pm we get a call to our dorms and his companion was told to come up to the office and then we heard that his Grandpa passed away.  So me and my comp were dealing with that companionship and then the next day we had to go to the hospital because this one elder had to get a colonoscopy  or whatever because he was bleeding blood and then a kid in our district he broke his foot at soccer so me and my comp as zl had to deal with alot this week and only went to class 2 time this last week so it was a crazy week but yeah everything is going good.  The spirit is way strong here, i love it and i love you all.

elder Jared Heywood

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