Monday, September 6, 2010

Flight Plans!

My schedule is leave salt lake at 800 land in la at 900 that's on Monday; then wait til 115 on Tuesday in the morning and board my flight to Taipei and fly for around 16 hours; then land in Taipei on sept 15 so a day will pass by as i fly and then take a plane from Taipei to Manila then a little puddle jumper to bacolod and get there Sept 15 at 3:00

But yeah I wish I was going through Hawaii but I'm not I'm super bummed but whatever.  Yes i talked to Clarie a couple of times and and i run into Brandon and Mark a lot and just talk for awhile it fun to see them. Club volleyball sounds good, tell Luke to do the best he possibly can, give it your all.  Luv to you poookie.

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh i cant believed Chris is a deacon i toally forgot about that, what the heck seriously?  But yeah his birthday sounds good to me i could really go for a good game of volleyball.  Our games here are alright it depends who is playing. Thats also good news Kuresa made the cheer line. Dana will have fun with that just tell Dana to beware of some of those girls some of those girls aren't the best friends she could have but have fun with them.

How is grandma doing is she really going to get out of that stupid place soon?

ASU nice!  That's cool keep me updated what happens its always nice to hear. and who is their QB and that's crazy about max hall hope he does well i guess.

Well I'm out of here in a week i had such great experiences here and i love my zone and my district it will be sad to see everyone go but glad I'm getting out and can teach some actual people. I'm getting so tired of the food here but whatever.

Love you all oh and tell every one to just email me from now on because i don't want to wait 2 weeks for mail.  Also just send the speakers and phone cards and if you could find one more pair of sz 10 black shoes that i could like wear everyday instead of these other ones i have that would be great i might send back some things i don't need back home so yeah i will let you know.

love EJMH

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