Monday, September 27, 2010

Barangay Tangub: Located in the southern part of Bacolod City.

A story handed down form the early residents of Barangay about how this place got its name. Long ago, the Barangay was covered with thick forest with wild animals and birds. One day while the villagers were having their noonday rest in their cogon huts, they heard an unusual sound. The strong and brave, curios to know what the sound was, left their huts in hurry with their spears and dogs and proceeded to the direction of sound. It was not long before they caught sight of the biggest deer in the world. They set a strong trap near the south of the Magsungay creek because they believed that the deer must be very thirsty and they anxiously watched the trap. After a while they heard a faint rushing sound and it get louder and louder and a few seconds later the biggest deer in the world was running towards the trap. The villagers had a big feast after that, since that time, people called the place TANGAB Which means trap in English.

It was on 1950 when the Mayor of Bacolod appointed the first Barrio Lieutenant and in 1967 it was formally made a Barrio and the name TANGUB was adopted by the residents.

Barangay Tangub is geographically located in the southern portion of Bacolod City. It is bounded by Guimaras Strait on the west, Barangay Singcang on the North, Barangay Alijis on the east and Northeast, Barangay Mansilingan and Barangay Cabug on the Southeast, and Barangay Pahanocoy on the south. It is 4.7 km. Away from the city proper and almost 15-20 minutes ride.

Land Area:- 889.6885 hectares

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The main demographic indictors used in studying population includes population size and growth rate, crude birth and mortality (death) rates, infant's mortality rate, Migration rate, sex ratio and age distribution pattern. Birth, mortality, migration growth rate are expressed as proportion of the total population.

According to 1995 census of National Statistic Office (NSO) the Barangay Tangub has a population of 21,398.

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