Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey there family, I'm just on the outside of Bacolod; it's called Tangub.  Actually it's in the city but on the outskirts.  Its great here!  Look up Philippines jeepne. 

 I ride on those little buses every day.  The transportation is crazy here.  I love it and the poeple are amazing, just very helpful and every thing.  My comp is Elder Newman. he gets asked at least 5 times every day what his height is and all that jazz.  I love it here all ready.  I eat rice for every meal and I'm fine with it.  They have different food here but nothing nasty really, its just like the resturante that we went to to but that is more upper class food.

Monday night we had a great family evening with 3 families that are awesome. The Reyes, Edusolos, and Layaos, they are awesome.  The reyes girl is the one we are have a wedding for.

Ok quick story:  we were teaching this one family that was all girls and then when we left my companion said that we taught 2 men and 3 women.  Yeah no idea there were 2 men in the room with us I just thought they were girls cause they crossed dress and had long hair but to tell you the truth they were really receptive to the message. Thats it pretty much.  I miss you guys but I love it here and tell Parker to write me I haven't heard from him in forever. Love you, tell everyone hi.

love ejmh

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