Monday, September 20, 2010

In Bacolod at last...

Hey everyone oooooooooohh gosh its crazy here. First I want to apologize I didn't call back it was crazy in the international airport in L.A.  It felt like I was already in a different country so sorry for making you wait for nothing and also I would of called but the thing was we didn't know where we were going and we lost one of the elders so that wasted all our time.  Then we had to board and  the elder just left and after checking our bags in.  We were like where is he and we later found out that he just went through the security gate right away and didn't wait for us.  It was stupid and also we had him get called over the intercom like twice but still nothing and then he finally came back to the desk.  Anyway that wasted about 3 hours then we ate then we left to Taiwan.  So sorry.

That plane ride was nuts. just a bunch of crazy Asian that were everywhere and just 7 white people and that was us.  Anyways it was a way long plane ride and I tried to sleep but then this guy behind us snored like a freakin hog.  I'm like that can't be real oh but it was.  Oh my gosh it was ridiculous and also just crazy little Asian girls running every where and everything. Then we got in the terminal and that was way crazy.  Then flew to Manila on a 4 hour flight then to Bacolod.  The peole are so nice here its crazy and so helpful.
So i got here and we spent a couple days in the hotel by the mission home and did our orientation things and all that jazz then Friday was transfer day and my new companion is from Australia.  He is way nice and helpful and just awesome.  He is 6'6'' and just great and hardworking.  Our apartment is as big as my room and the bathroom connected and we have no ac and our fridge doesn't work but everything is great.  We have like 4 fans that we use and we just don't buy anything we refrigerate.   That is pretty much it and just adjusting  to everything.
Well I love you all I will try to write more next week.  We have to run to the Bishop's house and talk to him about a wedding for one of our investigators actually 2 but one has to turn 18 then we will deal with her wedding.

love you ejmh

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