Monday, November 1, 2010

That's awesome that you only have one more to go on eagles.  Tell Luke to get that done with.  Don't do the project and wait to write it up and turn it in.  Terrible idea trust me aahhh, but yeah sounds like a good weekend.  It's good that gilbert beat the hawks they need to be humbled big time.  I heard Savanna is getting married, congrats...tell her that for me.

Well this week has been anything but boring, I'm working hard and I got a new companion.  I stayed in the same area and my trainer left and my new comp is Filipino he understands English but he can't speak it so I have a feeling this transfer will stretch me out quite a bit.   I'm scared though for this transfer, I hope I can do well. Tell everyone hello and tell Luke to get that project done with.  That's it, I miss you guys.  Being on the mission has made realize how important family is to me and how important it is to have a family in this church.   I'm sorry if i ever took our family for granted, love you and love the family and the ward!

elder heywood

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